Raw materials for your life are inside you


Life is best understood when you appreciate that no matter how gifted or talented you are; you are just a unit of the whole.

Devotion with Erasmus Makarimayi

Always bear in mind that you are not the sum total of creation, but just a small part in the jigsaw puzzle of the mystery of life.

Sometimes we use superlatives, titles and descriptions that suggest that certain individuals and institutions singlehandedly make life. Your efforts and contribution are part of the big picture of life.

Being a prototype in your area of calling and epitome in your field does not mean you are the full embodiment of the complete mastery of God’s creative power. If you excel in your area of calling you are just a good example not the all and only. An understanding of this will teach you to be responsible and magnanimous in the celebration of your achievement.

God is a hierarchical God who values every position in the scope of contribution to human development. Every part has been capacitated to function fully to the glory of God.

God is relational and values both vertical and horizontal structures of human existence. The completeness and perfection of the work each person does is only seen through God’s eyes. He knows what the finished product should look like. The total picture is made up of individual contribution.

Your favourite beverage or food item from your local supermarket is the result of the ingenuity of many people. It is a product of the hard work of the security guard, clerk, marketing, finance, quality control and other departments.

The part played by intercessors may not be seen, but it is part of the ingredients. When the chief executive or the publicity department goes to receive prizes, others may appear overshadowed, but their invaluable contribution cannot be ignored.

Look at the big picture in order to discover yourself. I have heard and read articles by sports reporters saying that certain star players singlehandedly tore apart the opponent. They may be exceptional, but they shined because of the support structure of the team no matter how weak and mediocre the other members of the team appeared.

An athlete in a marathon comes first because of the contribution of her/his team made up of coaches, dieticians, pastor and others. Social, religious and political factors have a bearing in all that people do. In life we complement each other.

We interlink in a web where others are more prominent. Others have roles that are more noticeable. Some of you who seem to continue failing in life should look for the team where you are needed.

If you are continuously hitting the brick wall it could be that you are just a renegade member who has left the right family. Return to the family and community and discover your purpose and enjoy your success. Designers know how to put colours and patterns together so that everything looks perfect if knit together in the bigger picture.

Colours that seem too dull or too bright will match to bring out a good product.

So whatever you do in life, be cognisant of the need to please your Maker and Creator who gave you your position in life.

Always bear in mind that you will give an account to God at the end of time. At all times you should reflect God’s glory, administer God’s resources well and fit into His redemption plan. All things belong to God.

The Bible says in Revelation 4:11, “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” Is God getting pleasure in what you are doing?

In whatever field of human endeavour you are in, contribute your part knowing that when you excel your organisation will receive accolades. You will bring joy to your family, community, nation and the world at large. Whether you are in industry, commerce, agriculture, mining, politics or any other field remember you are a unit not the whole.

You maybe exceptional, but you were not created above other humans. You are a good link, but not the total of divine excellence. Gel and bond well with others and exist in the community in humility.

You are going somewhere.