#AMHVoices pictures: Another accident at Chinhamo

A car is plunged into a ditch as it hit a tree along Seke Road this morning a few metres away from the horror spot that killed 9 people last month.

Four people including an 11-month old baby were seriously  injured and one escaped  unhurt when a  Nissan Presage van overturned along Seke Road on Thursday afternoon.

The accident occurred at the same spot – near Chinhamo- where a commuter omnibus accident left 10 people dead.

According to witnesses, the driver of the van got distracted while discussing  about the commuter omnibus accident scene and lost control of the vehicle which ploughed off the road and overturned.

“We are told that the driver was showing the accident scene to passengers and he must have taken his eyes off the road, resulting in the loss of control.

The car was travelling from Chitungziwa to the city centre.

A car is plunged into a ditch as it hit a tree along Seke Road this morning a few metres away from the horror spot that killed 9 people last month.

A car is plunged into a ditch as it hit a tree along Seke Road this morning a few metres away from the horror spot that killed 9 people last month.

A car is plunged into a ditch as it hit a tree along Seke Road this morning a few metres away from the horror spot that killed 9 people last month.

Passers by look as a car was plunged into a ditch after it hit a tree along Seke Road this morning.



  1. So the cleansing did not pay dividends? Indeed it can not, cleansng done by nemunhu akapomba nezuro…

  2. I blame all of these accidents on the British, the Americans and other Western nations and peoples. If they did not sanction us we would not have to import second hand Japanese vehicles.

    • Robert Kumusha, I know our memories often fail us. Whatever you are trying to insinuate, you have lost it completely;
      1. Japanese second hand cars were being imported here long before the advent of sanctions, lest you mislead people into believing that we imported better cars before sanctions. Infact, Zimbabwean roads and vehicle parking yards have never been decorated with better cars than they have now. Remember the cars of the 80’s? Zepha 4, Zepha 6, Ford Anglia, Citroen, etc?
      2. Sanctions are real. Just go into business and enjoy good international transactions, and get some of your incoming payments impounded by the US treasury, then you will stop your sick jokes.
      3. The issue under the continuder discussion is not a joke. People are sharing their sympathy over the continued death and maiming of innocent people through road carnage. Was this where you comment was meant to be placed or perhaps its here by mistake?

  3. I hope we can import high quality public transport vehicles from China. Perhaps if we do, these fatal accidents will stop.

  4. guys is it just me but from the damage on that car that car seemd to have been speeding.maybe im wrong hangu but all the same speedy recovery to the injured

    • That road can only be described as a car race track. Each time I am driving along this road I always notice drivers trying to show off how fast their vehicles can go and nobody wants to be overtaken by anybody

  5. @terence.you are right.dai aratidza vaange ainawo nzvimbo achifambawo zvishoma pangadai pasina tsaona.wish you a speed recovery.

  6. I think the biggest churches lyk PHD (Magaya) nd UFI(Makandiwa) shld have prayers there nd evn all night services

    • The solution is to ban these type of vehicles and to ban discussing about the area, that’s our solution as Zimbabweans if its a kombi accident,we cant appreciate that there many kombis on the road and chances of them being in accidents are high

  7. Roberto Kumusha and Chitown u seem off track…discussing trivial irrelevant issues when people are grieving. Let’s be serious guys. Inga mota dzacho dzemberi dzikungoitao maaccidents wani. So is it the cars or the drivers? Think thoroughly before commenting on certain issues. In no way am I saying my thoughts are correct, but I am only saying in a bid to help with ideas let’s explore all possible avenues of thought and then comment. Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.
    Terence and Race Track u are ryt…I have seen people speeding dangerously on that road….kuratidzana zvishandwa chaiko, recklessly so sometimes. We need caution on the roads as drivers. Lets always try to preserve lives

  8. Kkkkk ana ufic nana phd atova ma church makuru kare???akatanga riinhi machurch iwayo anevakuru vakatopanduka kubva munemamwe machurch makuru ku former avo kubira vanhu mari vakasvinura uko.tingasatowedzera kufa

  9. Guys i think all those blaming second hand vehicles from Japan are loosing it. What needs to be addressed is the issue of getting the licences and the way we drive. Some people are paying to get the licences but do not qualify to have licences. No proper testing is done so in other words we are paying for these accidents to happen. In most cases those who paid are not the ones affected. So issue yematorerwo yemalicence need to be addressed plus drivers lets drive zvine hunhu becoz some of us tend to be rough when we are behind the steering wheel. We save lives by just giving someone way even if they are the ones who are suppose to give us way and lastly speeding is not acceptable. Its wise to follow road rules those who set speed limits are not stupids .

  10. Looks like driver was speeding. He should have slowed down or stopped completely to give or get a lecture on the kombi accident spot. Some advice: musanyanyotaura nyaya dzemaaccident kana muri parwendo, zvinenge zvine mweye weconnection. Chamunotaura nezvacho kazhinji chinova panemi. Cleopas and a friend were talking about Jesus on their way Emmaus. Just as it were, Jesus Himself appeared and walked along with them (Luke 24: 13-15). Let’s always discuss and think about victory, life, renewal, success, purity… (Philippians 4:8). May GOD give healing to the injured and bless our great country. Amen.

  11. human error does this has got nothing to do with the roads,but not saying our roads are good. the people who went to hold some stupid prayers on the accident seen are the ones who caused this accident hakuna zvakadaro kumutsa mweya yevanhu vakafa vasiri hama dzenyu futi murimbwa dzevanhu now makuvadzisa vanhu,chamunonamata chii makadii kunamata kuti njodzi dzisaitike mumugwagwa kwete kunopemberera kuitika kwadzo, rubbish to hell netuminamato twenyu twe mhombwe ne varoyi. vanhu vakafa ipapo vaipinda chechi ?so akakuudzai kuti vanoda munamato ndiani,satani wenyu.

  12. Do not lay the blame on spirits and cleansing, why should we always be so backward? The driver is just incompetent and probably not experienced, one thing I’ve noticed with most drivers of these ex-Japanese cars. Please be careful and concentrate fully when driving.

  13. Vakomana kutaura chokwadi vanhu vanomhanya nd kune varikublamer Max jap akaipira kuti akanyanya kuita manew1 sezvo majaira mapoto nothing wrong wit dose cars guys only ur driving z needed. I don’t ‘ve one bt chandoziva mota dzinofamba manje nemalicence ekutenga ma1 :

  14. Kuna shepie yes ndakunzwa bt hw many accidents dzaunonzwa kuchinzi munhu ange achidriver ari above 40.most accidents madrivers r below 25 so toti chiiii vachi vatete paroad :;;

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