Ammara Brown sparks controversy with album cover

AMMARA Brown is in the eye of a storm following the release of her album cover that accompanied her newly released single titled Crucify Me on social networking sites like  Facebook and Twitter early this week.


The cover depicts a creature with a woman’s body and the head of a crow or an eagle on a cross.

The creature has huge wings while the cross has all sorts of ornaments and chains hanging from the sides.

While the musician says the cover picture is an artistic expression, the cover has certainly got people talking more than the song itself and has since its release garnered much criticism for its proposed religious innuendos.

Over the past few days social media has been abuzz with reactions ranging from insults to praises by a few who feel she is exercising her artistry.

What seems to have irked many is the concept of a woman crucified on a cross, an ideal that presents a distinct paradox from what Christianity entails.

With this kind of imagery portrayed, it could still trigger controversy anywhere across the world.

Recently, American pop female artiste Lady Gaga courted the same controversy following the leak of her new video Judas’ on the Internet which the artiste described as a “pop art fantasy Fellini motorcycle film.

The clip begins with the 12 disciples cruising down the highway on motorcycles clad in distressed leather jackets, personalised with each of their names.

Seen riding behind “Jesus” is none other than Mary Magdalene, whom Gaga takes on the role of, with a scruffy Judas not far behind.

Images like these have so far been regarded as highly suggestive of the overwhelming illuminati expressions that have of late been linked to many international stars.

According to Wikipedia, Illuminati is a name given to several secret groups, both real and fictitious.

Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an “Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776”.

NewsDay caught up with Brown at a local hotel in Harare and the diva addressed all the controversy surrounding her song, especially in regards to her album cover.

“There is nothing religious about Crucify Me at all. It is just a metaphoric piece of art that has been interpreted differently. For the past 24 hours many people have been going back and forth about this concept and I have really given the issue a special amount of thought,” she said.

“The song is about a woman cheating on a man hence from a female perspective it is more about female sexism in the sense of broken relationships.

“The woman is saying I am sorry for having cheated on you and please do not crucify me hence she is begging for forgiveness and another chance.

“Crucification in this sense comes in as a way of paying for your sins hence this is what the woman in his song is asking to be spared from. This is not about Jesus and not even a thing has religious connotations.

“Broad thinkers have been saying the song is actually nice and a beautiful work of art while some find it weird. However, this was not premeditated and I did not see it coming, but I personally think that this concept needs broad minds that are exposed to what is happening in the world.” she said.

Below are some of the comments posted on Social Media
Khetani Michael Banda: I am not against the artwork in particular – I am a die hard heavy and death metal fan and the majority of these genres’ album artwork is occultic, gothic and a disfiguration of Christianity in one way or the other. The lyrical content is the same yet my question is: Does Ms Brown know what her album artwork means or was this just meant to cause a stir, as it has already done. I  would like to read her write.

John Arufandika: The graphic doesn’t have a head. Gen 3:15.

Gilmore T Moyo:  I understand being artistic . . . but Ammara . . . this is too much. No No!!

LouieJonez : Isn’t this what an artist just does. Look at the Comments now. To think a couple of hours ago she wasn’t on anybody’s mind. She created hype for her song and that’s just the reason. I bet you now even know and want to hear her song. The attention will gradually shift from her cover to Ms Brown then to her song. In Shona we say “Zvake Zvaita”. Let’s all learn to get used to these schemes . . . Ndiyo Yacho.

Hansel Benjamin: That’s why it is called art. Your interpretations can be far from what the artist herself was trying to portray. Problem is we now living in a world where we quick to condemn without trial.

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  1. CONTROVERSY sells and CONTROVERSY attracts peoples attention !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amara is a very clever business lady , she is simply doing whats best for business and now her album is getting free publicity .

    1. My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do……………W­­­W­­­W.J­­­O­­­B­­­S­­­B­­­AT.C­­­­­­O­­­M

  2. These so called religious touts just want attention. Varipi when corruption is running amok in Gvt? I did not hear umwe wavo achitaura nezva Cashbert. Silly people, get away. Siyai munhu aite mari. Kutanga rini kuisa ma standards ye art?

    1. Heya munotoda kuti vanhu vaite mari? Ko munovengerei prophet Makamdiwa kana vakuitawo mari?

  3. Save your self the explanation by putting it picture here where people can zoom it and see for themselves.

    1. toda kuizooma tigoigoogla

  4. satanism haina anofita mhani
    its even here in Zim

  5. regai munhu aite mari yake ndiye lady gaga here itai mushe

  6. Siyai mwana imi! Flagabastad, mwana anechipo mhani uyu.mune qualification dzipi dze art kuti mustresse mwana .ibvai apa saka jacob moyana anoti ‘tinonamatako tichiburutsa mweya ‘mozomupa size chii?

  7. asi Ropa raJesu rakadeuka, harizoperi simba.

    shoko roti “vanozvirumbidza mune zvakaipa zvavo”

    2 Peter 2:18-20

    1. maknavwhitewazeybazeyshavezey

      wagona iwe well done nekunzi nzira dzaMwari sandidzo dzawanhu

  8. millicent nhutsve

    this is blasphemy Amara should have thought of something else not using the cross as a way of making money, she must learn form the Beetles akuda kumutsa hasha dzaJehova manje!

  9. tamba nezvimwe Ammara, Jehovah vanoona.

  10. Tamba nezvimwe Ammara,Jehovah vanoona uye He is the same yesterday today and forever..variko vasharukwa vakaedza kufamba nzira yako iyi vakakundikanavagumira panzira ask The Beatles, Michael Jackson.. the list is endless

  11. Bvaru Jesu Wepasi.

    Amara is 300% correct haana munhu waa disadvantager, ko mbavha nemhondi dziri kubuda mumapepa nepamaTV dzichitinyepera dzichipedza hupfumi nehwedu dzakaitwa sei? Mapastor ari kupomba nemadzimai enyu muri kuvapa chegumi every day wani. Haiwawo siyai mwanasikana atsvage raramo. Munomuemployer here tibvirei apa

    1. R u tryn 2 tel me tht Judas Escariot ws ryt?

  12. kudakwashe mpofu

    Amara i was an artist well before you were born, and i want you to remember that art has two sides that inspire us and we have to be careful which side we fall on, art is a dimension that is beyond human understanding, if you read about many great artists you will find that they were the pioneers of illuminati, they were homosexuals, but they hide it from you so that you will worship them, look at marechera ‘s blasphemy or da Vinci,we had Michael angelo so filled with the spirit of God,so the choice is yours to serve the devil in the name of art or save God, but honestly i know many better artists who are now Christians

  13. Black people you discarded your original roots and cultures long back. Now you busy arguing over foreign religions kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  14. remember what happened to titanic…… wegehena unopisa mwanaskana

  15. The artistic immaturity being displayed over non event like this is shocking . Do people even realise that whilst, Our Lord, is the most famous victim of the crucifix he was not the first nor was he the last to die this way ? So in essence any reference to the crucifix shouldn’t automatically spark a religious debate . So why make a huge fuss over something that may or may not have religious implications ?
    Munomhanyira kumatero why not comment o the evil that is being perpetrated on the weak and innocent in this country by the powerful state machinery ? There are so many things that reflect evil in this country yet no one opens his yob but a struggling young artiste is descended upon by pretentious wannabe pious individuals for trying to make a living . Face up to the real evil in this country to show that hou really abhore all things satanic .

  16. Usajairira Jesus iwe Amara tamba nezvimwe kwete Mwari haasi muramu wako.

  17. Pure blasphemy all in the excuse of being artistic???????

  18. taura hako Judah ndoinonzi blasphemy.guys wake up from your fantasy.kuzvidza muchinjikwa uku. this is not an expession of her artistic talent. Musatizvidzira muchinjikwa waJesu nekuda kwekusaziva tendeukai , rindai munamate,mazuva otorarama akaipa

  19. Ladies and gentlemen, pliz welcome the JUDAS of today….Amara Brown!!!!!!! Making money out of th cross of Christ….gues wat yo fellow partner hung himself…its nt long b4 u die like a dog…ths is a christian nation…if I wer u, I wld sell tomatoes n save my life!!!!!!

  20. kk amara nhy….

  21. Iyi ndo illuminati manje iwe wega wanga usingatyi here kubudisa zvakadai.

  22. Amara WTF nhai nhai?

  23. Nhai Ammara asi wakupusa? Usatambe uchidenha Mwari. Judgement Day is real. Repent and ask for forgiveness from the Almighty Jehovah through Jesus Christ. Now is the time for you to turn to Jehovah.

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