MPs push for a ban on traffic police spot fines, used tyre imports


Parliament yesterday recommended the ban of spot fines by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the prohibition of importation of second-hand tyres — a major contributor to traffic accidents in Zimbabwe.


The recommendations were made by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Transport and Infrastructural Development in the National Assembly when chairman of the committee Epworth MP Amos Midzi (Zanu PF) presented their first report on the causes of road carnage.

The report said the ZRP seemed to prioritise collecting spot fines in order to reach set targets instead of passenger safety and after collecting fines they allowed unroadworthy vehicles to proceed.

“Spot fines and the ‘alleged’ targets by the ZRP should be abolished and offenders must be given seven days to pay the fine as written on the tickets currently issued by police, while spot fines must be applied to foreigners only,” Midzi said.

“The current position where police prefer to fine buses or commuter omnibuses for serious defects and let them proceed with their journey has a bearing on the safety of passengers and there is need for the ZRP to prioritise passenger safety over meeting revenue targets.”

Other recommendations by the committee were that government must increase the fines charged for traffic offences so that they would be deterrent enough, as well as enactment of appropriate regulations on driving hours, vehicle movements, and restrictions on tractors and other farming equipment, construction equipment and tankers carrying hazardous substances not to move at night.

The committee said to curb corruption, Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) officers and traffic police officers should periodically be transferred, adding the police should be well equipped with breathalysers to test drunken drivers. On drivers themselves, the committee recommendations were that the use of cellphones while driving should be outlawed and culprits slapped with stiff penalties.

“The ZRP and VID should be trained in the Traffic Act and other statutory instruments to do with traffic, and the training should include drivers and owners of public service vehicles,” Midzi said.

The committee further said there should be enforcement of traffic laws as well as crafting of a new Highway Code to include night driving and global trends in driving, as well as clear markings and signage on the country’s roads.

“There should be impounding of stray livestock on roads, and very stiff penalties on public service drivers who break the law. Operators who employ public service drivers who are below 25 years should be charged,” the committee said.

The committee also recommended that there was need for the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration to erect perimeter fences on highways from funds collected from toll fees, adding there should be regulations to stipulate a timeframe that a brokendown vehicle should spend on the road before removal as these caused serious accidents.


  1. Second hand tyres are not the cause of accidents. Most of the tyres even new burst after the car leaves the road. It us the drivers who end up blaming the tyre but most cases I have seen it is not the tyre. On our small cars those tyres do not burst, someone has to convince me how a tubeless tyre can burst. Yes one with a tube can bust because of difference in pressure and strength between the tyre and the tube.

    • A second hand tyre means just that ” it has been used past its useful life” period. How dare you say its the cause of accidents? It is definitely one of the major contributors. I don’t know were you get the understanding that tubeless tyres don’t burst ???? and those with a tube can burst!.

      • A used (part worn) tyre cannot be the cause of accidents. Even the ones bought new can degrade. In UK, people buy part worn tyres and use them depending on the minimum tread allowable.
        Good brand tyres which are part worn are still better quality than new ones depending on where it was manufactured and the brand.
        The government simply has to advise on the mimimum tyre tread allowable on Zim roads.

  2. true indeed,unpaid fines can easily reflect when one is renewing their license disks at the post office.which will be easy for the government to track.also since GNU is gone let all the money go to the national fiscus. the Police more concerned about money,they don’t care wether you drive by with 3 tyres on a combi as long as you give them $10.

  3. A minimum fine should be put fir different traffic fines .If you dont pay by a particular date and time the fine increases by half . If not it should double. If you dont pay then court case. Who will decide what to do with your car or you.

  4. Instead of upgrading the system,roads signs and etc busy collecting money.If spot fines are stopped you will witness true roadblocks nt these 10-15 minute road block then disperse.Haa corruption to much.Lets see the final recommendations or its one of ideas nt to be endorsed.

  5. What about Zimbabweans working outside the country? When they return home in December with foreign registered vehicles will they be considered as foreigners required to pay a spot fine? The police will try and make as much money from citizens working outside the country. I guess, a ticket number and amount should be written at the back of the TIP for settlement before the foreigner leaves the country. Spot fines just do not work.


    • Pawati BAD ROADS ndopawabairira manje recently i went to beitbridge wati ipothole muhighway here iroro rekuti ukada kutiza iheadon ukapinda tyre burst (whether new ,old, china, ngirandi name them will not survive the impact)

  7. brilliant suggestions but i put my last cent (if ever it will be there!), there will be no one to implement. that is our problem

  8. Thank you Cde Midzi what a brilliant observation,keep up the good works,we ar now waiting wen this will be effected,,,l definately hope it wont be more than months to be implimented.

  9. new tyres are very expensive so brace for more accidents, because matayi dzinenge dzava nyoka THUMBS UP TO SECOND HAND TYRES

  10. Midzi thumbs up.It shows kuti minister ava vanofunga.Banning second hand tyres is not the answer as it will cascade to banning the jallopies again.our economy is not all that attractive for news things kusvika pahembe and pants chaidzo.Ma second things kushaya varume.Dont compare nevano wana.Do something kuti zvinge zvinoedzana as gvt.Simply turn west if east is not.

  11. sport fines must be abolished,even to foreigners, consider south africa,even foreigners are given time to pay
    Police should control crime not nature crime to meet their monetory targets,
    Second hand tires must b abolished, remember when a tyre burst sometimes the car swaves and in the process collides with other cars whose owners use new tyres, they are made to suffer simply becausevyou are trying to,
    If you cant afford to maintain your car please park it,

    How many people should first die on our roads for us to act,we have lost a lot of souls because of these second hand tyres,
    All unroadworth vehicles off the

  12. first things first….u find a police roadblock on top of a pothole Hon Midzi wer are you gonna put a clear road sign on top of a pothole:…how long will the new tyres last with e state of our roads, we need change frm Mr President Opposition and government in order to achive all this…as we speak dunlop is nt operational bt u say new tyres…sahlolelwa e Zimbabwe kanti sonani, only the ministers and the connected will drive abafuni ukusibona sincenga ngama #Japan ethu

  13. compare the price of a new tyre in Bots n Jozi is equal to a sec hand n Zim, with my Zim licence n Jozi i get a ticket bt w my same licence home with an Jozi plate um considered a foreigner la okulenkaba yami khona……lezilamathaya amatsha ayadubuka kusale ama second hand…abantu laba balesiyezi

  14. Banning 2nd hand tyres is not the solution, Standards Association of Zimbabwe should come come and vet wrappped tryes from the EAST, period.Their prices are affordable but their durability questionable, imagine a civil servant changing all the 4 tyres @ once.

  15. Thumbs up Midzi but you a missed a very special point in terms of fines. Increasing fines will be more dangerous and fuel serious corruption. The fines should be reduced for crimes which deserves fines while those unroadworthy vehicles should be banned from our roads. Increasing fines will tempt drivers and others road offenders to bribe officers.

  16. Potholes and corrupt police officials are the major cause of Zimbabwe’s accidents. ZRP is running a business and wont care about the passenger’s welfare. Some officers dont even want you to pay the fine, thats why they give drivers a cheaper bribe option so that they go free.

    Our potholes are a major tourist attraction. Walter should take advantadge of this phenomenon to attract foreign visitors.

  17. I can bet my last dollar, this recommendation was not a result of a scientific research but beerhall talk
    When new laws are put or changes made, thorough technical analyses ought to be carried out, quoting living examples in countries that have successfully implemented the laws. There is no new invention of a wheel. There are countries that have used successful traffic laws to the betterment of their citizens without experimenting with peoples lives. Give us a proper research & recommendation.
    We claim to be educated but in practise we fair worse than Botswana & Namibia in many respects. Even the farming aspects we are struggling

  18. on its part Govt must repair the roads by widening and smoothening it, white farmers must be given back their farms since they know how to fence and grid their farms, these will prevent cattle and goats from entering the roads. Those speed limits must be removed as it is common sense tht noone can go to harare from bulawayo on 100 km per hour. Otherwise the major cause of the accidenta are not drivers

  19. the police will be busy collecting money and leaving school children risking their lives crossing the road a few meters away .its never done any where else except zim..chihuri is against what cmrd midzi is suggesting that’s were our problem starts.

  20. The idea of scrapping spot fines is noble indeed and should be implented immediately. This has double benefits in that it stops the dangerous cat and mouse game between police and commuter drivers and also ensures that fines paid by offenders is paid into government coffers and not police officers’ pockets.

  21. I thought the commitee will also recommend Obert Mpofu to act on the potholes in our roads as a contributing factor to accidents.The state has a responsibilty to ensure we have proper and safe roads as well.

  22. I don’t understand how banning spot fines stops corruption.Corrupt people will negotiate for lower fines-instead of paying e.g. $50.00 one can split between bribe and fine.What we need is just a new police force whatever that may mean! We need a revolution in the force anything less is just a talk show!

  23. It is not the tyres, it is the roads. Just look out of your front door and you will see a pot hole

  24. Overloading exerts pressure on worn out tyres and causes the same to burst and causing serious and fatal accident. Pot holes and road failures are also a common cause. A good example of a very bad road is a stretch along Chachacha- Mhandamabwe in Midlands and Masvingo province. If u try to do anything more than 60km per hour then you dicing with death. Mombes and madhongi apedza vanhu especially around Shangani along Byo nekuNyamakate along Kariba road. Zvitima ndozvimwe. Since i started driving along zim highways handisati ndamboona pane railway traffic light rinoshanda ini. Kana pane akarionawo ngaandiudziwo tiudze vaMuzembi va advertise for more tourists on a working railway traffic light in Zimbabwe. Ma Toyota Noah, Gaia, Hiace haaaaaaaa dzatipedza mota idzi. Honda fit iri nani. Reason, drivers overspeeding to beat targets. Dzosai maZupco muroad. Mamwe ma drivers haachaoni kana kuverenga message yepafon yake anotoshevedza mumwe kuti verenga kuti zvanzi kudii handisi kuona. Munhu iyeye cannot be trusted to drive 70 passengers let alone at night.

    Hameno tichapera mbichana mbichana so tikasagadzirisa

  25. even new tyres are not designed to withstand the impact with a pothole and trenches dug everwhere by telecoms companies

  26. I wonder when they suggests that second hand tyres must be banned when almost all national highways are full with potholes which are even more dangerous at night especially when you hit it driving at the required maximum speed which is 120km/hr and at the same time you will be passing a heavy haulage truck which will be some few centimetres from the white line imagine what type of danger is that one?I think they must stop stealing the money collected from the toll gates and repair all the highways before they start talking about high road carnage when they really know the back bone of
    problem is bad roads in our country

  27. Also ban the use of earphones while walking (moving) on roads because people who use them end up not hearing any noise nor noticing any oncoming vehicle, as a result such behaviour at times causes accidents.

  28. pliz tingataure zvakawanda pamsoro pamaaccident arikupedza vanhu,e.g .pinda nemota mumbare unochema nemapothole arimo,tora masvingo, beitbridge road payakagadzirwa mota dzisati dzawanda iyezvino kanarrow road kakazara nemapothole,I think govt must do smthng pakugadzirisa migwagwa inofamba vanhu vavo,ROAD IS THE COURSE OF FATAL ACCIDENTS IN OUR COUNTRY,KUNYAYA YEUHORI VANHU VESE VAVACORRUPT. I HAVE A FRIEND OF MINE ANOSHANIRA ZINWA IYEZVINO VAVA NE 5months no salary BUT VACHICOLLECTOR MARI DZEMVURA everymonth,SO WHERE MINISTER KASUKUVERE,MINISTER DO SOMETHING NEZINWA PLIZ,

  29. I would like to air my view,of all ministries the ministry of roads has performed dismally.One wonders what our representatives are doing in the house.Sleeping I guess.What disturbs me is the way the Highway is presented to us.It needs a complete over-hall ,for example where one wants to pull out of the parking lot.The one reversing is always on the disadvantage .Why can’t the relevant ministry change this idea ,WHY CAN’T the drivers who have full view wait for the one reversing to pull out first?Food for thought !!!!

  30. Also Zinara should buy tractors and grass slashers to cut road side grass. Zinara must also have break down removing vehicles patrolling our roads inconjunction with national road traffic police. Broken down vehicle obstruct other vehicles thereby causing accidents.

  31. hahaha chihuri was quoted saying police should keep up the good work of raising funds with 25% going zrp coffers and 75% to the staion. no wonder i overheard a member in charge saying “ishoma mari yamauya nayo dzokerai paroad despo varikuda kutenga ford ranger” dont only abolish spot fines. publish them for public awareness. at one road block it was $20 for tampering with 3rd no plate, 15@another. 10@another. unobva washaya kuti zvirikufamba sei.
    on tyres its these reckless driver who blame the tyrea but the truth is these tyres get damaged when the vehicle leaves the road becoz of speed and impact

  32. Sekuru wangu wakafa lust month ne porthole saka zvirikutaurwa izvi hazvibvisi maporthole plz if nt aaaa munonyepa imi mese namidzi wenyu

  33. IF the police did their job in the first place, we wouldn’t need to talk about ‘prohibition of importation of second-hand tyres — a major contributor to traffic accidents in Zimbabwe’.

    Cars don’t drive themselves. Enforcement by the police is needed to help make Zim roads safer.

  34. One official tried to defend spot fines at one time trying to suggest that people were giving false addresses. But look, we have a computerised system on all tolgates and we have police details on every tollgate. so all defaulters can have their vehicles impounded on tollgates. We definately need to do away with this animal called spot fine. Who said every motorist has got money in his pocket?

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