7 miners perish in horrific 800m underground fall


SEVEN miners died at Golden Valley Mine in Kadoma on Monday when operators lost control of the mine skip that was hoisting them out of the mine resulting in it plunging some 800 metres underground.


The National Mine Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (NMWUZ) confirmed the accident which happened about 18km outside Kadoma along Sanyati Road.

The accident also left 11 other miners injured and hospitalised at Kadoma General Hospital.

“The accident happened around 10pm on Monday night when 19 workers were being hoisted from the mine shaft and were about to go home. The hoist lost control of the skip resulting in it going backwards without any brakes from Level 1 to Level 23, some 800m underground,” NMWUZ president Tinashe Mugwira,who was at the scene of the accident, said.

“It only stopped when it plunged into a body of water on Level 23 drowning some of the miners and injuring the others.”

Attempts to get a comment from the police were fruitless with Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara saying he was attending a series of meetings.

Golden Valley human resources manager Charles Msimanga confirmed the accident, but referred all questions to mine manager Frank Taderera.

Taderera’s secretary, who identified herself as Shanon, said he was busy attending to the accident and would get back to NewsDay once he was back in the office. Mugwira said his union was shocked by the accident, especially given that it was the duty of the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) to continually inspect mine machinery without notice.

“We have breadwinners in this accident which should not have happened, especially given that we have NSSA inspectors and modern technology which has the capacity to detect failings on equipment before such accidents happen,” Mugwira said. In another related tragedy, three people died yesterday when a bus they were travelling in burst its front left tyre and overturned several times near Mvuma along the Harare-Beitbridge Road.

National police spokesperson Chief Superintendant Paul Nyathi said two people died on the spot while one died on admission at Mvuma District Hospital. The bus belonging to Quapar Bus Services had 50 people on board.


  1. Check ownership of this mine you will see the owner carries a zanupf card and these people have no clue on what safety if about. Go to organised mines they test these hoist before risking people’s lives.But dzemusangano zvinongonzi chero tawana goridhe.

    • I chokwadi zvako Maita,apa zanu pf ndiyo yakonzeresa njodzi iyi.Vane hukiribidi vanhu vezanu pf ava.

  2. Chimbomirai zvekutaura politics and pay respect to the departed. All over the world mining accidents still occur at an alarming rate, sad way to go trying to make ends meet.

  3. This is just sad. A lot of negligence is at play here . The health and safety manager should not spend another day in office because 7 lives is just too many.

    • equipment failure n health n safety manager. the machine operator n the engineer maybe at task.

  4. this accident was caused by the negligence of the mine owners, the machinery must be always serviced bt they dont want to inccur any cost. They only want to repair when its completely down

  5. but paZtv news kana kumbonzi bufu kana muherald newspaper kana kumbonyorwawo ende zvakaoma. The mine should be temporarily closed and thorough investigations should be done. May the souls of the dead rest in peace.

    • This is Zimbabwe.. a lot of trasformation is needed,till when are the citizens going to allow malfunctioning policies that oppress the majority.

  6. most major hoists have mandatory safety devices to deal with these malfunctions. so it is the responsibility of the engineer to maintain & sevice these weekly. the loss should have been avoided.

  7. Yes it is the role of an engineer to maintain hoists at any plant, however it should be noted that engineer have constraints e.g budgets, hence the statutes which require NSSA to inspect these hoists quarterly. This accident should be thoroughly investigated and people should go prison for first degree murder.

    • not the engineer’s fault why don’t u blame the hoist driver and the bellman for overloadng the skip

  8. Maintenance, standards and quality of workmanship are not in our DNA . You will find that this accident was the result of all three of the above.
    As an ex miner my condolences to the families.

  9. t s not anyone fault for that matter and the so called first degree murder is unjust the main blame goes to the bellman who allowed 19 to b on board yet t has a maximum number t should carry so the fitters and the bellman should go in for questioning and not forgetting the lubricator

  10. Its so sad. I worked at that mine as a University Undergraduate from 1997 – 2000. Used that shaft. May the souls of the departed rest in peace. Back then, the emergency stop system and fell safe used to work. The economic melt down has led to a malfunction of the systems ie maintenance, audits, spot checks, inspections, repairs, moral affecting workmanship. Its sad, we need to learn lessons from here else this will just be the beggining.

  11. bring all culprits to book….kuchekeresa ka uku…..

    Ndovanhu vanouraya bhasikoro iwawa…..

    R.i.p to de deceased families….shame!

  12. kusvika riini vanhu vachingofira mumigodhi apo ndege dzichingoshaika nhai baba……

    Ivai nesu….

    R.i.p kune vafirwa vese

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