Mutare couple find human head in garden

MUTARE — The community in Mutare’s Dangamvura suburb was on Wednesday left shocked after a human head believed to be that of a minor was discovered at a house in Area C.


Mystery surrounds the discovery of the head in a garden at Eliah Mutsotso’s house with restive residents in the high-density suburb demanding answers.

When NewsDay arrived at the house, a visibly shaken Mutsotso said he was equally baffled by the discovery.

“It’s true, a human head of a minor was found in my garden,” Mutsotso said.

He said he came back from work on Wednesday evening around 6:30pm and together with his wife went to the garden to plant some vegetables.
Mutsotso said as he was digging the garden, they discovered the human head.

“At first my wife thought it was a doll, but I was unconvinced and we discovered that it was a human head of a minor. I assumed that it had been buried for four to five days,” he said. “We immediately called police and they attended the scene. We are waiting to hear from them.” ads Ads

Manicaland police spokesperson Enock Chishiri professed ignorance over the matter, saying he had not received a report to that effect.

Mutsotso said he was going to consult first before opening up on the matter. But he indicated that he was badly shaken by the discovery.

When he was showing the news crew the spot where the head was discovered, some curios neighbours could be seen peeping through.

One elderly man said the discovery had left the whole area shocked. He said no clear explanation had been proffered to explain the circumstances.
“We only heard people shouting on Wednesday evening and when we came to inquire, we heard that a human head had been found in Mutsotso’s garden,” the man said.

“But the question that remains unanswered is that where did the head come from and who placed it there? Police should be thorough in investigating this matter.”

Others said Mutsotso should explain what happened.

“At the end of the day, police make investigations, but how is it possible that a human head can be found at your house buried some few centimetres in your garden without your knowledge? Something is not right here and we demand to know,” Tendai Chigodora of Dangamvura said.

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  1. And people wonder y , a person with a bit of info doesn’t show up to tell the police , like fingers are being pointed already to the person who reported the issue , the community should stop but all the same the head must belong to this guy’s bastard or something coz its kinda mysterious y hs garden of all places

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  3. the police spokesmen/women sld be serious..its either their vocabary is limited or lethargy in approach of important matters…how does one each tym when asked profesise ignorance..when ur juniors have attended the scene…maybe they dont brief u????:|

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  5. It’s very unfortunate for Mutsotso given the etremely high level of Stockholm Syndrome in this country. He will be demonised for what happened to him, not what he did.

  6. resident area C

    Its winter and 6:30 kunenge kwasviba.factor in time you get home and change it will be tell me kuti you start digging the garden then.ndiwe wakaurayah

  7. Its hard to tell.

  8. did he just say 6.30pm this man…i believe it was a bit dark and i wonder y can som1 think of gardening that time…ummm i smell somthing

  9. Predator drone

    mutsotso anenyaya yake,achataura hake kana akuda,kurima manheru voona musoro!

  10. Maybe the house has security lights kyle

  11. Pamba pako chero nguva unoita basa rawada, spare him the sh*t.

  12. uyu musoro wemunhu, ko hakuna report yekushaikwa kwemunhu here, munharaunda

  13. This family has just been unfortunate. It needs help not accusations. If he was responsible for the killing, he could have just hid the little head not report the case. Its a bad mind that points an accusing finger. When people say achataura who is he going to say that more than the police report he made? So people wish the police to brutality assault him and force him to admit to a killing he has no knowledge off? It does not make sense.

  14. haaaa tibvirei apa . these days 630pm it will be very dark. how can you go into the garden that time ? to do what? kiikikikikiki . wairasa bhururu chabvondoka. Chingovavharirai mu dark room . Vachakuudzai kuti musoro vabva kupi? uye kuit ndevaani

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