‘Rapist’ MPs roasted in Parly

Zimbabwe parliament building

MPS yesterday lampooned fellow legislators that were recently reported in the media as having been caught on the wrong side of the law for alleged rape offences, saying their actions were dishonourable.


The issue arose during debate on a motion introduced in the House by Mufakose MP Paurina Mpariwa (MDC-T) on a report on the conference of women MPs on Parliaments responding to violence against women and girls in Africa.

The conference was held in Midrand, South Africa, in 2013.

During debate on the motion, MPs across the gender divide used sexually explicit language castigating sex offenders.

They also called on the African Union (AU) to intervene on the issue of the abduction of over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram, a terrorist group.

The issue of Chingwizi camp in Masvingo province was also brought up with some MPs saying the inhuman conditions were tantamount to gender-based violence as women and girls suffered most through displacements.

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) brought up the issue of rape allegedly perpetrated by MPs saying it was embarrassing.

“It is embarrassing to hear that an MP has committed rape and yet as legislators we say violence on women and girls should end,” Chinotimba said. “As leaders, we should not be seen perpetrating domestic violence.

We thank the Speaker Jacob Francis Mudenda for making a ruling on political parties that fight because violence against women does not only happen at home, but it also happens at political parties.”

Chinotimba said the AU should immediately discuss how to assist Nigeria in bringing back the abducted girls.

Mkoba MP Amos Chibaya (MDC-T) also brought up the issue of flood victims at Chingwizi camp saying the rights of women and girls were likely to be violated due to unhygienic and crowded living conditions at the camp.

“That is why a delegation of ministers had to run for their lives when they met angry women there because of the poor living conditions,” said. “Women and girls there are being subjected to vulnerable situations due to overcrowding,” Chibaya said.

Mutare South MP Nyasha Chikwinya (Zanu PF) and Bulawayo East MP Thabita Khumalo (MDC-T) said men who raped young girls were cowards who could not satisfy mature women and resorted to abuse.

“Raping a kid means one is not good in bed.  If those rapists were good in bed, then they should deal with mature women who can tell them if they can satisfy a woman.  They should not destroy our girls emotionally and physically,” Chikwinya said.

Khumalo added:  “If you are a real man, why look for a minor to rape?  Come – we mature women are waiting.  Stop raping minors.”

Dzivaresekwa MP Solomon Madzore (MDC-T) said it was a shame for men to lust for young schoolchildren.

“Some men claim they are in love with those young girls, but the truth is that they cannot decide on having sex,” he said.

Legislators that have pending rape cases include Binga North MP Dubeko Sibanda (MDC-T) and Bikita West MP Munyaradzi Kereke (Independent). Mhondoro Ngezi legislator Mike Gava is facing charges of abducting a woman.


  1. Thibita Khumalo seems well versed and exprienced in what she has termed pleasure management. She has also called for the formation of a trade union for prostitutes. Typically for the party of sexcellence. Zip open mouth open mind shut

  2. doesnt help calling the man cowards,not good in bed etc those guys will keep raping and abusing woman.you did not come up with a solutiom to the problem except calling rapist corwards etc and you think that will stop them from abusing woman.reall practical solutions needed.musadzinge ma ngo anoona nezve gender based violence,activist groups should be encouraged,more services provided to victims of gender based violence and rape.special taskforce unit to investigate rape case etc

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  4. The same Chinotimba who shot a woman in Glen Norah some years back now claims to hate violence against women! Liar! The fool should have been in jail!

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