Referring Pistorius to mental observation ‘premature’: Defence


TSHWANE — Defence lawyers said the State’s quest for Oscar Pistorius to be taken for mental observation is “premature”, the court heard yesterday.

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel brought the application yesterday morning in light of findings by psychiatric that Pistorius suffered from Generalised Anxiety Disorder, which could have influenced him shooting dead his girlfriend early last year.

The defence is opposing the application, saying taking its client for mental observation is not for the benefit of the court but that of the prosecution which merely wants a second opinion.

“Apart from the fact that there is no merit in this application, I must point out that we’re calling a further witness and that further witness will talk about the accused’s flight-or-fight condition and his vulnerability,” defence lawyer Advocate Barry Roux said.

Roux argued that the application is premature because the next witness could also have findings that relate to Pistorius’ mental state.

“Then he comes give evidence after he (Oscar) has been there for 30 days and then what happens? he goes back there again?” Roux said.

If Judge Masipa grants this morning, Pistorius could end up being admitted to a mental/psychiatric institution for the next 30 days. — New Age


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  2. Its something difficult defending a guilt client_Oscar shot Reeva intentionally but he’s trying fake all this mental problems.Gerrie Nel is gonna bring the light to the whole story soon and we ar to c our beloved athlete rot in jail #fact_this the fatal mistake made by Oscar’s lawyer of introducing this evidence…

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