Murderous war vet declared hero


NOTORIOUS Mberengwa ex-war veterans’ leader and Zanu PF activist Wilson Kufa Chitoro, popularly known as Biggie Chitoro, has been declared a liberation war hero and will be buried at the Midlands Provincial Heroes’ Acre in Gweru today.


Chitoro died last Thursday after a long illness.

Midlands Provincial Affairs minister and Zanu PF provincial chairperson Jason Machaya said Chitoro had been automatically declared a liberation war hero since he was an ex-freedom fighter.

“He was declared a liberation war hero. We have three categories of heroes — a national hero, liberation war hero and a liberation hero,” Machaya said.

“Chitoro automatically becomes a liberation war hero by virtue of having been a war veteran.”

The Zanu PF terror campaign leader rose to infamy during the 2000 land invasions and terrorised opposition MDC supporters at Zanu PF torture bases in Mberengwa district.

Chitoro — together with his colleagues Shadreck Makoni, Francis Ncube, Sam Kid Ganyau, Morgan Gumbo, Nhamoinesu Dziva and Elias Zhou — was accused of kidnapping three MDC supporters whom they severely tortured on June 4 2000 at Texas Ranch, resulting in the death of Fainos Kufazvinei.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai last year made reference to Chitoro at one of his campaign rallies in Zvishavane, saying when elected into power,
Chitoro would be made to account for his deeds.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora yesterday said they were not surprised with the honour given to Chitoro.

“All we can say as the MDC is may his soul rest in peace and God have mercy upon him. There is nothing surprising about what Zanu PF has done [granting Chitoro liberation war hero status]. We know they reward thieves, rapists and murderers. This is not new at all,” Mwonzora said.


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  1. he has gone to meet his maker. we will not judge on what is happening there, but the truth is he has gone to meet him.

  2. a heroship status reform needs to be done in this country. to b a hero we should measure the efforts you did in gaining independence but also wat u dd after gainin the independence. haungarwirwi nyika wozorwisa nyika wonzi uri gamba its stupidity gone on rampage. let a hero b every1’s hero

  3. What a Headline!! In any case heroes fight for a cause, those opposed to him obviously call him a villain, Rhodies revere their heroes who killed thousands in Zambia, Angola and Mozambique, thats the way it is. Lord Harris is a decorated hero of WWII air campaign, the Germans call him the Butcher of Dresden.

  4. A hero is sometimes the person who wins, not who does right. Imagine who would have been a hero, had Germany won the 1939-1945 war. The hero would certainly have been Adolf Hitler, and the likes of Winston Churchill would have been tried as war criminals. So the one who gains the political, or military upper hand becomes the hero, because he/she ends up possessing the tools that define heroes and villains.

  5. Honestly, I thought to be hero one has to exhibit good naturedness. I was wrong. In actual these evil people use our good nation:s resources to confer accolades to their agents. They were supposed to use thewir ill gotten wealth to further their diabolical activities,not our hard earned monies. Only time will tell. their evil deeds are going to catch up with them soon and very soon. THE ZANY PARTY IS EVIL. WE WILL CONQUER EVIL. May the good lord have mercy on zimbabwe. amen.

  6. It is amazing how we never forgive or find it hard to forgive. When one passes on, some are quick to pronounce the fate of the departed as heading to hell or heaven when that fate is only known by God. It is best for one to seek their own salvation through fear and trembling. It is sad, how many have died over the past 3 decades while wishing and praying for the death of Mugabe, whom the Lord has decided to live for so long. Others pray for the deaths of many they consider sell outs in MDC, all the while, their own deaths are knocking at the door, coming for them before they repent. Life is short, my brothers and sisters. May all the departed find the Lord’s mercy, as all of us who are living, we all need it, not one of us deserves heaven, and not one of us should wish hell on our enemies.

    Ndatenda hangu.

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  8. Kufa hakuna member. He is facing the truth now. Left the whole family with bad spirits for Mugabe to rule only. Wakauraya wauraiwawo. Meet the spirits of all those you killed


  10. Good riddance and typically as with all Zanu PF “heroes” they are nothing but criminals and the most notorious cowards known this side of eternity! May his god forgive him because here he is not!

  11. Ko nhai Musikavanhu matibvira nepi zvokwadi kutora nhumbu ,mhondi yakatishungurudza kwenguva zhinji munzvimbo medu . Musiwedu matigonera kutora mhondi iyi zvokwadi ndigafunga 2000 kwaMataga , ndichifunga mateachera akatiza zvikoro avingwa nenhubu iyo ndinoti maita regai zviiende . Hatichemi isu tirikufara kuti zvaenda chimhondi chaenda chaifamba chakaisa mapanga muchiuno sempengo . Kana hugamba hwuchipiwa anaChitoro ndopaunoona ZANU PF HAINA MSORO iyo imhondi . Ndoti zvimwe hama dzangu dzozorora kushungurudzwa nechibhinya icho ngithi vanoviga pliz makesure chisamuka . Tikati titaura zvakaitwa nebhinya iro kuno kuMberengwa tinonyora bhaibherri . TINOTENDA MUSIKI MATORA NHUBU REGAI TIMBOFEMAWO KUNO

  12. Next to die should be Joseph Mwale and Kitsiyatota for savagely murdering Talent Mabika and Tichaona Chiminya . The high court ruled the two must be arrested and tried . Bob refused .

  13. Shona: Pidigori waenda wainyanya kuvhaira. Inga kufa hakuna memba

    Ndebele: Upidigoli uendile, uvhailile kunzima. Ubhubhileyo ukula imemba

  14. Pidigori ayenda ayinyanya kuvhaira. Vanotofawo nhai? Voitwa ma Hero. Saka tavekuziva kuti sei vasingasungwe kana vaponda, nhai? Vanenge vatumwa zvokuti kana mapurisa anoshaya basa.Hatichemi vanhu vakadai

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