MDC-T ponders legal route

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s faction has stalled on the recall of 11 MPs including axed secretary-general Tendai Biti amid reports that it has chosen a political route over the legal one to resolve to end the impasse, NewsDay has established.

Paidamoyo Muzulu
Senior Reporter

Informed party sources confirmed that the faction was now divided on how to handle the planned recalling of the 11 MPs considering the legal hurdles that would likely emerge.

The faction despite receiving a mandate from its national council a fortnight ago was still to initiate the recalling process in Parliament after expelling Biti and 10 others.

The expulsions were triggered after the Biti-led faction held a parallel national council meeting that “suspended” Tsvangirai and six of his chief lieutenants including Nelson Chamisa (national organising secretary), Thokozani Khupe (vice-president), Morgen Komichi (national deputy chairman), Lovemore Moyo (national chairman) and Douglas Mwonzora (party spokesperson).

Mwonzora yesterday said the party was still pursuing the option to recall the 11, but would not specifically mention when that would be done.

“We will recall them soon, but I cannot be able to say exactly when. We will exercise that option after the meeting of the standing committee to deal with the issue tomorrow (today),” Mwonzora said.

The 13-member standing committee which has been whittled to nine after the expulsion of Biti, Elton Mangoma (national deputy treasurer-general), Solomon Madzore (national youth president) and the absence of Roy Bennett (national treasurer-general), who is based South Africa in self-imposed exile, is chaired by Tsvangirai.

Mwonzora also confirmed that the MDC-T was considering amending its constitution at its October congress in relation to the secretary-general’s functions.
“Since we are going to congress, one of the items high on the agenda is the amending of the constitution.

“There is need for us to rationalise the various functions of office holders so that a clear chain of command is observed,” Mwonzora said.

“The secretary-general is number five in the party hierarchy and you cannot have a number five seemingly having more power than the numbers two to four.”
The MDC-T hierarchy includes the president, vice-president, national chairman, deputy national chairman and secretary-


  1. Unite not only in MDC but also with ZANUPF, MAVAMBO, ZAPU, businesses and civic society for a better Zimbabwe. not a one party state but unity

  2. Biti did his homework before taking that decision.He knew the outcome ,Mwonzori pliz lets admit we will be out smarted by that cunning lawyer

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  4. We will recall them soon, said Mwonzora!!!!
    I thought you said you were having discussions with about 9 of them who wanted out of the Renewal team?
    Admit it Mwonzora , those guys made their home work and the people behind them are the same people who were behind Tsvangirai since 1999. Until Tsvangirai steps down, there will be a lot of breakaway from the Party. Never think that they have all left. Mud ziti is still on your side and Gorden Moyo as well. They are the next to follow Biti.

  5. This Malawian is just wasting his time. He never did any homework, he’s just plain stupid. A couple of professors (ncube and mutambara) tried to bring down Save but failed. What new thing can this fool do for this nation? Biti’s just myopic. He has ruined his political career by being a zpf hero.

  6. yes they did their home work but where is that home work going to take us, these guys are just playing college politics which doesn’t bring food to the nation. whose interest are these two parties serving? taneta nekunzwa nhau dzisinga waki mhani.

  7. these guys dont care even if they have lost the political battle because they have won financial,from donors to zanu pf diamond money they are going smiling all the way to the bank.There is more from where this came from as long as they continue fighting Tsvangirai, thus the reason they are not in a rush to form their own party,the moment they do the money stops coming in.

  8. It seems everybody who does not agree with mdcteaboy is Malawian albeit that group being part to constitution-making process which agreed that those born in Zimbabwe are Zimbabwens.

  9. @gandanga, a new constitution cannot erase one’s ancestry and his genetic inheritance. This country has been ruled by foreigners since the days of Mzilikazi up to now. Any attempt to perpetuate the status quo is strongly discouraged.

  10. mbiti and zanupf r going 2 their courts is a waste of time. mr tsvangirai rovai ngoma makapfava zvenyu isu vanhu tisu mdc yacho.siyai vakadaro hapana kwavanoenda chero vakahukura sei pamuri SAVE hatibvi

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