Workers win $133 000 wages dispute


THE Labour Court has ordered transport operator Dunstan Transport to pay over $133 000 in outstanding wages and allowances to its workers.


The ruling delivered last week follows a protracted two-year legal wrangle between the company and its 67 employees who claimed to be owed between $500 and
$4 000 each.

According to the arbitrator who was only identified in court papers as D Muchemwa, the company owed $133 121, 34 in employees’ wages and allowances.

The court heard that the workers were denied a 10% wage increment which came into effect in July 2012 and a 6% increment which came into effect in July last year including a housing allowance of $37 per month.

However, the transporter disputed the claims saying the figures had been inflated.

“As far as the claims made in respect of each of the claimants are concerned, the respondent [Dunstan] disputes the correctness of the amounts claimed
. . . it will be noticed that the total amount owing as at November 26, 2013 was an amount of $133 121, 43,” the firm said.

In his ruling, the arbitrator said: “The respondent’s statement of defence was not challenged by the claimants.

“It is from this background that this tribunal is persuaded to believe that what the respondent agreed to pay is what should be paid.

“It is ordered that the above claimants be paid their outstanding wages and allowances amounting to $133 121, 34 within six-months from April to September 30 2014.”


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  2. i know that such a ruling will affect several firms which have been cheating the employees whilst their executives were buying top of the range cars. May all the unions take heed and start processing matters, using this case as a precedent.

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