Mugabe risks military revolt- Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday watched helplessly as party members openly traded factional insults in his face and threatened to disrupt his campaign rally in Norton, 40km west of Harare.


The drama started when members of the Chitungwiza youth assembly and other supporters booed provincial chairman Alexio Musundire and denied him the platform to address the crowd accusing him of being sympathetic to a faction led by axed secretary-general Tendai Biti.

However, Musundire, who has denied being a Biti follower, put on a brave face grabbed the microphone and started chanting party slogans as he prepared to introduce the provincial leadership, but the restive crowd continued to jeer at him.

This prompted MDC-T organising secretary Nelson Chamisa to jump on stage and rescue the party’s Zengeza East MP and instead reprimanded party members for washing their dirty linen in the public.

“This is an MDC meeting and as organiser I am expected to maintain discipline and order,” Chamisa said.

“People choose leadership from congress and those leaders should be introduced here. I will not take this nonsense and will not tolerate populism, you choose leadership at congress and should stop that nonsense here,” he said.

Two weeks ago, Musundire was also fingered as having caused the arrest of 11 party members after they allegedly denigrated him at another MDC-T meeting and labelled him as sympathetic to Biti and axed deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma.

A few weeks ago, Musundire survived an attempt to suspend him over the same allegations.

In his speech, Tsvangirai denounced violence and intolerance among party members, urging supporters to fight Zanu PF as a united front.

“The MDC is the only agent of change in this country, nothing else. I hear recently that [President Robert] Mugabe set a taskforce to destroy the MDC. Do you set up a taskforce to destroy the people instead of a taskforce to help the people?” he asked.

“I heard others talking about sell-outs; we are against violence in this party. We are a tolerant party and we don’t need violence that will not bring food on the table.

“If the fury you show on other supporters is shown on Zanu PF, we would win,” he said.

Tsvangirai said at the rate with which the economy was sliding, Mugabe risked a military revolt.

“There will come a time the soldiers, police and civilians will say let’s march against Mugabe, let’s march for food, the day will come and they know that,” the former Premier said.

“Our problem is not economic; it is a political problem and as long as Mugabe is there, he is a national liability. Not even one person respects Zimbabwe because they say it’s being run by a dictator.”

Speaking at the same meeting, acting party deputy treasurer Theresa Makone accused Biti and Mangoma of looting party resources.

Tsvangirai and a group of senior MDC-T officials led by Biti recently parted ways citing irreconcilable differences.

The Biti faction immediately “suspended” Tsvangirai and his lieutenants before the latter turned the heat against their opponents and “fired” them from the party.

The factions are now fighting for control of the party and its assets.


  1. this is a joke….kkk…We love our president you confused same sex marriage supporter ..(yeah we got the video on BBC..) we support the president and voted fairly and freely for him because He fears God above the IMF and refuses to accept gay practices. Plus our destiny is not in violence but peace..The MDC is run by a dictator and a womanizer who refuses to hand over power.Practice what you preach

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    • hw can you say Tswangirai is refusing to hand over? When did this Mugabe started to rule the country?

  2. A day before 2013 elections, Tsvangirayi was happy with the contest. To him it was democracy because he thought he was going to win. Mugabe was Tsvangirayi’s partner in democratic processes. They were having tea together often and, amongst the people who witnessed Mugabe sign the new constitution, it was Tsvangirayi who put on the widest smile, and asked Bob for the pen used to sign that constitution into law. Are we being asked to believe that Mugabe only became a dictator when Tsvangirayi lost the elections?


    “..let’s march for food, the day will come and they know that,”


    “Our problem is not economic; it is a political problem…”


    • the problem we have is a political one, but because of knock on effects we now have economic problems… solve the political problem and the rest will fix itself…

    • you seem very shallow, what ever you call yourself Catch Him!!! What Mr. Tsvangirai is saying here is that if we solve our political problem which has been caused by Mugabe and his party, the economy will respond positively. Ndosaka muchipusiswa ne zpf!!!

  4. when it comes to zanu and mdc i resent them both equally.but some statemants this tsvangirai guy makes makes me wonder what kind of people he will be adressing who listen to these he a prophet or politician.has he checked recently how the police is benefiting from the crumbling economy?tsva and mugabe have this twisted mentality thinking that whatever bad thing falls on their party is cozed by the other party .with all due respect to tsv and muga fact is both parties have terible leadrship

    • How is it possible to resent them both, equally? Considering they are not at the same level? One is a political party with a lot to atone for on one end, a lot it achieved on the other; the other is the biggest circus in town, run by clowns, with the chief clown having nothing to say but warn everyone of the doom, revolt and calamity he hopes for, without it he sees no other way to have his face on the money one day, the money which he lives for and sold his soul for.

      • It is possible to resent both Zanu pf and MDC-T. Who said they are the only political parties in this country. Is it not possible to resent both and support a party which is not Zanu pf, which is not MDC-T?

  5. The day before elections on boss tv tsvangirai was being interviewed by violet gonda and this is what transpired.
    VG”Prime minister tsvangirai u claim to have discovered discrepancies that this election won’t be free and fair and that its going to be rigged.Why are you going into the election,pull out of the election”
    MT”Violet I’m bullish of victory whether rigging or no rigging am going to get more than 85% of the vote.Am going to get the mandate”.
    48hrs later
    MT”this has been a monumental fraud and sham election.Its null and void”.
    Am glad this buffoon ddnt get the keys to state house,we wud hve been in for a rough ride!

  6. Tsvangirai is a confused coakroach!!He kips on dreaming abt a bad future for Zim as if he isnt seeing the economic ressusciration in Zim!he thnks he got the keys to economic revival…yet he cant even revive the shattered economies of his own party!!Forget abt presidency Chematama….pamberi naGushungo!!!!

  7. @Emman you juss spot on.hope Tsvangson’s advisors have learnt one or two lessons from open zip open mouth character of Morgan.MDC symbolises a bunch of confused adults masquerading as a political party.Thank you the people of zim for not affording thema chance to govern

  8. this guy is trying to contain damage on him inflicted by the rebels.who ever is advising him is linked to zanu .tsvangirai this is cooling off time. put new strategies in place,you have been holding rallies since 1999,but you have been out smarted by are popular with rallies not victory ,start encouraging your youth to register as voters

  9. Don’t expect any military or other security agencies to march against Mugabe ,MR Morgan. Their stomachs are too full to even think about it. Look at SALARYGATE for an example. 60% of the people who have siphoned public resources are from the military/security. They have a very strong link with the party and Mugabe know it . That is why nothing will be done to them.

    The men who have benfited from “stealing diamonds” are also from the military. Those running game farms and hunting safaris are former military people. Overseas hunters deposit money in their personal accounts overseas and then they come to hunt in Zimbabwe, very little or nothing flows to the treasury.

    And finally the multiple farm owners are also largely from the security services. Show me a major general who does not own more than two farms then I will make the Save river flow towards inlands. You think when these guys threaten to kills for Mugabe there are playing:there are in control and there is nothing you , the privates and non-commissioned soldiers can do about it.

    THEY FOUGHT FOR US SO THERE ARE ALSO LOOTING ON OUR BEHALF. Morgan I suggest you re-organise MDC and put an interim leadership based on incumbents in leadership prior to 2005 .The interim leadership would then organise a congress to select new leadership. If you are humble enough to do this I can assure you can go back to the helm with no challenge from this Biti fellow or Welshman.

  10. Morgan is MORE, hapana zvamunotitaurira apa maZanupf
    Who doesnt know that life had significantly improved during PM tenure.
    Those supporting this regime are showing highest level of mental mediocricy. Save musacheuke miridzo, we wil vote u into power

  11. …Tsvangira pliz leave politics to Mdhara Baba Chatunga….ndivo vane yese, Biti told you wani kuti people don’t eat hopes and dreams…..

  12. undivided attention to national unity is good boys.
    big hatedness is a wrong tool to communicate with bi it, 4 your favoured dotito or chendambuya.

    now american producers and other sponsors are constantly lookin to new reeltime entertainment markets in this big hat ring fraternity of yours and their immediate purpose is to create another funny name as they did dummy a certain lookalike face nation they mathematically helped become named a half s of a state in illiterate theory.
    that impoverished desert country also covers its head with a hat thereby inhibiting proper communication much to the entertainment of all americans who sit in the cheer centre of dusty chaos wars.

    the yankee stadium is always foul of such awful entertainment you know, watchin children of africa suffering as food of flies from their worldly american lies !!

  13. RALLIES – stuff that is uttered at political rallies is childish and untrue most of the time. Rallies are Third World practices -they are a primitive practice – people are force-fed lies and no questions are asked. You never hear that Obama attended a rally in Ohio or some place. At the recent rally Tsvangirai spoke about the military revolting against Mugabe! What a load of crap. This shows Tsvangirai, after being leader of MDC for 15 years, does not understand the political situation in the country. It beggars belief Tsvangirai does not know that the military is ZanuPF and ZanuPF is the military. How on earth can the ZanuPF military revolt against itself? What an idiot. At the idiotic rally he called for fresh elections which his party has no chance of ever winning. Nothing has changed since the last elections. ZanuPF military will simply apply the same formula to win.
    Theresa Makone is a very intelligent woman but her utterances at the rally were childish and not intelligent to say the least. Now that Biti and Mangoma have decided to ditch Tsvangirai Theresa Makone says the two were bribed by ZanuPF in the negotiations for the stupid GNU and that the two misappropriated party funds. Why was this not brought up last year or the year before? She was happy to serve as co-minister for over 4 years after negotiations by the two she accuses of being unfaithful in GNU negotiations! And there is Job Sikhala who is accusing Biti and Mangoma of being “cowards” when he spent 9 years lambasting his present boss and his party. At the Zimbabwe Academics Forum (ZAF) on 15 August 2013 at Amba*sador Hotel, Job Sikhala said, “31 July 2013 elections were the most free and fair elections in Zimbabwe’s history” but now he is in the so-called “Big Tent” his tune has changed. Why would anyone take these morons seriously?

  14. I have a feeling that there is a group of propagandists who are being paid to post all sorts of crap on this platform

  15. There is absolutely nothing wrong with warning of a possible military revolt because of the current economic situation.The military guys are also human beings suffering from this terrible economic mess. The sooner the situation is corrected, the better for us all.
    Yes there is great discipline in our well-trained uniformed forces but we should not take them for granted.We should love & respect
    our gallant sons & daughters of Zimbabwe for the sterling job they do.

  16. Ipapo Save ndinoti maposha ipapo izvo handivoni zvichiitika and hatidi kushuvira zvakadaro semusangano kuti tivone ropa richiteuka ngatishuvirei zvinoita Zimbabwe igute zvoga zvimwe tingazoona kutambura kwatinoko kuMberengwa kuchipera . Ngativakei mastructures emusangano toshuvira kuhwina 2018 kwete zvehondo . Chinjaaa Maiitiro ako awo eChiZANU PF 2018 TIRIMUZHIRA GWENDO TICHINAGWO MACDEs .

  17. Unoona masoja nemapurisa kuondoroka kusvika pakubuda mapfupa asi vanoti varikuguta,wotoshaya kuti zvinombofamba sei.Morgan is 100% correct if you try to solve these problems economically you wnt succeed becoz they are a result of political instability.For one to say he dnt understand wht Tsvangirai is saying thts a clear sign of insanity.You dnt know the impact of politics on the economy?Ohh ZanuPf puppets please.

  18. guys is there any mdc left? Tsvangirai is agreeing that every decision in his party is made by zanu can as well ask Mwonzori he will agree with me.check events ,party squabbles .domestic squabbles. the karimatsenga’ saga .beating of .Mangoma and Biti.Internal party violence .Zanu pf is responsible for all this,Tsvangirai is a spectator ,

  19. One section in my earlier posting should read, “It beggars belief Tsvangirai does not know that the military is Mugabe and ZanuPF and ZanuPF and Mugabe are the military.
    “Or that Mugabe is head of the ZanuPF military dictatorship”.

  20. iwe Musona tavakumuziva mu cio we zanu, anotsvaga zvese zvakaipa pana Tsvangirai anoti zanupf ndimugabe military ndimugabe, zvimwe zvezinhu zvaari kushora,u dont think man kunyepera kudzungaira i knw u,vamwe vevanhu vasingafunge muzimbabwe, rmmbr one day is oneday

  21. Umuntu engathi u DRUNKARD njengo Mnu Morgan Tsvangirai,uyabe ukuthukile….the man is finished he has no words to address his followers….everyday he speak about Cde Robert Mugabe and the uprising which talks indirect…its too let for Mr Tsvangirai to stage an uprising….i am sorry for his plans that will back-fire if he is not aware…………

    • Uyitshaye khanda mfoka Ndlovu. He should tell us his policies not what Mgabe has failed to do. We all know that. What is he going to do differently except ukwalela kuposition njengo Mgabe!


  22. LEFT EYE……you are the man amongst man… telling the MDC-T followers exactly what is happening in their Party..MDC-T is finished…everything now in MDC-T is happening via ZANU-PF….Morgan Tsvangirai just a spectactor…..uyishay’khaleni mfana kithi………

  23. He wants the military to revolt against itself so that the country should burn to the ground, thereafter he hopes to be the commander in chief of the military which would have just killed itself.


  25. Haa Morgan azopererwa zvino. Pamberi neRenewal. This old fool has nothing more to offer. What military revolt is he talking about??? In Zimbabwe?? He is watching too many movies with his gay friends. Zviroto zviroto asi Morgan will never be president of Zimbabwe, even his own father said so before he died.

  26. Apa Morgan it’s a swing and a miss. If we survived 2005-2008 without any military coup i do not imagine we will experience one ever. The only plausible scenario for a coup would be Mugabe’s successor being the unpopular choice with the army general, after Mugabe, not during his era.

  27. Vanhu vari kurovana pamberi pako but you have the audacity to mention revolt yaMugabe.Ko yako unoti chii nayo.

  28. Please newsday Biti lost all the credibility and you are running 380km/h in that same road to that same destination

  29. Save has said his opinion, based on assesments obtaining on the ground. Did we not hear of soldiers executed by the firing squad in Dzivarasekwa camp in 2008 for planning a coup? Anything goes in Zim is The Tsholotsho plot that far behind us?

  30. Shut up Tsvangison..Zimbos are chickens, the most docile people on earth. Not even 1 person could dare raise a finger against Mugabe. Deny it or hate it- its the truth!

  31. Can someone tell me where Idia mini is, Mobutu seseko, Adolf Hitler, Musolini, Muammar Gadaffi, Kamuzu Banda. Where are all these former leaders? Change in Zimbabwe is imminent!!

  32. Shut up Tsvangirai. The army failed to revolt in 2008, during the worst economic crisis in modern history. & even if they revolt, you are useless you cant come up with a plan! You sold us out in 2008, you showed you are a fool!

    Go and hang!

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  34. For those whose insist that ZANU PF is military and vice versa, I would like to inform you that it is unlikely that the fat cat generals are comfortable and woulb the last to think of revolt.

    The middle and lower ranks have the edge and key, and from the look of things, when it comes, it would be brutal.

    • Ko Gushungo vaita sei nhai Save? tiudzei zvamuda kutiira kana makunda muri kungodzokorora zvamakataura makore gumi namashanu apfuura.Gushungo vari kutorova ndima imi muchiri kurwa pachenyu,WAKE UP ITS GETTING LATE.

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