Baba Jukwa strikes again

The shadowy Facebook character and blogger known as Baba Jukwa posted a fresh “Asijiki/We won’t give in” defiance message on his wall yesterday, deepening the mystery over the persona behind the project four days after the arrest and detention of Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudakwashe Kudzayi as the prime suspect.


Kudzayi (28) was arrested last week and charged with attempting to subvert a constitutionally elected government or, alternatively, attempting to commit an act of insurgency, banditry, sabotage or terrorism by using the Baba Jukwa page to whip up emotions against Zanu PF and incite Zimbabweans to rebel if the party “stole” the July 31 2013 elections.

The blog went viral at the height of the election campaign last year, making controversial exposés of alleged political plots by Zanu PF officials and State security agents.

Kudzayi, who was appointed editor in April this year, was on Saturday remanded in custody to today for bail application before provincial magistrate Vakayi Chikwekwe. His lawyer Joseph Mandizha is expected to file a bail application today.

While many were still trying to come to terms with the purported unmasking of Baba Jukwa, the shadowy character hit again yesterday morning saying: “Good morning Zimbabwe. Please say a short simple prayer to God in your own mother tongue, so our nation can be blessed, and there can be more exposures of evils and all hidden treacheries, we are now almost there, just one small step left.”

By midday, Baba Jukwa — whose page has close to half a million followers — had clocked more than 260 likes, 22 shares and more than 450 comments.
This was his first post since Monday last week.

On June 13, he had posted saying: “Great Zimbabweans the chief chipfukuto [weevil] has decided to sacrifice his blue-eyed zvipfukuto [weevils], who all came to Zimpapers on nepotism lines without proper channels followed to push his 2018 agenda.

“Information coming in after chief weevil apologised to His Excellency (President Robert Mugabe). More to follow,” he wrote.

This was after Mugabe had publicly lambasted Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo accusing him of being a divisive character and a “weevil”.

Armed police last Thursday went on the hunt for Kudzayi before he handed himself over to the police later in the day.

Baba Jukwa followers responding to the post yesterday felt that the new postings might be by hackers who wanted to trap other people involved in the project.
Others, however, described police efforts to track down Baba Jukwa as a wildgoose chase.

“The fight is still on. These old people have lost it. It’s our time. Arresting Edmund will not stop the fighting,” a Baba Jukwa follower said.

“They themselves were arrested when they were fighting for freedom. Let’s also be arrested for fighting for our freedom. We are young and powerful.”

According to the police, investigations showed that Kudzayi, acting in connivance with his elder brother Phillip Kudzayi, believed to be still at large, together with other unnamed suspects, created a Gmail account called using an Econet number 0771 446 541 registered in Phillip’s name.

It is alleged the said Gmail account, whose Econet line was still being used by Phillip, was used to create a Facebook account called Baba Jukwa which was used as a “plan to overthrow the government by unconstitutional means” in the run-up to July 31 general elections.

Two Zimbabwean journalists have also been linked to Baba Jukwa, but seem to have been exonerated following the new turn of events.

Baba Jukwa describes himself as a concerned father, fighting nepotism and directly linking the community with their leaders, government, MPs and Cabinet ministers.

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  1. i loved my president. he is quietly trying to win this battle against this jukwa guy and i think he thought he had won this time. you could tell that his confidence in hitting at moyo had something behind it. i think he thought his intelligence had done its job. but i think this might be different this time. this guy called baba jukwa knows his game well and seems to say he has more to expose. this one might be a difficult one to win. we all thought after elections that this guy was dead and buried, but it seems he is coming up again and as zanu and the president we are making a mistake by trying to provoke him. he might hit us hard soon. i think all we need to do is repent and stop our wrong and stop being too comfortable in power

    1. This sounds a lot like baba jukwa, the english the wording, everything.

  2. These stupid CIO operatives think that they are clever. Trying to fight Baba Jukwa is a waste of time. Instead they shall be more people sending out more information than Baba Jukwa. Mugabe is old and tired donkey. How many Baba Jukwa are you going to arrest. Stupid people trying to invite more sanctions.

  3. at 28 and he is already an editor of the largest weekly publication in the country. he must have less than 10 years experience in the newsroom. his appointment is suspicious

    1. It was a reward for working with the ZANU-PF campaign team comrade but I the guy had turned the newspaper around. He had become a Willie Musarurwa I tell you and some of us were beginning to enjoy the paper. Personally I think Eddy was a good editor its a pity the revolutionary party “eats” its children.At least we did not have an “accident”

    2. Nonsensically nonsense,Positions are offered on merit.Age is just a numberHow many managing Directors

  4. Ya I agree with you, you donkey Dibango!

  5. Ther economy is screaming for lack of care and look whose so afraid of his own. Everybody in the house actively on the lookout for a Mickey Mouse called Baba Jukwa when a bull elephant called mismanagement is rampaging the cornfields. So much for so little.

  6. comrade Tichatonga

    guyz ngrarirai mashoko amunotaura e.g hoko pamunda uyo unoswera wakubwaira pamwe na baba jukwa kujeri uko…uchatonga hako umwe mwaka bt apa unonyura handikubhaize wangu

  7. What we going to benefit from Baba jukwa ,he is nothing but true owsta . This is simbly show that zim govern its nonsense . How money you spend for nothing . This show he was right for second of time

  8. Eugene Kamanga

    Sort the economy and deliver your election promises. Why are you so concerned about this Baba Jukwa. Is there something to hide


  10. The only thing Zimbabwe must do is to pray for God’s mercy

  11. , @comrade Tichatonga no need to fear. You shall see what will happen soon.

  12. Do they have the technology.

    1. They dont have the tech, but if it is true that he used his own line for ecocash the guy is a fool, the CIO just went to econet and they were given the name of the user of the number.

  13. so all what he wrote is true.i used nt to believe him.was it nt that he was cleaning our party

  14. ma mdc muchamama chete na jukwa wenyu

  15. This babajukwa thing is a team of people working to disturbalise zanu pf from within and outside , adding no value to our country .

  16. how can this kudzayi guy use his mobile no# 2 run a page o this magnitude . He dug his own grave .

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