SuperSport boosts HD offering on DStv


DSTV is pleased to announce that in response to the growing interest for more high definition programming, SuperSport has added a seventh HD channel to its lineup, SSHD7 the HD version of SS7. The new HD channel is available on channel 217 to all DStv Premium customers.


“We’re living in an exciting world where cutting-edge technology rules the day,” said Brandon Foot, acting chief executive officer of SuperSport. “There is no better way to watch sport than in high definition. This 7th SuperSport HD channel means that all Barclays Premiership and Champions League football will be available in HD, along with other popular sports such as boxing and golf.”

The channel will offer a variety of sport including European Leagues, Uefa, Fifa events and friendlies. Golf: Overflow Euro PGA Tour, US PGA Tour and Majors.

Tennis: ATP/WTA/ Majors. Cycling: Tour de France, Giro, just to name a few. DStv viewers can also look forward to other sports such as basketball, athletics, boxing, motorsport, swimming and wrestling.

To access all this great sporting action, DStv Premium subscribers will require an HD PVR decoder or an Explora, designed to give viewers the opportunity to watch a larger selection of content on its Catch Up and Box Office services and record up to 200 hours of high definition television.

Liz Dziva, Public Relations & Publicity manager , added: “We want our DStv subscribers to have the best possible viewing experience — and sport in glorious HD delivers that. This is just one of the ways that we will be adding more value and viewing options for our subscribers in the year ahead.”


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