Sugarcane fields destroyed in suspected arson attack

APPROXIMATELY 14 hectares of sugar cane at Green Fuel’s Chisumbanje plantations reportedly went up in smoke over the weekend in a suspected case of arson.

The ethanol-producing company is currently embroiled in a bitter boundary fight with villagers in the nearby Chinyamukwakwa area

The villagers have accused the company of encroaching into their farmland.

The affected plantation is said to be near the block bordering Chinyamukwakwa and the small-scale irrigation scheme.

The incident happened shortly after four European-based human rights organisations petitioned Green Fuel major shareholder Billy Rautenbach to stop “victimising” the villagers by destroying crops and taking away their land.

Although both police in Manicaland and the company officials were unreachable for comment yesterday, Chipinge South MP Enock Porusingazi (Zanu PF) confirmed the fire outbreak.

“We suspect some rogue elements that are against this project might be behind the fire,” Porusingazi said.

“We obviously condemn this act of sabotage, and by so doing, they benefit nothing at all. People should understand that this is a very important project for the country.

“We don’t want this backward attitude. If there are differences, let them be solved through dialogue. However, we will leave this to police to make their own investigations, but we are so disheartened by such level of sabotage.

“The door has never been shut for dialogue and we cannot expect such attitude from the people of Chipinge South.”

Porusingazi said he was planning to visit the affected area soon.


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  2. Visiting soon kunoona nzimbe dzemurungu bt people are suffering kuchingwizi u dont care!

    1. Hadzisi nzimbe dzemurungu, ndedze iwo mazirume aonesa nyika yese ndondo anongopusha mazitumbu akazara hurume hwe maChina. Ibasa redu isu vakadzi kupakirwa hurume not the fake men vanongoita basa rekumbedza dzakafa. Ndosaka madzimai avo anzwa kuhurwa navo behind their backs.

  3. It is a case of community involvement that is lacking in policy implementation in Zimbabwe. If the community are made aware of the benefits of having an industry in their area and provided with meaningful compensation for whatever is taken for them, they will never oppose these projects. They will destroy if not involved and made beneficiaries, this is no difference to the elephant catastrophie in Hwange. People were not realizing the benefits of the elephants for which to them might even be a cost in terms of destroying their crops. If someone pays those people as little as opac beer to destroy that sugarcane plantation surely they will because its of no immediate benefit to them and they are not involved in whatever will be taking place there. Involve the community in whatever they loose, I support the community trusts especially when they really benefit the community with transparency and fairness. communities should be part owners of these projects. When l say part owners, l mean those who actually stay in that community. even though we indegenise, say someone in Masvingo invests in chisumbanje, thats not community ownership, the actual chisumbanje people should have ownership to some extent because all the impacts of that project will affect them.

  4. munhu ngaarohwe

    1. That includes you, unless of course you are a pig or something like that.

      1. Temba-ma-thiefwa

        1st suspect is Temba Mliswa and his gang!! He has a vendetta against Billy Rautenbach and is the type of character that will stop at nothing to get revenge and what is “right fully his”!

        Why did Sekuru distance himself? Investors MUST read this as these WILL be the characters you deal with unless something is done by His Excellency, the Politburo and ZANU-PF!!

        LET’S MOVE FORWARD AND STOP THIS NONSENSE FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE! It is their children’s children who are suffering and these poor people have suffered enough.

        Zvakwana -The law must bring ALL perpetrators to book.

        Paberi ne basa, pasi ne ku-tamba!!

  5. this is the second firebreakout at Greenfuel in as many months.are these fields not insured?i now suspect the owners might be into this themselves.leaveout the innocent villagers.

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