Video: Chaos at public hearing


There was chaos at Ambassador Hotel in Harare Wednesday when a Parliamentary Public Hearing on the Electoral Amendment Bill was aborted halfway due to lack of the minimum required quorum by MPs.


The public hearing – being conducted by the Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Portfolio Committee – had to stop due to the requirement that at least three MPs should be present to form a quorum.

Initially seven MPs were present, but halfway through the meeting they started to trickle out forcing chairperson, Harare West legislator Jessie Majome, to call the meeting off.

Members of the public became very angry when Harare South MP Shadreck Mashayamombe left, leaving Majome without a quorum to continue.

“He is irresponsible and lacks seriousness! He should be voted out in 2018,” said the angry people who had gathered at the hotel for the meeting.



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    • Muza do not diplay your ignorance and partisanship in not knowing what is happening in Zimbabwe.You mean you do not know that there is public Hearing Commitee moving around gathering information on some bill to be amended.So do not be of lesser knowledge.

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  5. Yes guys walk out on Majome because she is not normal but a spirit from the seas. She dead evil.

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