Security beefed up at schools rugby festival


ORGANISERS of the Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival have beefed up security at the venue for the annual event after last year’s festival made the headlines because of events away from the pitch.


There was an outcry on last year’s edition of the festival after reports of young people engaging in sexual activities and alcohol and drug abuse while some of the attendees were criticised for dressing improperly.
Festival director Sebastian Garikai said as a result of what happened last year they increased the number of security personnel from 40 to 100 in addition to 30 police details.

“After hearing the different views from the media, the parents and the rugby family in general we then sat down and came up with a plan to ensure that our rugby festival is clean.

“We came up with a number of measures which include campaigns and promotions to try and curb some of the things that were said to have happened and I believe this has helped us in coming with a better festival this year.

“To start with, we looked at the issue of security. We felt we needed to beef up security for the children that come to the festival and security of belongings.

“This year we deployed an extra 60 guards from the 40 that we had last year which brings them to 100. These guards had to go through and induction course in managing and providing security at a sporting event which is why you see that our guards that are within the playing enclosure are not watching the game, but are actually watching the crowds. On top of these security guards we also have 30 police details from the Zimbabwe Republic Police coming in everyday.”

Garikai said they also banned evening matches, where most of the mentioned practices were said to taking place.

“We have also cut out the night games to ensure that our venue is more secure. In addition to this we also went on a spree to seal off the other dark corners and areas of the school that have nothing to do with the running of the festival by putting barricades.

“For instance, for one to go to the hostels we are using access cards, so in terms of security we are more organised than ever. On top of these security guards we also have 30 police details from the ZRP coming in everyday,” he said.

Garikai also said they had also engaged in various campaigns to encourage good behaviour among the youths.

“We felt that there had been an outcry over the issue of miniskirts and misbehaviour, we felt that we needed to reach out to the where these kids and spectators are coming from. So we have been on radio speaking about what is expected when a boy or girl child is going to a sporting event in general and we have been promoting good behaviour from the youths.

Yesterday’s results at a glance Morgan 39 Kuwadzana 1 High 0, Lord Malvern 17 Western Surbubs 10, Oriel Boys High 22 Mt Pleasant 18, Cranborne 14 Herentals 6, Dzivaresekwa High 2 31 Chipindura 0, Mufakose High 0 Mabvuku 7, Mzilikazi 14 St Columbus 8, Zengeza 1 7 Seke Select 10, Mufakose High 4 10 Nyatsime 0, Mavhudzi 6 B&P Center 5, Entumbane 0 Royal College 31, George Stark 20 Chindunduma 5, Kwekwe 10 Nhowe 0, Chaplin 0 Presbyterian 8

UNDER-16: Sable field: Presbyterian 5 Harare High 12, Sobukazi 5 Kuwadzana High 1 0, Tynwald 17 Cranborne 0 Girls School Teams Results: Harare Girls High 0 Vainona 3 Roosevelt 35 George Stark 5, Mbare High 15 Hatfield 5, Dzivarasekwa High 1 10 Kuwadzana High 0, Mt Pleasant 5 Lord Malvern 35, Mabvuku 35 SOS 0, Morgan 05 Mufakose High 2 25, Sobukazi 0 Chipadze 22


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  3. Kudos to the organisers of the festival at least as parents we can be at peace and to the powers that be are you not able to create a page for advertisements coz honestly ma comments ari maadverts ano bhowa sei especially the ones abt the inlaw ,aunt or whatever relative.

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