‘Tsvangirai’s presidency unchallenged’

Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T acting secretary-general Tapuwa Mashakada yesterday told party supporters in Harare that party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s presidency would not be contested when they go to congress in October.


Addressing some 2 000 supporters at a campaign rally in Glen View, Harare, Mashakada said they were lobbying the party’s Electoral College to retain Tsvangirai “until he has landed at State House”.

Mashakada’s remarks confirmed claims by the breakaway faction led by “fired” secretary-general Tendai Biti and ex-deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma that Tsvangirai was not yet ready for leadership renewal.

Yesterday, Tsvangirai, his deputy Thokozani Khupe, chairman Lovemore Moyo, party national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa and spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora among others, did not attend the rally, but were expected to address an MDC-T rally on Sunday.

“We will not remove him [Tsvangirai] as the party president if he has not been given a chance to go to State House,” Mashakada said.

“He has gone through a lot for the party. He was tortured, beaten and a lot of bad things were done to him. We should give him a chance to govern this country for a maximum of two terms as required by the Constitution.

That is the agreement we have in the MDC-T. We are going to Congress to come up with a leadership that supports Tsvangirai.”

Over the past few months, the MDC-T has been rocked by serious internal fights centred around Tsvangirai’s continued stay at the helm of the opposition party with other top officials openly challenging him to step down.

Mangoma set the ball rolling in February when he wrote to Tsvangirai advising him to pass on the leadership baton. This, however, did not go down well with Tsvangirai and other party activists, leading to Mangoma’s physical assault by suspected party members.
Mangoma was eventually suspended from the main opposition party, but Biti intervened and denounced the move as ultra vires the party’s constitution.
Biti and Mangoma later teamed up with other disgruntled officials and “suspended” Tsvangirai and other top party lieutenants before Tsvangirai turned the tables on Mangoma, Biti and their followers.
Mashakada yesterday also urged MDC-T supporters to stage mass protests against the Zanu PF government’s failed leadership.
“We should not remain calm if we don’t want Zanu PF to rule until the next elections in 2018,” he said.
The former Economic Planning minister in the government of national unity said his party would only participate in a national plebiscite superintended by the United Nations under an enabling electoral environment.


  1. I beg to differ with you Mashakada this is not the type of set up that we need for this country Tsvangirai’s chance is up and its time for him to go.

  2. Why should he not be challenged?Is it not molding a dictator to be. MDC claims to be masters of democracy,what has changed ?Elias has come out in the open through the media that he want to challenge for the presidency ikozvino with these reports of imposition akutovharirwa panze.Why should he not be challenged in a democratic society?Vanototya kuti vakada kumu challenger vanorohweswa

  3. 8-)Dikiteta ko anogonzi atonge nekuti akarohwa saka Zanu Pf inekodzero yekutonga nekuti iyo nezapu vakasunungura nyika vakazonbatana kuva pati one saka Zanu Pf tongai forever.

  4. So Tsvangirai will be unanimously endorsed jst like Mugabe. This shows that the party supporters love him 2 the bone marrow, contrary 2 some biased reports by Newsday & the Herald wc support the renewal team 2 further their interests of dividing my party again.

  5. Movement for despotic change =mdc. The democracy mantra was imposed on them by their donors/founders in the west but dont believe in it. Mdc was parroting the democracy mantra in order to get funding but after being placed on the sanctions list they have decided to show their true colours as stated by Mashakada

  6. Knowing MDCs as we do, there will be no congress! Kunotodiwa ZNA to stop the war that is certain to erupt. Mark my words.

  7. Mdc-movement 4 delusional change u disappoint the nation a lot. Today u fight one man cause he cant pass button for 34 yrs and next day u say a man who has led u for 15 yrs cant pass it either. Assuming he ‘wins’ in 2018 though unlikely he would then totally be in charge for 29 yrs given the two terms u want to give him- mashakada and crew u are either insane or real bootlickers. To hell with all ya

  8. I think it is better to call Biti and his renewal team MDC members and Tsvangirai and his kitchen cabinet mere followers. It has been strongly proven that those who are behind him are just followers of him and that him too is just a follower of his foreign masters. Pple who cant challenge anything even when it is wrong cant be democratic and thats why Welshmen and Biti have left him and more reasoning pple will follow.

  9. Where have you seen people changing an opposition leader before they take office . Morgan came after Helen Zile but she still leads DA , Michael Sata stayed until he unseated Banda in Zambia and I think Morgan should stay vanokara power ngavaite party yavo and lets see if they win . Can you just change leader because someone is hungry for power and they don’t have grass roots support . Chamisa could even have support more than the renewal team combined in Zimbabwe . People should just be patient if they are serious about politics but if they need to run their Law Firms , let them do so and leave politics to politicians.

  10. hate simba those who want, but he is genuine. iwe mashakada if u a saying ‘we’ meaning u and who before u go to the people wobva washaya kuziwa kuti zviri kumbo famba sei.

  11. what we need as supporters is to see Zanu pf beeing toppled and our only hope is tsvangirai. He only wants to win and resign. Noone is mugabes match besides tsvangson, even zanu knows that

  12. india’s opposition party has delievered the result. Biti, Mangoma and the break away party has clear lessons to learn from Indians. the issue is not about being connected with financial supporters its just about having a just cause ie the Zimbabweans. Candidates for change and democray are time tested. Take your history lessons seriously Biti. You have been perverted and now lost. No Zimbabwean will buy in to such child play. We know what we want. CHANGE, A NEW ZIMBABWE with dignity restored.

  13. Tsvangirai is strong énough to face any succésion candidate thts y they want him down. via e renewal project. anyone who want him away is lost. let him starrt e MDC time. he is e one with suporrt. Mangoma Biti or Mudzuri ar not know beyond Hre or urban voters.

  14. Fools are obsessed with fighting Tsvangirai as if he is governing Zimbabwe. No guys,fight the person or gvt which has destroyed the country. The struggle is still far from being won but some pple are already fighting for positions in the opposition.Please we are not worried about Tsvangirai’s presidency for now.Let us cross over to real freedom first & fight later if need be. All those who claim that Tsvangirai should pass on the leadership to someone else now are simply being selfish or they are enemies of the struggle.These pple have proved beyond doubt that they have
    absolutely nothing to offer but just cry for power for its sake. They wrongly advised Tsvangirai so they could later
    accuse him of failing. It is terrible hypocricy for Tsvangirai’s detractors to pretend that MDC-T was ever a one man
    party for all these years. That is why Biti & company cannot win the hearts of the ordinary pple.
    We cannot change leadership only for the convenience of the power hungry & traitors. We need unity of purpose & should learn to correct each in our own house peacefully. Introspection in MDC-T after July 31 needed all the top leadership collectively,Biti & company included.

  15. MORGIZA is the face of the opposition in Zimbabwe. Those calling for renewal now have a hidden agenda.Tsvangirayi ,we are solidly behind you isu POVO.

  16. Don’t fool us Biti&company.You are not for our struggle.You are only interested in money&power. Leave us alone with Tsvangirai who is serious about our cause.We know he is NOT perfect but you are much worse. You deliberately gave him wrong advice so you could fight him.He genuinely trusted you but now you stab him at the back.But surely
    you have betrayed the people of Zimbabwe. Yes, team up with whoever you choose but the people’s struggle will go on without your clandestine,poor strategies.

    Some idiots say MDC-T has no ideology: But is looting&corruption an ideology? MDC-T has a justified cause while looting,thuggery,degrees in violence&corruption collectively seem to be the trade mark of the ruling party.By the way who employs ghost workers?

  17. Mufana we Bikini,you are spot on. We can’t give ZANU PF a weak opponent as the cry of their followers..
    The renewal team is total disaster.

  18. may all of you tsvangirai bootlickers explain to us how exactly tsvangirai is going to win an election aganist the zanu pf military dictatorship assited by nikuv?

    how exactly?

    i am made to believe that the results of the next four elections are already known and mdc is only getting 23% of the vote.

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