Workers take on Tsvangirai

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

FRESH problems confront opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai after former MDC-T workers engaged lawyers to demand compensation for unfair dismissal in a case linked to the party’s factional disputes.


Sixteen workers — who include former MDC-T director-general Toendepi Shonhe — claim they were unfairly dismissed after they were barred from accessing their workplaces on allegations of siding with a group of officials fighting for Tsvangirai’s removal from the apex of the party.

The workers are being represented by National Constitutional Assembly leader Lovemore Madhuku of Mucheche and Matsikidze Legal Practitioners.

In a letter dated May 12 2014 by Mucheche and Matsikidze to MDC-T acting secretary-general Tapiwa Mashakada, the workers allege they were “dismissed without charge” which was a violation of the country’s employment laws.

The demands for compensation are set to compound the MDC-T’s financial woes.

The party has been failing to pay workers for the past four months, while some of those retrenched are still to be paid their dues.

Mashakada on May 16, however, responded, claiming that the 16 had not been dismissed and demanded evidence that the workers had been unfairly  discharged from work.

He said the party was actually looking for them to report to work.
“The people have not been reporting for duty and we are looking for them,” Mashakada wrote to Mucheche and Matsikidze.

“Please kindly furnish us with the evidence that they were unfairly dismissed and by whom.”

The MDC-T acting secretary-general claimed he actually wrote to the 16 workers asking them to report for work, but they had not done so.

But the workers claimed they had not been paid since February when they stopped reporting for work after realising they were under threat for alleged involvement in the party’s factional disputes.

They claimed that despite being professionals who had nothing to do with MDC-T infighting, they had been receiving verbal and physical threats from MDC-T youths each time they set foot at Harvest House, the party’s headquarters.

They said the alleged persecution meant dismissal from work.

“Section 12 b(3)(a) of [the] Labour Act, Chapter 28:01, [says] an employee is deemed to have been unfairly dismissed if the employee terminated the contract of employment with or without notice because the employer deliberately made continued employment intolerable for the employee,” Mucheche and Matsikidze wrote to Mashakada.

“You are aware that our clients will lose their lives if they set foot at Harvest House and your purported letters are a continuation of the persecution of our clients.”

The lawyers claimed: “Our clients are professionals who have never been involved in the internal leadership wrangles of the MDC-T. They have always stayed clear of what in the MDC-T are called ‘political matters’. Targeting them for persecution and accusing them of having certain preferences among MDC-T leaders will be unfair.”

The MDC-T is currently involved in serious internal wrangles emanating from the calls by a team led by sacked secretary-general Tendai Biti and former treasurer-general, Elton Mangoma for Tsvangirai to step down to facilitate leadership renewal.

For that, Mangoma received a bashing at the party’s headquarters in Harare from Tsvangirai loyalists.

He was then suspended before he teamed up with Biti and other disgruntled members to “suspend” Tsvangirai and those loyal to him.

The workers claimed that Tsvangirai was in charge at Harvest House and their harassment was a deliberate ploy to dismiss them and replace them with those who are “politically correct”.

Shonhe yesterday refused to comment on the matter, referring all questions to his lawyer, Madhuku.


  1. Is it the employer who is threatening these workers. We have the police if a mob harasses you at your office you can file for a protection order. The employer did not employ people to beat them up, it is the supporters who come and do it any time they feel you are a saboteur and if you are a worker don’t involve yourself in the politics of the party and take sides you expose yourself to some roudy supporters and in a mass organisation we are not all peaceful people. Toendepi dzokera kubasa.

    • Its a joke that youths are beating mdc-t workers same youths are the ones who are being sideline in any position which is meaningful to make matters worse its now a part that is reserved foer women

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  2. Ana mad-huku up to cause confusion! We solidly behind Morgiza come rain or thunder.Tsvangirai tipe ECOCASH details tikande mula izvozvi.MDC-T will never die!

  3. Bashing is a serious activity, from pictures Mangoma was not bashed. Ngatingoudzana chokwadi akabvarurirwa hembe yes but bashing no.I don’t support that but let us also not sensationilise some of these things vakomana zvinouraya nyika.

  4. this is a tricky case ,after running away with Biti now they comeback to fight Tsvangirai.if they proceed and sue him it would have proved that they admit Tsvangirai ‘s party is the real MDC thus government and parly would have to take note .

  5. mdcteaboy – the party of sexcellence. Murambatsvina. Tsv should give banking details to those claiming to have deep pockets so they can finance the movement

  6. you thought Biti was going to successfully wrestle power from Morgan not knowing that Morgan is more now you come back to demand your package even your choice of legal representation speaks volume. please we want the Eco Cash account Mashakada. mogiza is more.

  7. l will never leave chematama , biti is power hungry . mdc will never die . save musacheuka muridzo . renewal team are misinformed . save might not have a university degree but is by far the most popular face in mdc

  8. l will never leave chematama , biti is power hungry . mdc will never die . save musacheuka muridzo . renewal team is misinformed . save might not have a university degree but is by far the most popular face in mdc

  9. my all these tsvangirai bootlickers explain to us how exctly they plan to win the next elections aganist a zanu pf military dictatorship assisted by nikuv?

    i’m told the results for the 2018 elections are already known and mdc was only allocated 23% of the vote.

  10. It is clear these guys are being sent by the MDC-Renewal Team, if that is not the case, then they should be suing Biti too since Tsvangirai was “recalled” by disgruntled the real MDC national council. Are they therefore telling us what we already know that Tsvangirai’s camp is the real MDC?

    • Their work place is harvest house. And the people occupying harvest house is Morgan Tsvangirai. Get real mate.

  11. unobva washaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei Biti adzinga Morgan , vashandi veMDC-T vakuda mari yavo kuna Morgan ko zvirikumbofambasei.

  12. unobva washaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei Biti nevamwe vake vachiti Morgan haaite inini ndavakunyanya kumutsigira. Madonnors haachadi nemari yavo ini ndakuda kuva donnor reMDC-T unobva washaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei.

  13. unobva washaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei Biti nevamwe vake pavari kuti Morgan haaite ini Ndakutonyanya kumutsigira. Madonnors haachadi nemari yavo ini ndirikuda Eco Cash account tiise mari .unobva washaya kuti zvirikumbofambasei

  14. tibvirei apo nyaya yekusatambira kwevanhu ndiyo yakatangira split,takanzwa pano kuti vaitsvaka mari kunhengo yokutambirisa vashandi,hakuna munhu ari perfect,ipa vanhu mari or reinstate them finish,he zanu ine violence musareva nhema ,violence zhinji iri ku mdc asi chete vanenge vachirwa nechinokurira uye mdc kuhwina kunonetsa nokuti paimire chaipo vanhu vapashaya,yadambuka rungani kubva payavambwa.

  15. ipai vashandi mari dzavo december hamuna kuvapa mabonus avo since february no salary issues of party factionalism should not affect yr workers please remenber is a labour party remember.we have been relatively informed some of the staff are being paid 70 dollars p/mnth.makazvitangirei kana manga yr dues or you will face labour dispute.

  16. MDC-T don’t just say you want local funding and not tell us those who want to donate were to go. Give use the Ecocash, Textacash, Telecash and banking details and take it from there. Advertise to inform people who want to help their party. This i put as a challenge to the MDC-T, tipeyi madetails cause $1 by 1000000 equals $1000000 and that will go a long way in running the peoples party

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