Tsvangirai calls for action

EMBATTLED opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday urged youths to take action to pressurise President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF government to address the economic challenges facing the country.


Addressing workers at the Workers’ Day celebrations at Gwanzura Stadium in Harare yesterday, Tsvangirai said his long history in the labour movement had taught him that Zanu PF would never address the free-falling economy unless action was not taken.

“I believe in action,” said Tsvangirai. “Maybe I am old now to do that. You, the youths, should wake up and act. Nothing will be addressed without action.”

Tsvangirai was the secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) prior to the formation of the MDC in 1999.

He led several mass actions, particularly stayaways, against the Mugabe government, but failed to dislodge the 90-year-old leader.

The opposition leader said Zimbabweans should not allow Mugabe to turn the country into “Zanu PF Pvt Ltd”, saying the country belonged to

Tsvangirai’s call for action comes at time his party youths recently failed to mobilise for mass action to pressure the Zanu PF government to deliver on its last year election promise of creating over two million jobs.

The demonstration had been planned by youths, most of them university graduates, who have failed to secure formal jobs as the economy continues to collapse after Zanu PF’s electoral victory in July last year.

But Mugabe in his Independence Day speech last month threatened to deal ruthlessly with lawlessness.

Tsvangirai said Zanu PF promised over two million jobs, but a year on after the “stolen” elections, the opposite had prevailed as more companies had closed down throwing over 10 000 workers out of formal employment.

Presently, Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate is estimated to be hovering above 80 %.

The ZCTU says over 100 companies have closed shops and over 10 000 workers have been laid off since a single face government was sworn in last August, ending the five-year-old inclusive government between Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Welshman Ncube.

Tsvangirai said under Mugabe, Zimbabweans had been plagued by severe economic hardships.

“Nowadays, everyone is an informal worker. Companies are closing down and graduates are facing a bleak future,” Tsvangirai said.

The former Premier brushed aside the internal fights currently rocking his party, describing them as a shortlived turbulence and called on people to focus on the national crisis.

Tsvangirai on Tuesday “fired” his party’s secretary-general Tendai Biti and 10 MPs for staging a palace coup against him.

This was four days after Biti announced that he had “suspended” his boss together with other officials sympathetic to Biti over charges of subverting the party’s constitution.

After Tsvangirai’s address, popular musician Leonard Zhakata took to the stage and thrilled the workers with his hit song, Mugove, which is a tribute to diligent workers who are not paid enough despite their effort.

ZCTU secretary-general Japhet Moyo said the economic situation had worsened since Mugabe took sole control of government.

He said Zanu PF’s economic blueprint, Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset), was silent on how it would address the plight of workers.

Meanwhile, police yesterday blocked the Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) from holding parallel May Day celebrations at the Harare Gardens, saying the venue had already been booked by organisers of the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa).

In a letter dated May 1, Police Officer Commanding Harare Central District, Chief Superintendent Newbert Saunyama, said he could not sanction the PTUZ event as it would disrupt Hifa activities.

“My office, however, regrets to inform you that the commemorations have not been approved as they cannot be held at the Harare Gardens because the venue is already booked for Hifa activities,” Saunyama said.

PTUZ national co-ordinator Ladistous Zunde said they only received the communication just before their commemorations kicked off.

“They said we should find an alternative venue and then apply to them again so that they can clear us, but at the moment Saunyama said he is tied up in a Hifa meeting and cannot attend to us,” Zunde said.

PTUZ lawyer Jeremiah Bamu said the police action was unlawful.

“Even Hifa (organisers) did not object to the plans. The letter which does not even make reference to any law and the order is in contravention of Section 65 of the new Constitution which guarantees labour rights. The rights are still being denied,” he said.

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  1. Tsvangirai lamented his biggest mistake as a leader was following democratic principles in the absence of action.
    Something that Zpf exploits.
    He encouraged future youthful leaders to take it to the streets and not be taken for granted for it was their lives directly affected.

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      1. I have previously been warned that similar sites are infact scams.How genuine is this one?Personally,have you earned money working on the mentioned site and does Zimbabwe qualify or is it for overseas countries?

        1. Jeru the Damager

          You must be a little slow. These spam posts are actually done by automated programs, not individually by a person.

      2. Jeru the Damager

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  2. so long as all the mdc-t bigwigs’ and all their children and relatives are present during the protests neni il be there.if they are not there then neni i wont be there.

    1. Fully agreeed Smal Fact

  3. Sour fruits from a loser. If Tsvangirai had won what could he have done by now with his juice? The old fashioned rhetoric you you you! When he cannot even organize his party executive what about the whole country? Shameless and faceless dictator. Iri Amin. No lies will turn into the nation’ darling. You want people to be arrested while you will be in hiding in Highlands. Wanyangira yaona. Since political violence and demonstrations begun how many of your children have been beaten or arrested? But other people’ children iweka!

    1. MichellWMiller (@MichellWMiller)

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  4. Tsvangirai is 100% correct. Zpf are nothing but a handful of overstayed rulers abusing state machinery to oppress freedom hungry Zimbabweans.
    Dont be surprised the day they shall meet a matching barrel everyone will desert them like what Libyans did to Gaddafi.
    People want indepence and freedom.

  5. Tsvangirai is 100% correct. Zpf are nothing but a handful of overstayed rulers abusing state machinery to oppress freedom hungry Zimbabweans.
    Dont be surprised the day they shall meet a matching barrel everyone will desert them like what Libyans did to Gaddafi.
    People want indepence and freedom..

  6. Jambanja ndizvo.
    Harahwa dzakutofarisa zvekubvisa vanhu mu voters roll.
    I hate Zpf.

  7. The majority of Zimbabweans dont share Tsvangirai’s concerns on the economic chaos that is why they voted for ZANU-PF. There is no suffering in this country people have become richer under ZANU-PF ,how do you explain the fact that one Zimabwean could even afford to buy a property in South Africa for r180million rand. Ministers and army officers have become instant millionaires:just ask Obert Mpofu and Ignatiius Chombo. So what is Morgan’s concerns.

    People chose to vote for Mugabe because he delivers for the CHEFS!!

    I for one wish the economy to deteriorate further!1Surely how could the majority vote for a party that has failed over thirty years!! Our people need to feel the pinch so they realise the folly of BHORA MUGEDHE!!. I will not be party of any demonstration let the majority suffer that is our choice !!!

  8. Thanks save, you at least showed you are concerned unlike Bob, Mbiti, Ncube and Mangoma. we are behind you. We are suffering becausing of directionless people and sellots like Bob and biti

  9. Zanu pf is busy editing the Voters roll so it resembles zpf cells register by relocating those peceived to be mdc and banning registration in areas peceived to be mdc, whilst issuing free voter slips to those attending zpf meetings.
    The rest of Zimbabweans are left in the cold to dream of democracy. Yet we claim to have democracy.
    Action is needed

    1. AnnTWhite (@AnnTWhite1)

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  10. Dont worry.
    The recipe for action is soon browing now that
    1. Teachers no longer have incentives
    2. The Zim dollar is returning.

  11. Morgan wants to rule at any cost.but remmember GOD is stil in charge and HE is responsible,(psalms 75; 6,7)let it be known that any action without the approval of GOD will bound to fail just like ” final push” did.Its only GOD who can serve this country and not the so called “ACTIONS.”ACCUSATIONS AND LIES CANNOT MAKE ONE A BETTER RULER.if ever GOD wanted tsvangirai to rule and serve this country GOD could have done that long back.the fact that he always sing about “stolen election”means GOD has not yet approved him, for nothing is impossible with GOD.

  12. Tsvangirai is right.
    He is now too old to lead a revolution yet there are millions of energetic youths remain unemployed hoping for the uncoming death of a dictator.

  13. @tsotsi yo love for the incubency is not in doubt but yo failure to appreciate the options available is astonishing. Manifestos don’t work like clocks do they? Would u rather be stuck with pure solid failure as perfected by Zpf or have new leadership that lends itself to the people?

  14. Pliz not again. However if tsvangirai, his wives, chamisa, khupe, mwonzora, bhebhe and moyo leads these demonstrators, definitely pple like myself will join. Pasina izvozvo vamwe endai especially the generation that never experience this lyf. Actually it failed when more pple were still interested around the late 90s.

  15. vanhu vakavhotera tsvangi bt mugabe akaba ma elections. zi dafi remdara nemazunguzurwa aro e Zpf. mazivanhu asina hanya nevamwe. iwe sam tsuro kana uri vamwe vevari ku looter usafunge tose tinofarira kurarama nekuba. we eant jobs.

  16. @LUVTORY u e very stupid! Do u think e Libyian people are happy? No! they e suffering those ple better find another example. Toranai iwe, tsvangirayi naNkiwane muite demo yacho muone kuti police inoita ‘party’ nemi sei ? Mind u kune manew recruits achiri kuda to test their ability to force law& order. Lol!!!.

  17. tanga wanogara kustate house naEriza ,hanti wakahwinha here.ko isu tisina kana kuhwinha tofirei vakahwinha vachiramba kuenda kunogara kudzimba dzavo.Monday utore briefcase uende kubasa kustate house

  18. tsvangirai wave kudakukuvadzisa vanhu manje.ndobasa racho ratiri kutsvaga tichishaya.tinokupayi size yenyu chaiyo.u ar a toothless snake.

  19. if tsvangs ever need demos we wld hev seen 1 by now.i blv he z enjoying hs life en is protecting himself by bribing fool zimbabweans

  20. You are right Tsvangirai action is required.When you called for the final push Zimbabwe could have been the first to remove a dictator ahead Tunnissia and Egypt.We can always start from zero to make it right.

  21. starvo machando

    Tichine mapenzi who subscribe to the law of the jungle.Kwanai how can one boast kuti munopiwa zvinhu zvenyu. Shame !Shame!Shame on you.We are not ,will never be bullied into submission .Never! Action against huori may be delayed but is imminent

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  23. stayaways crippled the economy and pushed workers into beggars.Sanctions crippled the country and pushed citizensi into the diaspoana.All in the name of tsvan4rai and democracy.Zimbos be careful!

  24. Action now? Because you are no longer prime minister. Why should action be taken only when you are out of government, Morgan? We now believe when you want “action”, you only want that to take you to government. When you were in government, why did you think it was okay for me to be unemployed? Why do you think being jobless is painful ONLY when Tsvangirayi is not part of government, and tolerable when he is in government?

    Find your own way to State House, Tsvangirayi. We are not fools, and we will not carry you there.

  25. ko vana vake vanenge varipo here. woda kuurayisa vana vevemwe.

  26. guys munhu anotanga kupenga muchiti ifani.this guy is state house crazy.he can do anything kuti apinde mustate house .find your own way teaboy.yu spent 5 years drinking tea with bob ,now you want to use the sons of zimbabwe to achieve your dream.Elizabeth ngaakubikire tea unwe wakagara kumba.Asi mari yawakapiwa nemabhunu yakapera here


  28. Action? What does that mean? Is he talking about street protests? Stay aways? If everyone is not employed, as Morgan claims, what will they be staying away from? Whom will they strike against if they have no jobs? Will the police, army and other civil servants join the jobless Morgan to protest against their employer? If it is Tunisia style street protests, who will be in the front line of these protests? Who will organize and who will lead? Who will benefit and who will lose? Who is stupid enough to make a push for the State House just because Morgan says so from the comfort of his government house in Highlands?

  29. Morgiza ndozvo. People who are now barking like mad dogs challenging Save Tsvangirai, could not even want to be seen supporting any opposition in open for fear of CIO but they are now on the fore front blaming him yet he sacrificed a lot. Anamucheka dzafa nyaraiwo .Just shut up or form your own party. Save formed a brand which Mbiti and Mangoma want to take advantage of. Manje hamulume!

  30. Can i plead with those in power that the removal of teachers incentives was ill timed.Civil servants strike always start with big schools and teachers were no longer interested in strike because parents payment of incentives.Can our authorities revisite this change for the sake of our children please.

  31. Hmm, tsvangison seems drunk, Ko, vana vake vanenge varipo here?
    His executive is disjointed, he must fire Chamisa for misleading him first,or accept Mbiti and Mangoma’s advice.

  32. It’s a bit late in the day for Tsvangirai to be calling for action against ZanuPF when he spent 5 years fast asleep in cabinet. The man did absolutely zero. Grasping at straws now. Seeking relevance. Bereft of any ideas. You had your time Tsvangirai now go away and get lost. It is not true to say Tsvangirai fired Biti when Biti suspended Tsvangirai to start with. Biti was the legitimate Secretary General of this useless party when he suspended Tsvangirai and Tsvangirai is doing is just spite, rearguard action. In a court of law and even common sense dictates that Biti will prevail in court against Tsvangirai because Biti was the legitimate Secretary General last week when he suspended Tsvangirai. What I don’t understand is how the MDCs expected to unseat ZanuPF by getting into bed with ZanuPF in the silly GNU? How was that supposed to work out? If anything the GNU strengthened ZanuPF hold on absolute power. Get lost Tsvangirai – you are a failed politician.

    1. I did not post the above nonsense – this son of strumpet who calls himself Musoan is using my name to post idiotic comments.

  33. Wezhira Wezhara

    Did University Graduates find jobs during GNU? How many formal jobs were created/lost during GNU?/
    Why do we act as if the economic meltdown started in July 2013 and yet we all know better? Why did Tsvangi not call for demos against the gvt when he was PM??? What did he do for workers when he was PM and should workers not judge him by his ACTIONS and not this empty rhetoric of trying to create a crisis so he can get back on gravy train with GNU2??? I really hope Zimbos are cleverer than that but then again Zimbos disappoint

  34. action long long overdue……gvt irikutoona kunge nyika isina kukwana mbavha dzinoba masikati machena kusanyara……action mbavha ngadzirove pasi…nxaaaaa

  35. Capetown KAPPA

    Mugabe turn Zimbabwe 2 downfall shame old man wake up Zimbabweans. ….


  37. economic crisis is the fetile ground for anarchy bt not now when thngz are relatively stable,african politiks z abaut bread and if ths z on the table forget abaut rioting especial nowadays its served wth a packet of biscuits,opposition shld be moved from capitalising on the economic emberasment to innovetiveness bringing bright ideas to ouster jazzy blue prints like zimaset, 51% thing thing .what z needed hear z shifting of areas of concern ,nhamo dza2000 dzasiyana nedza 2014

  38. tsvangirai z speakng on behalf of th unemployd youth nd if u r employd nd ur family z sitting pretty then dont worry bout wat he said..uyo anonzi tsotsi une personal natsvangirai dzei kunge anodya kumba kwenyu..newe musona wats th emotion for..tsvangirai dsnt nid u cz he hs enuf folowers nd a good lyf alrdy..nhamo inemi munotongozivikanwa nemhuri dzenyu chete nd u want to b relevant on th net..nxaa shame on u..tsvangirai cld nt fix in 5 yrs wat ws destroyd in 29 years so its shalowness nd stupidity to utter such nonsense..musona nd tsotsi dont try to b heroes by insultng a man who hv sacrificed hits lyf to fight th dictator fo betermnt of evn ur chldren nd ur small houses lyf..its tru that most pipo donv
    t luk stupid til they start tokng..tsotsi shame on u fo showng such hatred openly..akanyenga mai vako here..uri tsotsi zveshuwa bt pliz bira nekupengera kwawakaroiwa…

  39. George Phiri

    The major mistake was to allow the workers union to form a party as such workers are now valunerable, to unscrupulous employers, they are made to work for months without pay yet the union is fighting the government and can not stand alone to defend workers rights. COSATU in South Africa is working hand and glove with government which brought democracy to the people instead our ZCTU is eying to rule the country, yet it is failing to abitrate for the workers needs and concerns. Let us go back to the drawing board, dissociate ZCTU with politics of the day and concenrtate on workers rights.

  40. I’m now studying the reasoning behind Al Qaeda, Janjaweed, Renamo, Mai Mai, Boko Haram and IRA.

  41. Do you ever wonder why Tsvangirai is a loser. Its coz he is clueless. Do you think Ncube Mangoma and Biti are fools? No they are not.
    Tsvangirai says this but go on to do the opposite.
    2005 who refused maSenate elections and fired Ncube but then went on to contest.

    2014 who refused to hold an early congress but fires Biti/ Mangoma and announces the congress for October.
    5years in the government he did nothing to turnaround the economy. Tsvangirai seeks self satisfaction and complacency.
    JUICE. Juice what?
    Do you think vanhu vangasiya minda yavo ichienda here. Ko handi tinopona nekurima here. Who wants to go back kujecha kusina chinokura?
    They fought for this land and empowered us by giving us land. Tsvangs sees evil in that. How silly.

    Dai taimbopa Tsvangs gore rekutonga, obva atanga kutora minda zvaanoda ndipo pangamuka maUprising enyika dzekumusoro. Ivhu ndiro rinorwirwa arume.
    I think kuti MDC T should dissolve it self and its agenda and take a pro-people, pro-empowerment agenda.

  42. Just wait & see ,the day is coming.

  43. Tsvangirai is a very good example of a failure in politics

  44. Mugabe is a bad example of trouble causer in this country no one only him has destroyed our country pliz good take him we hate him ,

  45. @momo, stupid.

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