15 years for sodomising 4-year-old boy


A 22-YEAR-OLD Chitungwiza man was last Friday sentenced to 15 years in prison for sodomising his co-tenant’s four-year -old child.

Vimbai Marufu

Shepherd Mushandi, who resides in St Mary’s, will, however, serve an effective 12 years after magistrate Estere Chivasa suspended three years of his sentence on condition of good behaviour.

Chivasa said the boy clearly demonstrated the events as they happened as he was narrating his ordeal.

“Though he is only four years old, he is clever as he clearly demonstrated the events.

“He even exhibited bitterness and anger towards the accused when he was narrating how the accused called him his wife,” the magistrate said.

“From his evidence, he is traumatised and this is going to have a psychological effect on him considering also the stigma attached to homosexuality.”

Circumstances of the matter were that on a date not known to the prosecutor during the month of May this year, the complainant’s mother left home to look for water.

Prosecutor Loveti Muringwa told the court that the accused took advantage of her absence and called the 4-year old boy in his room where he ordered him to lie on the bed on his stomach.

The accused person then had anal sexual intercourse with him several times.

The court also heard that after the act the accused person then cleaned his manhood with his underpants as it had faeces on it.

The matter came to light after the complainant’s mother observed some “naughty behaviour” from the complainant who tried to experiment the sexual act on a girl.

After questioning him about it the complainant then revealed what was done to him by the accused person and a police report was made.


  1. i hope 1 day we will have sane politicians who will seriously look into cases of rape, sodomy and paedophiles. zvirikunyanya. We seriously can do well without such kind of people in our society. 12 years is a joke isingasekese. This cancer requires for us to cut off a limb or something before it takes over the being of our society. Toudza aniko angatitererewo nhai?

  2. But why 12 yrs and yet we have seen others committing rape getting 60 years? Is it because the victim is a boy? To me whether you call it rape or sodomy, there is no difference because its forced.

  3. Unfirtunately he wont recover! The same thing happened to me whn I was 6! Our neighbor abused me & my then 4 year old brother. We never reported…….. It affected me Im still not married coz thoz things come back. My brother is breaking the ice, is attempting marriage this year but its a painful affair that only me, my brother & neighbour share!!

    In short, this sentence is too light! If I ever get into power castration & quarantine are the only solutions. Sins against children are sins against God!

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