Artistes embrace circumcision programme


RENOWNED and upcoming artistes continue to embrace the circumcision initiative marking a significant increase in the number of musicians that have been circumcised.


An array of artistes drawn from different genres like dancehall, urban grooves and gospel who are under Chikuru Rudo stable directed by Trinta real name Freddy Mazivanjira on Friday joined the bandwagon of local artistes who had been circumcised as they underwent voluntary medical male circumcision using the recently introduced none surgical Prepex method.

The move by Chikuru Rudo stable comes shortly after the recent launch of the celebrity campaign which has seen poet Albert Nyathi, footballer Hardlife Zvirekwi, contemporary musician Jah Prayzah, sungura musician Peter Moyo and Hip Hop artiste Maskiri real name Alishias Musimbe being circumcised.

These circumcised artistes are currently involved in various circumcision awareness campaigns.

Phineas Mamvura of Chikuru Rudo stable said the group decided to take up circumcision to be exemplary in different communities were the artistes come from.

“We, Chikuru Rudo artistes saw it as a noble idea to promote healthy living among our peers and berole models to our fans who look up for guidance and inspiration from us as musicians,” Mamvura said.

Population Services International Zimbabwe is spearheading the MC programme in conjunction with the Ministry of HeaIth and Child Care with some of the artistes appearing on PSI Zimbabwe’s male circumcision adverts.

PSI Zimbabwe director for social marketing Kumbirai Chatora hailed local musicians for endorsing circumcision initiatives and helping in spreading the circumcision gospel.

“Local artistes must be hailed for their participation in circumcision programmes educating the public about the advantages of getting circumcised,” Chatora said.

“It is important when young men whom the society looks up to make such decisions about taking care of their health showing being responsible not only concerned about their own welfare, but the safety of their partners, families and community as a whole.”

Speaking to NewsDay on the sidelines of the occasion, PSI Zimbabwe information officer, Paidamoyo Magaya urged both men and woman to continue using protection despite having circumcised to avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

“People must know that getting circumcised is not a licence for promiscuity so circumcised individuals are encouraged to use condoms, reduce number of sexual partners and where possible, abstain from sex,” Magaya said.

Magaya said male circumcision has a lot of benefits, among them improved hygiene, prevention of cancer of the penis, reduces chances of contracting cervical cancer for the woman with a circumcised sexual partner, reduces complications such as inability to retract the foreskin, reduces chances of contracting some sexually transmitted infections and also reduces chances of contracting HIV by 60%.

Male circumcision is a common practice in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, commonly performed for traditional, health and other reasons with randomised control trials carried out in South Africa, Uganda and Kenya.

Health experts say male circumcision is a proven and cost-effective method of reducing the chances of contracting HIV by 60% .

Government through the Ministry of Health and Child Care and its partners in 2009 adopted circumcision as one of the comprehensive HIV prevention strategies.


  1. Please see the following link for a brief summary, with linked references, of the ethical, legal and methodological flaws with past research informing the present campaign of circumcision-as-HIV-preventative in Africa (which also inform much of the “renewed interest” in circumcision in the English-speaking world), some of the adverse consequences of funding circumcision-as-HIV-preventative in Africa (coercion of men and boys to be circumcised; misdirection of limited medical resources from higher priority areas) and the absence of oversight of organisations promoting and facilitating male circumcision in Africa:

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  2. Men of Africa! Wake Up!

    Why are you allowing western doctors from Europe and the USA to mutilate your genitals?

    Why are NO western men in Europe and the USA having their foreskins amputated my crazy people with knives?

  3. circumcision is good way to destroy Africa and make it hell of violence and sex
    circumcision terrible danger comes in two steps:
    1- it removes natural protection (the foreskin) of the sensitive glans and that exposes male to continuous sexual stimulation 24/7 all the time and cause mental disorder and sex obsession
    2- when the obsessed circumcised male have sex then he CAN NOT reach orgasim because he lost 20000 nerve endings specilised in orgasim. sex for circumcised male is like sea water, the more he drinks, the thirstier he become then he gets frustrated and might erupt in violence like terrorist Muslims, evil Jews and psycho Americans.

    Africans has already strong sex power and after getting circumcised they will erupt in mass violence

  4. This circumcision drive did not originate out of Zimbabweans’ own thinking and brainstorming; it came about because a foreign donor bought our minds with his dollars.Suddenly circumcision is the wisest thing to do!Never mind that in Zimbabwe there were already people who practised circumcision and others of course who did not.Please do not brainwash our children.Let people decide for themselves when they grow up.Some of us know the difference between a mercenary and a wise man, even if the person in question is a famous musician.

  5. Yeah for upcoming artists, I think they ALL need to embrace it as soon as yesterday!! As for the general public, well, you can ignore it.

  6. Those artists in circumcision campaigns e.g. Jah Prayzah are they being paid or they are doing it for free? Of course they are being paid, handsomely. It started with Winky D, when other musicians realised that he was making a killing, they all joined the bandwagon. That is why this chikuru rudo stable is now joining in. Its all about the money!!

  7. How much of the $7 million did the reporter and the editor receive to write this hogwash…..ABSTINENCE chete kwete zvekuchekwa chekwa izvi….

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