New twist to Zahara’s Bulawayo after-party case


THE Zahara’s after-party story has taken a new twist with the host venue’s club manager DJ Mzoe being fingered to have swindled his employer.


This comes amid a barrage of allegations flying from one end to the other with Harare-based DJ Ohms initially being accused of duping the club owner.

Chris Musabayana of Ghetto Fabulous Entertainment, who was responsible for the Bulawayo show yesterday cleared the air and said Zahara was never supposed to perform at the party.

Musabayana accused Mzoe of lying to both the Press and his boss whom he made to believe that Zahara would perform at the party.

“I am not aware that Zahara was supposed to perform at Club Forty-40, but I am aware that the DJ was the one who was to perform at the after-party,” Musabayana said.

“This is my third time bringing Zahara in the country and I knew very well that Zahara, once she performed on her slot, would not be interested in an after-party. But instead her accompanying DJ; DJ Lady Cream is the one who usually performs at an after-party and Zahara’s management was clear on that before engaging anyone who would be seeking their services.”

Musabayana said the $400 he pocketed from Club Forty-40 was to cover the costs for DJ Cream and said it had nothing to do with her performance as it was supposed to be paid by Club Forty-40.

On Tuesday, DJ Mzoe, the entertainment manager of Club Forty-40 accused fellow wheel spinner DJ Ohms and Musabayana of conning the club of $500 in a botched deal involving Zahara.

Information gathered by NewsDay reveals that DJ Mzoe was told that the Loliwe singer would only appear and not perform if she chose to do so, but was not obliged.

NewsDay is reliably informed that Musabayana, who was communicating with DJ Ohms, had initially quoted Club Forty-40 management $1 000 for the after-party with Musabayana and DJ Ohms sharing $250 each after handing $500 to Zahara’s agent.

DJ Mzoe is alleged to have put a markup of $500 and told his employer that Zahara wanted $1 500 to grace the party which was rejected. He is further alleged to have convinced his boss to settle for $1 000 and paid Musabayana $400 deposit through DJ Ohms who acted as the middleman.

From the $1 000, DJ Mzoe got his markup share of $200 with the rest going to Musabayana and DJ Lady Cream.

All hell broke loose when revellers demanded that Zahara perform since there were posters advertising that she would feature yet she was nowhere near the club.

DJ Ohms, Musabayana and Zahara’s agent identified as Tenny confirmed to NewsDay that DJ Mzoe was told and was aware that Zahara’s wheel spinner DJ Lady Cream was the main act at the after party and not Zahara.

DJ Ohms had no kind words for DJ Mzoe saying he was shocked that his name was implicated in the misuse of funds at Club Forty-40.

“DJ Mzoe is supposed to be answerable for the mess and he must tell his bosses how he used the money. If it was Musabayana coming up with that issue to me it could make sense not what DJ Mzoe is claiming, tarnishing my reputation,” said DJ Ohms.

Zahara’s agent Tenny told NewsDay that he communicated with DJ Mzoe via WhatsApp and he was aware that it was not guaranteed Zahara would grace the after-party having performed at Amphitheatre as he responded to the message.

DJ Mzoe was not available to comment yesterday until the time of going to print.


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