Pah Chihera ropes in new manager


AFRO-JAZZ sensation Pah Chihera of the Runonzi Rudo fame has engaged the services of Gift Petro as her new manager.


Petro is also the local manager of Motswana sensation Naledi Kaisara, better known as Slizer in the showbiz circles.

Speaking to NewsDay, Pah Chihera (real name Pamhidzai Tracy Mbirimi) said she decided to rope in Petro due to his vast experience in showbiz circles.

“I had been working with Gift for a long time behind the scenes and decided to officially take him on board as Afro Love band’s manager,” said Pah Chihera.

“We really mean business when it comes to entertaining people and I have learnt a lot from Gift who is among some people who supported my band to be where we are at present.”

Pah Chihera said the coming on board of Petro, however, did not mean that she had parted ways with her keyboardist Danny Nebarwe with whom she had worked with all along.

“The overwhelming demand for our service as Afro Love band by both local and international promoters forced me to engage someone to help Danny who was under pressure,” Pah Chihera said.

Petro said it was an honour to be working with Pah Chihera whom he described as a humble and talented musician destined for greater heights.

“When I was approached by Pah Chihera I did not hesitate to join her band since I had known her for a long time and we worked together on various platforms,” Petro said.

Starting off as a backing vocalist for her uncle Prince Kudakwashe Musarurwa, PaChihera has hit a purple patch with her soulful music winning hearts of the many especially the song Runonzi Rudo, which promotes pure love regardless of social status or material things, which became a hit across generations.

Pah Chihera said she was very happy with the warm response her music was getting locally and internationally.

She recently performed in Dubai during her maiden international tour after having performed regionally in Malawi where she took part at the Sun Bird Sand Music Festival and also in South Africa.


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