Allied Bank workers go on unpaid leave

Allied Bank’s licence was cancelled in January 2015

NINETY percent of Allied Bank’s employees have been sent on voluntary unpaid leave for four months as the financial institution embarks on cost-cutting measures.


The bank acting chief executive officer Florence Gowora said staff costs contributed significantly to operational expenses and the bank has considered short-term measures to deal with the situation.

“The bank offered all its employees an offer to take up “voluntary unpaid leave” for the period June to September 2014 as part of the many measures being implemented to cut costs. Under this scheme, employees would only accrue 50% of their salary as they work for two weeks only during the month. This has already been implemented and uptake to date is 90% across all grades,” Gowora said.

She said the process to implement short time working arrangement was also underway.

But the Zimbabwe Allied Bankers Workers’ Union secretary-general Peter Mutasa said the move by Allied Bank was unlawful.

“The employer is going down to individual workers and asking them to go for four months unpaid leave.

“The employees are being given 50% overdrafts of one’s salary that would be repaid by the employees. The action is unlawful,” he said.

Mutasa said according to the Companies Act any company that would embark on a special measure to avoid retrenchment was obliged to pay workers’ salaries.
He, however, said some workers have agreed to take the money being offered by management as they were desperate.

“Workers are desperate because they do not have money. The money is expected to be paid between (last) Friday and Monday this week,” he said.
Mutasa said the banker’s union lawyers were preparing

summons for Allied Bank to pay the two months outstanding salaries for workers. Mutasa said the bank employs over 100 workers.


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  2. for a bank to be succeful, it rly needs to buy peoples confidence. Of late the bank hasnt been perfoming well, and had delayed giving people their salaries. It means customers are closing their accounts, and there are no new customers. So u nid to change your plicies ASAP, before u are totallt busted

  3. bhora mugedhi unotoshaya kuziva kut zvikufamba sei iyo zimasset ichiti ine mabasa 2million ayakatakura

  4. Vele this bank should be shut down,you take @ least 2 weeks to withdraw your whole salary,unless you are a civil servant,and every withdrawal has a transaction charge,hayi nxa,Obert failed here.

  5. kkkkk……..Obert! zvasiyana nekupiwa macut emadiamonds pawanga uri mines minister, now come to the real world where you have to come up with strategies to achieve a sustainable operation of the bank. Obert, Mugabe’s most obedient son please take my advise seriously otherwise all your ill gotten wealth inonyura mubank rako irori. Very soon tinenge takuti ivhu kuivhu. The other safe route is to file for liquidation and reduce your loses

  6. This is the same situation which is facing Trust Academy but its usually caused by mismanagement because how come the M.D ‘s son is getting salary from the collage umbavha hwanyanya muzimbabwe but board of trustees Mr MUNYANYI, DR DUBE ,MR NICKS find something to do with Mataka

    • Why do you talk of a dead economy when it was resurrected ? If the economy was still dead you wouldn’t be alive to say your sorry statement chief

  7. This banks executives are so corrupt and their strategies are evil more of deeping fellow employees into abject impoverishment. How can they send its lower level employees to the said voluntary unpaid leave when in arrears of two months for those small and below PDL wages. To make it worse they say its a voluntary yet employees are desperate for cash and the said voluntary unpaid leave is on condition that if you dont sign for it no overdraft that is equal to your half salary is apportioned to you during the four month period otherwise, no cash is allocated to you until the period lapses. Honestly what could a reasonable bread winner opt for

  8. My last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is wha­ I do……


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