Man ordered to pay lobola before divorcing wife


A DOMBOSHAVA man was last Sunday ordered by a traditional court to pay $2 000 as lobola first before divorcing his wife of seven years.


Obert Masanga (54) was brought before Simon Chidziva — the reigning Chief Chinamhora — by his wife Beulah Mhembere (34) for divorcing her without giving her a token that showed that he had annulled the marriage (gupuro).

Beulah said Masanga had disowned her without following the proper traditional divorce channels.

“It all started when we were staying at his mother’s house, but that place was unbearable and I went back to my family,” said Beulah.

“When I returned, this is when he said I had to go back to my family because he no longerloved me.”

Beulah said her parents ordered her to return to Masanga’s home because he had not given her proof that she had been divorced.

She said Masanga did not give her anything, but only told her by word of mouth that he had divorced her.

In his defence, Masanga insisted that he no longer loved his wife because she did not respect him.

“I no longer want this lady because she disrespects me. If you tell her to do something, she reverses everything and moreover, she is too provocative,” said Masanga.

He also said Beulah accused his mother of being a witch, “ behaviour I will not tolerate”.

When asked by Chief Chinamhora if he had paid lobola or given his wife a divorce token, Masanga set the traditional court in stitches when he said he could not really remember what he gave his in-laws.

“(Tupfuma ndakanga ndakabvisa tushoma asi rusambo handichaziva) I had not completed paying the bride price, but I did not give her a token to show that I have divorced her,” he said.

Chief Chinamhora ordered Masanga to pay bride price first before divorcing his wife.

“You had not paid bride price for your wife, so in our culture that is not allowed. So you first have to pay lobola and later give her a divorce token (gupuro) which can be $10,” he said.

The lobola was pegged at $2 000 and three cows, of which two were for the children they have together.

The other cow is for his mother-in-law, the chief ruled.

Chief Chinamhora said Masanga must at least pay either the money or the three cattle by May 25 this year.

But Masanga, who survives on piece jobs, pleaded with the court and the date was later moved to June 22 this year.


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  1. VaChinamhora uku kutunga nedemo.Shifting the dates does not change anything.What matters is the means of acquiring the bride price.This ia harsh.

  2. living conditions were unbearable to a man of 54 and when u came back were they bearable? its funny kana nemiwo waChinamhora chakadzosa mai awa chakange chachinja pamusha wedhara iri namaiwaro chii?

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