MDC-T rivals accuse each other of looting

WARRING MDC-T factions are trading accusations of looting and misappropriation of funds with the belligerents throwing mud at each other as the battle for control of the party escalates, NewsDay has learnt.


The axed secretary-general Tendai Biti-led MDC-Team yesterday cautioned embattled party leader and ex-Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai against making “inflammatory and unsubstantiated allegations” against them or else he would be “exposed”.

This followed Tsvangirai’s address to party supporters at a rally in Epworth on Sunday that he would seek an explanation from axed deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma over party finances, hinting that some money could have been stolen.

But MDC-Team said Tsvangirai must stop throwing stones because he lived in a glass house as they were holding onto “very sensitive evidence of financial impropriety” which, if made public, could cause irreparable damage to him.

MDC-Team spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Tsvangirai should be the last person to raise such allegations.

“On money issues, I believe he doesn’t want to go down. The deputy treasurer is trying to hold back, but if he [Tsvangirai] wants to throw brickbats, he will realise that Mangoma’s hands are clean,” Mafume said.

“It is in the public domain that he [Tsvangirai] was given money by [former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon] Gono during the inclusive government and that even the [Highlands] house he is staying in now has issues.”

Mafume added: “People had settled for an amicable divorce and not to throw each other in the mud, but we will wait for him and if he does that, it will boomerang. He must stop making malicious allegations. If he doesn’t show restraint, he must know those in glass houses should not throw stones.”

But Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said Mangoma and his team had failed in previous meetings to prove their allegations on money issues and dared them to speak out if they had anything.

He maintained that his boss had nothing to hide.

“We don’t respond to threats that have been unsubstantiated in previous meetings. They have formed their own party and will soon find a name for it and will have a symbol. The issue is we can’t respond to threats which they have failed to prove previously,” Tamborinyoka said.

“There was no marriage to talk about in the first place, politics is a voluntary issue and you can’t talk of divorce where there was no marriage.”

At the onset of the MDC-T fights in February this year, Mangoma wrote a letter to Tsvangirai accusing him of abusing party funds.

“How will we put closure to the question of misuse of funds, and ensure that our friends regain confidence that donations will be channelled to the people’s project going forward?” Mangoma said.

“How will you answer the questions that we failed to care enough for our people and that we used our time in government for personal aggrandisement, personal wealth accumulation as symbolised by the current impasse on [Tsvangirai’s] Highlands residence?”

Mafume also refuted weekend accusations by MDC-T deputy national chairman Morgen Komichi that Biti had refused to award salary increases to civil servants when he was Finance minister.

Meanwhile, political analysts said the ongoing public spat among MDC-T officials was ill-timed and posed a serious threat to the democratic dispensation that the electorate was yearning for.

Analyst Alexander Rusero said: “Zanu PF is at its weakest and boiling point. As long as there is no alternative, Zanu PF remains safe. A united MDC is stronger and an alternative. No group will remain stronger in this fight, the other will diminish like others have done and the other will be weaker. This is not healthy for democracy.”

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    3. Biti has gained support from 8 constituencies in Bulawayo namely Mpopoma,Entumbane,Pumula,Byo East,Byo Central,Magwegwe,Luveve and Partly Makokoba.Watch the space as the Youth are the future shunning them u will face political humiliation.

  2. Ku Luta nekuLooter ndizvo!

  3. ncube owned newspaper trying to bring down morgiza after your welshman prjct failed kkkkk

  4. I am reminded of one Bishop Nolbert Kunonga who deserted The Anglican church, grabbed property and formed his own church. Eventually he lost.
    Enter over anbitious Biti and a train of fools, they abandon the party, form their own and grab property now hold on until The Concourt arrives.

    1. Prosper Chinamhora

      are you more clever and educated than Biti, Mangoma, Mafume? if you are not in reality,in real life, then you are an empty vessel

      1. Chen Chikezha

        Is Biti, Mafume and Mangoma clever and educated than Welshman and Mutambara but where are they today?

  5. Mr Morgan Tsvangirai should now stop concentrating on pet issues brought by Tendai Biti and his dead team and concentrate on issues to do with the party as we want to win 2018 elections.
    Mudzuri, BITI, Mangoma and the entire team should not ever appear on our congress , come october. Mudzuri is trying to behave like an innocent guy yet is the one confusing things in the party, pasi naMudzuri pasi naBiti

    1. Surprised Surprise

      Shava is a ZanuPf activist, for the moment supporting Tsvangirai as shown by his familiarity with ZanuPf sloganeering, but not the MDCT one. That’s a good message of solidarity.

  6. Pondaihenyumwanawevhu

    Ndiyo inonzi gonzo nachin’ayi huyai muone nhasi zvatosvorana.. pakadaro ZANU PF ndipo painoshedzera BHORA MUGHEDHI 2018..kkkkkkkkkk

  7. MDC of whichever surname, has become so boring and irrelevant. I was real anti ZANU PF for many years now but I think the indiscipline at the MDCs has changed me completely. Hamunyari here varume imwi? While ZANU PF is credited with the destruction of the Zim economy MDC can not be trusted to offer any alternative government. Maybe its time to request ZANU PF to be reasonable and move this country forward. Politics dzema dhaka dze MDC idzi hadzina future for anyone, including themselves.

  8. kana mogen akaba mari tel us and prove it iwe mafume not wasting our time threating him let us the public no and that will be an advantage to u. am surprised u fighting him but u don’t want him hurt its funny.

  9. Chemical Solution

     The problem is to distinguish between the dusts of time, the winds of change, and the fog which obscures the future! Biti’s camp is gone into dust bins,they have failed to see this with their claimed interlectualism.Politics is not about accademic Certificates,Diplomas, Degrees or Professorship. The successfulness of any politician is not measured by how many years you have spend on studies or how mischievious you are but it is measured by how you make the society happy by laying food on their tables. The above said principles seems to be out of reach by the Biti camp.As for Mafume J,this man is too opportunistic he cant even campaign for himself and all what he is saying in the media are ideas from his Bitis and Mangomas,The man has no stamina at all and he really knows that.One peace of idea to him is “STOP BEING USED ” you have never won even a mantainance case and you purport to be a lawyer.

  10. ngadziputike tinzwe zvedu ma observer.Morgan ,,hameno hanzi Mbiti yu a all thieves analogous to Zanu.

  11. There is no need to be united with BITI and company.They pull the party backwards.Please let their dissociation be permanent,split or whatever term you may want to use.

  12. hamuna nyaya ana Biti kana munayo taurai tinzwe.kana musina ingopedzisai kuimba chimbo cha Peter Tosh chacho titambe zvedu.

  13. concerned citizen

    haya ndiyo MDC ichakwanisa kuchinja zvinu here iyi coz thiz divisions are only benefiting ZANU pf

  14. Tarisai Muchiseka

    Tamirira one party state, ye Jongwe! Hapana asingabe kana awana mukana we kupinda panyanga. Whether ZANU, ZAPU, MDC kana ZUM, changosara kutaura nevakaba vakaguta kare (Zanu PF) kuti guys please focus on the Economy for now mozodzokera henyu kuhunhu hwenyu kana zvinhu zvave bho. Coz mukada kuisa vatsva, vachambotanga vaba, vaba nepevazukuru and we will be in deeper trouble. So we will vote Zanu PF on the belief that VAGUTA, HOMWE DZASARA zvimwe zvingangoteukire kwatiri povho!

  15. kubva pakutanga ndakabheja kuti a street man like morgiza will not rule this country. Right now they confuse themselves,, they is no considerable secrecy within their paty. He plea for the sanctions in order to make people see the economic hardships as rulling party’s faillure. We are suffering bcoz of this man so called chamatama.

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