Tsvangirai: The drama king of our politics

Some people live dramatic lives and sometimes one wonders how their lives are scripted.

Develop Me Tapiwa Gomo

Once he got on to the political podium, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has never ceased to be a reliable provider of news content.

Not even the rainbow-swirl lollipop nor the chameleon can be as colourful and demonstrate the level of capriciousness that match the equivalence of this, one of our own and only Tsvangirai.

It was somewhere around 1998 when I first met him. I was a student then together with some of the comrades who are now fulltime employees of the political confusion that has eroded the hopes of our country.

Then he was carrying out consultative meetings with civil society groups in Chitungwiza on the prospects of launching a party.  One thing I remember very well was that while the prospects of a party looked prolifically lucrative given the widespread anger over plummeting living conditions in Zimbabwe, he sounded hesitant to devour a glaring opportunity.

It was also clear that pressure inundated him from different angles. Zimbabweans across the divide were crying for an alternative after almost two decades of an impoverishing Zanu PF rule. Workers had suffered enough; commercial farmers were on the verge of a catastrophe, as a student my grant was being washed away by inflation and the economy was nosediving.

What was there to wait for? To his advantage Zanu PF were as gullible as to offer Tsvangirai the barometer to test his power. He called for a stay away, the whole nation responded. And that must have tingled titillation in his newly found political ego.

Donors came calling with bowls of cash and conditions. Western governments too weighed in, decorating Tsvangirai as a symbol of democracy, change and justice.

They made him an idol of anything that Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe was not. In Zanu PF’s view, the MDC as a people project was turned into a puppet project and we were fed to that propaganda.

Whether by design or default his stature or may be a collusion of emotions of anything and everything that bore anger with Zanu PF became attracted to Tsvangirai. Groups of varying, sometimes inimical ideological positions concocted into a political party glued by convenience and common cause of removing Zanu PF than relevance or the bigger picture.

The MDC became a big structure and yet synthetically weak. Since its formation, it has been clear that removing Zanu PF from power was central in its policy narrative. That cacophony of policies was marked by a dearth of ideas on how the country would move forward in the hands of an MDC government.

Time would prove that short-sighted projects are not long lasting. Fifteen year down the line, more than ten elections on our sleeves, Zanu PF is still in power. The constituencies that used to give Tsvangirai the oomph were fast getting fed up, peeling off the ranks of what used to be a dream project.

At takeoff, Lovemore Madhuku and his National Constitutional Assembly opted to be a standing passenger, ready to alight at the first meander. Next to jump ship was Munyaradzi Gwisai and his International Socialist Organisation.

His was a conundrum of ideological suffocation in a political choir that sang the “Mugabe must go” chorus which chimed with his soul and yet differed with his ideological subscription.

The 2005 split of the MDC marked the watershed in the life of the party, revealing bare the crisis of ideological differences and how they manifested into identities.

The MDC and MDC-T were born, with one perhaps carrying the traits of its leader.

Despite these tumultuous times, there is no doubt that Tsvangirai held many people’s hopes, not because he was capable but because he was the only person to date to dent the Zanu PF arrogance. Perhaps that is the reason why most people of Zimbabwe are heartbroken, because they never hoped for a better future but for the removal of Zanu PF.

In as many elections, they gave him votes, he took the lead but he never won any of them, including in his own village. And Zimbabwe suffered lack of attention. We were a lonely nation as the focus was on elections.

Even today, as the MDC-T has just granted Zanu PF leave through the current crisis, they still speak elections, congress, 2018. It is never policies to get the country forward.

As for Tsvangirai today, he must be feeling lonely in his inner self. Everyone close to him has left him.

In addition to those who have dumped him politically, he has not recovered from the loss of his wife, Susan.

The ensuant stories suggest a troubled romantic life. The fissure between him and Tendai Biti don’t look reparable. Madhuku and Welshman would rather have political breakfast with Biti than Tsvangirai. The next election may be too far to start worrying about but whose faces will be on the ballot papers, but it is indeed a pertinent question.


  1. Nonsense dont make confusion asi watumwa na biti.

    1. i think ashely u are the one confuzed ko gomo arikuonaka zvikuitika muMDC I think he is was a ful time MDC suppter just like me. Iwewe maybe Wakazotanga kusapota MDC manjemanje ndosaka ukusarwadziwa na Morgan . truely speaking MOrgan anorwadzisa

      1. Izvozvo ndozvamuri kuonera moto neZANU PF, because they will forever say makazoberekwa after 1980. Yenge mhosva kusppter MDC imi makutoisuppter. Saka isu takazozvarwa after its formation totanga zvedu here?

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  2. this is Biti’s wording…

  3. Drama king ndi Biti ari mubhazi…………………..

    1. Correct, this person is sent by the confused and unpopular Biti. They are unwise to thinkl that they are popular and not knowing that it is the presence and leadership of Save, Dr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai (the Brand of the MDC). No Tsvangirai no opposition politics in Zimbabwe

    2. munhu wese ari mubhazi

  4. shadreck maregedze

    Iwe ndiwe drama racho.Tsvangirai is not alone sekufunga kwako.Am sure u must be living in dreamland.Naiyowo News Day kushayawo zvekuburitsa mu paper.Iwe nana Biti vako you have just given us the renewed energy to support our party and our president all the way.

  5. this episode makes him much stronger after comon sense sugest that Biti is being used. since he became Gonos lawyer life has never been the same. Tsvan is a feared man to tusle it with a new Zanu candidate wen Mugab pas e button to just abt anyone. Mujur Mbangagw eveñ Gono

  6. nonsense watumwa here. tofa tichienda naye tsvangson hatimuzive mbiti ndewezanu. Save tinemi chamisa bhora mberi

  7. what drama hatiudzwe izvozvo isu viva Tsvangirai viva

  8. Morgan has tried its only he lacks leadership qualities. A large following he has as compared to Biti, i advise that he be seeking guidence from Chamisa. it sounds Nelson is more mature and resolute than this old boy.

    1. Guys it is not MT’s lack of leadership which lost the elections, we lost because ZanuPf has a formidable power base in all institutions including in the opposition parties without that ZanuPf would be history by now. Go for Biti tione zvichabuda 2018. The only coalation which may stand is to join ZanuPF yacho kwete those small parties they will come to nought, imagine joining 20 supporters of Weslh, 16 of Mavambo and 50 for Biti to form a formidable opposition party ndaseka hangu. Fine Morgan has never said he does not want to go but he cannot go jsut because a member has written him a letter to go, no, call for congress and remove him oramba toziva kuti haade.

  9. whatever the case might be,i wll stand by mogi.vana newsday u r part of biti’s project.why always giving him some space n yr newspaper and attacking tsvangirai always.nxa

  10. vanhu vakadzidza vanonetsa.they thnk tht intelligence and wisdom zvakafanana.dnt thnk the so called professors wl deliver us tu the land of canaan.NO!all wht we need are pple like morgan.frm a humble begining(hanzi akamboita tea boy,dnt kno much abt tht)to where he is nw,aaa i like this guy.go morgan go!

  11. Soon to be drama queen,lol.His dictatorial tendencies have made him lose all those who left MDC not by their will bt due to their democratic beliefs

  12. While Develop Me Tapiwa Gomo was drafting his opinion piece, which he is entitled to, The MDC-T Masvingo was busy filling up the gaps that have been left by those who have desserted the party.

    Morgan Richard Tsvangirai is not alone in this, he has the majority of Zimbabweans behind him. The majority Zimbabweans know very well that Tsvangirai is not to blame for this, and my projection is that Tsvangirai will finally take over as President in 2018, or whenever the elections are held.

    In 2005 Professor Welshman Ncube, the late Gibson Sibanda and others left the same way to form their own party, and the MDC-T went on to beat Zanu PF in 2008. History will repeat itself. Morgan is More!

    Mark my words.

    1. Remember its Tsvangirayi who Left, others followed a rebel and they then turned round and announced that their are the legitimate ones. Don’t be fooled I was there.

  13. KkkkkKi perennial losers machinja are a funny lot, their loyalty in a dead donkey pitiful. I feel sorry for the lot!

  14. What has bewitched Zimbabweans to so blindly follow leaders without challenging or questioning capacity & seeing weaknesses before they explode. Mugabe was hero-worshipped like this in the 80s despite problems in Matebeleland & Willowgate scandals. Now we should know better than hero worship ANYONE. Not Mugabe, Not Morgan, Not Welshman not Biti but a strong system that will produce & control wayward leaders, leaving power with the electorate. In ZanuPF, they are beholden to Mugabe while in MDC-T its Tsvangirai. Surely we deserve better that such weak structures that are unable to change leaders at will. We deserve the leaders we have.

  15. chokwadi wekumafuta

    dont be stupid you fool. Tht article is preposterous! The worst of them all! Of course its written in an opinion column of the paper. And what you have written should presumably count as an opinion…BUt hell no this doesnt qualify as an opinion..if it were, we would have left you to the entitlemnt of what your grey matter and ganglia could process. However, you have shown to the world what really happens when immaturity meets insanity! For the record, TSvangirai has never lost no election.. All were rigged! dont try to put a bit of your personal history in tryin to portray your background ties wth Tsvangirai… Dude you are a failure! You wish it were you in his shoes! And for the record, we dont support TSvangirai.. We support the cause and we are against anything or any1 trying to derail the steaming courier to our freedom! MDC-T cannot be destroyed by mad individuals like you and Mbiti who have bird droppings in place of brains…Its a pples’ revolution..the existence of the pple will ensure its existence.. It will live on until the freedom has been given to the pple…ALUTA CONTINUA!!!!!!! AHOYI!!!!

    1. what revolution are yu talking about little boy. yu think praise singing Tvsangirai is revolution. stop your delusion boy.

  16. What a reaction from the MT lot.This is an opinion.a personal opinion from this Gomo boy and all the mad people from the mad man’s party become even more mad.one fool tells Gomo that MT has never lost an election.Another fool then questions why Gomo gave a brief history of how things and events hav been unfolding in Mdc.Yet another fool blasts the paper for publishing this article.The day that Gomo was analysing events in ZPF all those who made comments agreed these were great brains and encouraged him to write more.they said this guy was very reasonable and objective.Today the same has become bad and all other terms used ti describe someone asingafunge.His only sin is that in’anga yabata mai.in the shona culture n’anga or muporofita anoona is the one anobata muroi agara achifungirwa. Zvino zvamunoramba chokwadi kudai zano munoriwanepi.zuva rekwenyu rinobuda riini? Ko muchadziidza sei manje?anyway, Gomo, MDC is that kamombe kakaonda .the family shall forever remain in poverty.kwedu kwaSvosve tinozorera vanhu vakadai chiropa tovaisa pamasvosve varumwe!

  17. How were the elections rigged ???
    How come you say Welshman lost when they were rigged?
    Why does tsvangi always continue to lose support and confidence from the people closest to him including his village & relatives?

    Just asking

  18. i would love tsvangirai in holywood than in politics,definately he would grabe the Oscar.Poster
    steamy relationships and action

    he suits james bond

  19. Kuti Morgan ndokuti more.We are behind you Save forever.Project yana Mbiti iyi has failed.

  20. Hero worshipping cannot take anyone anywhere!The party must be bigger than an individual not the hogwash being said by those praying MRT!!. So if he were to die mdc t is also dead???Tibvirei apo

  21. Very stupid article. Tsvangirai & mdc proved their relevance during the GNU by the way things improved in the country then. Its either u are blind or u hav a very short memory to forget that. And without mdc in govt for just 10 months look where we are now

  22. makauraiwa ne system yu fools evr1 knows kuti they rigged ma election, we saw it with our naked eyes,places like Mufakose some kombis ferry yuts offering 20dollas vachiendwa navo dzimwe nzvimbo nomatter kuti unosapota bato ripi even vanga vasina ma id,zvinhu zvachozvakanga zvisina kana kana stratege unonzwa mumwe onongotaura shame stereki

  23. Taura hako Tatenda i wonder why some dont think kutadza kuona zviri pamaziso

  24. Tsvangison will be lonely for not having breakfast with Welshman, Madhuku and Biti? What a laugh! You guys at AMH are really desperate arent you? Who are those guys on the political landscape of Zimbabwe? How many Parly seats does Ncube’s party and Madhuku’s have? How would Tsvangison benefit from having breakfast with with such political misfits? No, Mr. Reporter, your Ncube and Biti are already isolated by Zimbabweans, not Morgiza. Zimbabweans dont think much of those losers, believe me, despite all your attempts to spruce them up while insulting Save. Have you ever wondered why the Herald, Sunday Mail, ZBC, ZTV, CIO, ZANU PF and Alpha Media Holdings hate and villify him every day? Because he is a hundred times more a man than Ncube, Bit, Madhuku and Bob combined.

    1. grandiso state

      wakapenga!hard facts

  25. hapana kana zvawanyora shaa. Morgan is the face of the struggle whether his zip is open or not….anodiwa mhani kkkkk

  26. “revealing bare the crisis of ideological differences and how they manifested into identities.” Please help, which ideologies does Madhuku hold that is different from Tsvangirai’s ideology? Which ideology or ideals does Biti stand for that is different from Tsvangirai, I’m lost. This abuse of the word ideology is just too much!!!!

    Study the ideologies espoused in all Zimbabwean parties’ constitutions and you will realise its just the same!!! What differs are just morals mainly and other actions can best be defined by greed. How has Welshman so far confronted Zanu PF differently than Tsvangirai? How will Madhuku confront Zanu PF differently from what Tsvangirai is currently doing? How will Biti do things differently from Morgan….I haven’t seen anything to suggest that these gentlemen will do anything differently, they all talk about new strategies, has anyone heard of one?

  27. yu knw many wl try to divide de leader n his pipo bt Mr Tsvangirai deserve to lead Zim..nt a politician bt he is mc mo advanced politically.

  28. this is a misguided article bend on tarnishing the image of MRT.How can one be lonely by not havin Biti(traitor),Ncube(c.i.o.),madhuku(incompetant fool) in his circle,writer please you can fool the reader but you cant fool the struggle

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  30. Wezhira Wezhara

    Can we have an honest and open critique of Morgan without b,ringing in Mugabe,Welshman,Biti,Madhuku or anyone else??? Or is that what his supporters fear kuti we will see him as he truly is?

  31. kana vanhu musinganyatsonzwisisa politics munofanira kudzidza kubva kunevamwe. Though l have respect to Biti’s intellectual capacity ,l feel sorry for his erratic political lunacy. Biti was and has always been a problem child hindering MDC ‘s entrance to state house . of your memory don’t betray you you should remember that Biti left with Ncube way back in 2005 only to be bought by Bennett to come back to the people ‘s struggle.When Lindiwe said Biting and Mangoma were behaving like vakuwasha at the negotiating forum with ZANU pf she was not playing games. This duet can do everything for money ,Biti anepurazi nemaMansions asi akauya kuMdc achigera ndebvu nereza. Last but not least Gomo should visit a neurologist today be oz tomorrow will be to late as for Love more and l think their first name is Professor ,it seems they never attained primary education-they are to primitive and belong to a psychiatric ward.

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  33. grandiso state

    1) This episode, of the Biti clumsy rebellion, is effectively exposing the hidden side of Tendai Biti.
    Honestly, we all didn’t know he could be this stupid, confused and contradictory.
    It’s really unbelievable.
    After pretending to have been uninvolved and reported to have even acted as a peace broker between Tsvangirai and Mangoma, Biti eventually removed the mask, making a fool of himself – if fact,dangerous hypocrite.
    Then, having claimed to have ‘saved the party’ by purportedly suspending Tsvangirai and the other leaders, now we have a new version.
    Biti now reveals they will have a new party, symbol and so forth soon, adding that his current antics and lies are ‘strategic’.
    Therefore, effectively implying that he was knowingly posturing and lying about having ‘saved the party’ etc. As well as that he keeps on lying for ‘strategic’ reasons.
    This same man wrote a letter of lies and fiction to parliament, wanting to misguide it, again, for ‘strategic’ reasons.
    Ohhh no, this is a tragedy of scandalous proportions.
    Please, someone help Biti before he starts walking naked

  34. grandiso state

    “This movement, the renewal movement, is in its formative stages. We are in that transition where we have to hold on to the name MDC for certain strategic reasons. MDCT has failed so we need another alternative which is what we are offering and let the people judge us” Biti at his rally attended by 59 people in their stronghold Manicaland. This is a man who as Secretary General was in charge of crafting MDCT manifestos and strategies, but who says that the party failed and want people to believe that he is not the one who failed but Tsvangirai did. TENDAI BITI

  35. Washaya zvekunyora. Dofo nyaya yako hauna musoro

  36. mr editor what a u trying to prove? i dont trust these interlectuals

  37. ladies n gentleman,,,,,pamusoroi. Remember what happened in the previous election; biti akatozofonerwa akarara kumba kwake kuti kuno kune mabhazi ari kuunza vanhu thats when he came to the scene. We can never have a leader anovata nezamu mukanwa kudaro,dai pasina that 4n call angadai akaruza that seat..Looking at mdc as a whole vakatadza ku campaigner zvavo vachingoti haa vanhu vanotida zanu pf vakaona moto neku campaigner and they won the election,myb kubirira or whateva bt they played their part in winning the election. What’s needed now is a political party isingade zve inclusive bt vanoda kutonga vega cz that government made ana tsvangirai kuti vatambarare vachikanganwa chinangwa chavo..ndatenda hangu

  38. Biti is one guy never to be trusted. He was handed over the Mt Pleasant seat shortly after ZANU had been declared winner. He then went on to represent former R.B.Z. Governor who is suspiciously touted to take over the reigns in ZANU. He also openly praised the “bhora mugedhi” manifesto of ZANU PF. He was the chief negotiator in the referendum and the GNU. He was in the forefront when it came to campaigning for elections. This man sold out and he is to blame for the situation we find ourselves in today. Open your eyes people.

  39. Hapana zvawanyora. The titlle of the story is quite misleading

  40. Biti haungaibisi ZANU zvinotoda Save izvi

  41. the psychoanalyst

    well written parody befitting of this comic like newspaper.
    a politician of nervous disposition (if such still exist) may experience a biti of bowel movement by this !!

  42. Pple the cause shld b grtr thn the person thts the mo reason why whn we hav dfrnces we solve thm we dnt run away or strt throwng insults we shld grow up iv olwys hrd Tsvangirai sayn lets wait 4 congress z tht nt the ryt chanel?if one prsn feels its engh thn lets takit 2 the pple…z tht nt democratic engh why split why cause trouble if u kno the pple r on ur syd…somthn z fishy

  43. Supporting the rebels amounts to be supporting power hungry people. Biti and his brother Welshman think we Zimbabweans are not educated. Remember Welshman wanted to take power using Zuma because his daughter was married to Zuma family Mugabe read this and he sidelined him. Now he has no following he wants to use Biti to get the people from Tsvangirai . These guys are intellectually broke. Rather vote for a baboon than to support Biti and Welshman Ncube. Vachaita saMutambara .

  44. It is sad to see that the very newspaper that supported Tsvangirai and sang the rigging song after elections is turning on the man. What happened to loyalty? Wait, I know the answer, for the whores of journalism, governance and politics, their loyalty is only in cash. Go on, sing for your supper, write what baas Bennet tells you to write.

    To burn your own house down to save it is foolishness, as it is to sabotage and destroy Zimbabwe’s economy to save Zimbabwe is sheer folly! The ones who cried ‘tongai tione’ are now at each other’s throats for the love of money. Unobva watoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei?

    Viva Zimbabwe, never again will rhodies enjoy privilege at the expense of us all.

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