Sikhanyiso Ndlovu bemoans Zanu PF corruption


ZANU PF politburo member Sikhanyiso Ndlovu has bemoaned corruption in the country especially among his party colleagues, saying the scourge threatened to destroy the former liberation movement.


Addressing members of the Bulawayo Press Club on Saturday, Ndlovu, who is also the Zanu PF Bulawayo political head, said corruption had reached alarming levels among Zanu PF members.

“When we were in the war, we never thought that some of our colleagues would turn out to be so corrupt,” Ndlovu said.

‘The looting; the corruption is so much so alarming to an extent that it leaves you wondering what one would be thinking. You wonder how they consume their loot and keep on looting. This corruption is a cancer that can destroy Zanu PF if it is not stopped. We should stop it now.”

Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe has on several occasions threatened to ensure the culprits were charged and jailed, but most suspects, especially those connected to the ruling party, have gone scot free.

Shocking cases of widespread corruption have been exposed at several State institutions, including the public broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and Air Zimbabwe, among others.

A recent survey by Transparency International rated Zimbabwe as among the most corrupt nations in southern Africa.

According to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, the country was losing billions of dollars to corruption annually.


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  1. ZANU PF corruption has always been in evidence since independence day, Sikhanyiso. You are now “bemoaning” it simply because you have had no chance to partake in it. It’s too late brother Sikhanyiso to fight for spoils, there is little left to steal anyway.

    • @Sam- You nailed it dead centre..Sikhanyiso has lost the ‘corruption sweepstakes’ and now he is trying to appear cleaner than the proverbial whistle. This cheap shot of his is not deceiving anyone. If he decides to spoil the party for his colleagues then and only then can he be taken seriously. Who are these faceless corrupt colleagues of his..pray tell us. Or coud he be trying to use reptillian guise and guile to besmirch colleagues who are beating him hands down in the succession race? If it were so, he should be ashamed of himself for such a low blow.

      • I undestand your frustration and skepticism but do not let it degenerate into a form of fatalism… while corruption is pervasive it still needs to be resisted as long as people are genuine about it. I think the guy has fairly decent and will need encouragement not denigration. He is probably the cleanest one can get in a mafia like party

  2. Abe mpumalanga ngamasela vele thats why they are now scattered all over ukutshontsha abetshabi laba. cash talk Sikhanyiso khuluma kuphela abetshabi stop stealing

    • Ngqwa ,so that minister who owns almost every tall building in Bulawayo is from Mpumalanga suddenly? If we were to be honest and call a spade a spade is it not true that the Founder of this Nation ,Joshua Nkomo was also corrupt. Did he differentiate between Pf(ZAPU)’s and his personal properties. Do you , for an example know how many farms Umdala owned in Matebeleland. try to find out and you will be shocked!!! Don’t tribalise thievery it is bad

  3. tribal confusion from ngqwa. there is nothing regional or ethnic about corruption. everyone is there, at the very top. abetshabi bayenze njani lapha?

  4. Nggwa your comments are the same as for people who don’t want development.In this case you want us to change topic and focus about things which don’t bring food on the table in the name of tribalism.Plz you must grow up

  5. “When we were in the war, we never thought that some of our colleagues would turn out to be so corrupt,” Sikhanyiso Ndlovu said. He should mention names instead of speaking in riddles. Everyone in ZanuPF is corrupt. The whole lot including himself. The pot calling the kettle black. You will find he was addressing members of the Bulawayo Press club coming from a stolen farm!

    Coruption was inevitable because the majority in politics were very very poor with nothing and given a chance to be in charge was an opportunity to make a killing. Kids in a sweetshop.

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