Bank manager up for rape


THE FBC Bank operations manager for Makoni branch in Chitungwiza appeared in court yesterday facing charges of raping his 27-year-old co-worker.

Vimbai Marufu

Shingirai Nonyani (32), who resides in Zengeza 2, was remanded out of custody on $50 bail by Chitungwiza magistrate Lazarus Murendo to June 25 for trial.

According to the State, circumstances of the matter are that on a date unknown to the prosecutor in the month of September 2013, at around 1600 hours, the accused followed the complainant to the kitchen at FBC Bank and fondled her breasts and buttocks.

Further allegations are that in December 2013 at around 1700 hours, the accused person dragged the complainant to the sink room at their workplace and warned her not to make any noise.
Nonyani then lifted the complainant’s skirt and pushed her against the wall, put on a condom and raped her.

On the second count, on another date not known to the prosecutor, but sometime in February, around 1900 hours, the complainant finished work late and the accused person escorted her to her home in Zengeza 5.

It is alleged that Nonyani drove towards Cone Textiles Industries in Chitungwiza where he parked his car and then asked the complainant why she had turned down his love proposal.

He then pushed the complainant and the seat downwards before raping her again with a condom.

The complainant’s made a police report after her relations with the accused had gone sour as her contract at work was terminated.
Nonyani is represented by Charles Chikore of  Mutsahuni,  Chikore and Partners, while Norman Koropi appeared for the State.


    • You are right. hapana rape apa. Kutowana nguva to put on condom..and this not being the first time..stupid woman.

      • i agree with you guys.rape the one weapon most weapon use in the situation of sour grapes.i think this is the reason wy woman who are really raped arent taken seriusosly.this woman in my opinion is on a revenge mission.if im wrong sorry my sister but to be raped in the kitchen and someone has time to put a condom iwe wakanyarara mmmmm

    • Hey, wait a minute is this not the same case with the 40- year-sentenced -luckless Gumbura? No physical coercion was applied by him too except his use of dubious threats to condemn the women biblically. Also with Gumbura, the rape reports were lodged with the police well over a year later! Lets agitate for justice for both these two men! By the way I strongly condemn the abuse of women by men especially those they consider their superiors.

      • @tafa it seems these cases are similar.but ive got a question if she had the power to turn down the guy’s proposals and she allows him to have sex with her does that make sense to you?my point is she wasnt that really much afraid of this guy so much that she chose what to say no to.but i also give her the benefit of the doubt just like i have given benefit to the accused

  1. if she gets back her job she will withdraw the charges.i do not think this is rape.who else did she tell when it happened.puting on a condom one uses 2 hands why did she not run away.was the mouth closed.wasting courts time

  2. This story is full of holes,
    Raped twice and he even had time to put on a condom ?
    How do u allow a person who has raped u before to escort u home late after work ?
    How was she warned not to make noise ?
    Sour grapes

  3. Maybe we need to redefine rape. otherwise every woman who is not a virgin was raped.

    Vanhu vakarambana, then does that mean all the prior sexual relationships they had become rape?? Let’s be realistic. Rape exists but not this.

  4. relationship gone sour but very stupid of these such kind of woman, nxaa a lot are around saka ana chiuno pano beware!!!

  5. This is rape the woman was scared to loose her job while the manager abused his position by using it a tool for raping

    • Iwe manager zirombe unonyepa. You mean to say any woman can be raped by her superior and just be quiet because she can lose her job? Ava vanhu vaitodanana vakatoita zvakawanda pane zvataverenga zvishoma izvi. Very few rape cases can succeed with the time to use a condom.

  6. Ah nonsense!! The accused should mention the other many times they had sex in court which the complainant chose not to mention. The court should issue an arrest warrant for this lady. There are a lot of man who are languishing in jail for cases similar to this one.

  7. “The complainant made a police report after her relations with the accused had gone sour as her contract at work was terminated”. That sentence says it all – hapana rape apa.

  8. If this story is anything to go by, it seems there was no force applied. The complainant willfully accepted the accused’s sexual advances. These two were clearly in an office romance kind of relationship. Its only when the relationship turned sour that the lady decided to frame the manager. These affairs are rife in workplaces nowadays. If she really was raped, why did she not report the first and second and third times she claims to have been raped?

  9. Rape doesn’t only mean the use of force.Consent means voluntary or uncoerced agreement.
    Where Y(woman)submits or is subjected to a sexual act as a result of
    Where there is abuse of power or authority by X(man)to the extent that Y(woman) is inhibited from indicating her unwillingness or resistence to sexual act,or unwillingness to participate in such a sexual act.
    Saka RAPE iripo.The threat of losing a job was there.
    Abuse of power was there,so element of RAPE is there.
    Threat doesn’t only mean so form of violence.
    Rape can also be committed by fraudulent means including where Y(women)is led to believe by X(man) that Y(woman)is committing such a sexual act with a particular person who is in fact a different person.
    Maface RAPE haingorevi kushandisa mutsimba there are many forms of it.
    Manager hope makatsvaga lawyer anogona basa.

    • I am not a lawyer neither do I know a lot of legal issues that constitute a RAPE but in this case from a layman’s point of view hapana rape apa. I feel the woman thought she was going to get a promotion from this relationship and she only decided to report this manager for allowing termination of her job. As already said by other bloggers the woman is on a revenge mission. Anyway lets see what the courts will say.

  10. Please help me whats the definition of rape?besides banks are bugged.ndosaka vakadzi muchifanira kugara kumba mchichengeta vana coz we know some women abuse their bodies to be in certain positions.wakamboona mukadzi akashata achishanda mubank?

    • Son, rape is that green veggie that you can buy by the side of the road to cook with your sadza n meat. You can also buy it by the supermarket. Now don’t go gettin it confused with bora ngoma which is a sorta green veggie that has a flower which tastes delicious with sadza.

  11. Sexual Harrassment at the workplace by seniors to juniors can also result in the actual sex act. It amounts to rape as the junior is in a weaker position to resist. It is quoted above that the woman had rejected the man’s love proposal but went on to impose himself upon her. There is no point in time that it is said the woman consented. Rape is traumatic to the victim, and in a conservative society brings about stigma to the victim. Men who are in authority, you should avoid office relationships. At least try to get very clear consent, don’t get into sexual contact before your relationship has witnesses. Otherwise kwa Gumbura.

  12. its the type of ladies working here for FBC MASVINGO ,they cant tell the truth,kunyepe ra vanhu zuvanezuva huyai tokupai maloan mangwana zvonzi aponeapo,vamwe vadu takato bviswa kwataihorera tichinzi huyai muhorere kuFBC tigokupai maloan,iwee mazinochete,totosekwa nevakasara kwatakabva …so irape yenhema iyi

  13. mabasa arikunetsa kuwana these days. i think the manager took advantage of his senior position to rape the woman. this woman could not report because she was afraid of losing her job. it may be difficult to prove but zvirikuitika mumabasa umu. even some women in senior positions mumabasa umu varikutora advantage to rape young men

  14. Haiwa…. Sisi vakapusa ava… Vaidanana ava… kuswerotitambisira nguva. what 27year old is raped and doesnt report… silly girl..

  15. There is no rape ,wearing condom ,kubatwa magaro since 2013 ,its unfair to treat men this way

  16. asi munhu akanzi nyarara obva akanyarara,manager wobvisa bhurukwa ,wopfekera condom ,one hand yakabata chakuti one ichipfekedza ,iwe wakayeva hako kunge murwere anovevurwa tsiye ne n’anga.Wozobvuma kuperekedzwa kumba nemunhu uya ambokubata chibharo.Opamha zve kudonhedza seat re mota kwava kupfekerwa futi condom vakangoti una una.Pakaoma apa ndofunga manager vane mushonga chete.
    she should have reported when he fondled her buttocks and breasts,kwete kuiswa kakawanda and then wozoita report rape

  17. with unemployed rate skyrocketing @ about 90%, i am of the opinion that the lady had to conceal all this to save her daily meal. it was worth it to report coz anga asisina chekunyengerera if u are to closely investigate chakaita kuti abve pabasa maybe its the case yekuti anga areporter.

  18. typical women of today kana akarambwa oti abhinywa .From being hure risingarambe varume to fabricating rape against innocent former lover of yours ,Tinzwireiwo tsitsi mafambi ,kungovatwa shuwa vabereki vebenzi vanenhamo.basa tsvee nevarume vevanhu kuonesa gotsi.Ityai mwari pliz zvibatei

  19. @mucheke,u a very wright,FBC MASVINGO,uuuuh the ladies there are lairs,they are very good in luaring u from other banks promissing u loans , aloo,trying to make a follow up,call Linda, the other lady, in charge u a always told ‘she is not in today’aloo, so Im sure the rape is aloo

  20. hahahahaahahahhaaha wazviruza hanty kwakanzi mugurwe musoro na mother watsva kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  21. rape is having sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent. This manager seems to have threatened that he would fire her if she resisted. Batai munhu akachinya.

  22. for all rape case, you apply for bail at High Court. No lower with powers to give bail for such cases. Mutongi wenyaya iy akangoona wo kuti mahumbwe aya. may she was promised a permanent post akazobatiswa pasi after arohwa simbi, so she might trying to revenge.

    Sue for deformation of character my bro

  23. ivava vepaMasvingo yedu FBC. busy sleeping with my husband voda kunyeba kuti tichavapa maloan. bvunzai kapfupi pfupi kaya kanoita maLoany edu… manje manje muchahwa futi kuti repcase

  24. Had her contract not been terminated was she going to cry,’Rape’. Izvi zvinotanga pa carpet selection interviews- zvoenda pa carpet contract- zvozopedzisira ne carpet promotion. Unfortunately this state of affairs is peculiar to most public and private organisations. Saka varume be discreet! Tambayi makachenjera otherwise munotambwa yaGumbura

  25. “The complainant’s made a police report after her relations with the accused had gone sour as her contract at work was terminated.” Work relations or sexual relations? Either way, this whole allegation is smelly like the vaj that was iswad. She sounds angry her contract was not renewed because she thought her vaj would buy her another one. Sorry vaj got too sour for the guy and you crying foul. Go to bed woman and hope you do not repeat.

    Chihure chanyanyisa mu Masvingo!!

  26. Hpana rape apa murume uyo let him out of prison vainyasonakirana zvawo mukadzi ozoti akabhinywa, mukadzi anofanira kusungwawo futi coz anopedzera mapurisa nguva.

  27. is there anyone who can define rape for me. ndozotangira ipapo coz seems varume wese marapist.

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