Man kills 10-month-old child with beer bottle


KWEKWE — A man who accused his wife of infidelity struck and killed his 10-month-old baby with an empty beer bottle in an attempt to hit the mother.


Wellington Sibanda (25), on Thursday appeared before resident magistrate Taurai Manwere for confirmation of charges over allegations that he killed his daughter — Shalom — with an empty beer bottle on October 14 last year.

It is the State’s case that Sibanda arrived drunk at his home at Zedi Mine in Silobela at around 1800hrs and had a heated argument with his wife Aisha Khan accusing her of infidelity.

He then allegedly swung an empty beer bottle with the intention of hitting Khan but she dogded and the bottle landed on Shalom’s head.

Sibanda rushed his daughter to Kwekwe General Hospital in his car but the baby died on admission at the hospital.

After the death, Sibanda is alleged to have fled his home for a few days before handing himself to the police and was formally charged.

In a warned and cautioned statement Sibanda admitted to having killed his daughter.

But he will have to go through a full trial under Zimbabwean laws.

In Zimbabwe, murder suspects are expected to mount a defence and if they cannot afford lawyers of their choice, the State appoints one for them.

A postmortem report showed that the baby suffered a skull fracture which was 6×6 cm.
Sibanda is currently out of custody on bail.


  1. Not necessarily murder. Element of intention lacks. Deflection of blow. Its Culpable Homicide. Magistrate shld hv to b very careful. Do the laws of Zimbabwe allow one to plead guilt, to say yes i killed someone, wen going thru initial remand in cases of murder

    • Blaz, how do you even know Sibanda’s wife was unfaithful? Allegations do not translate into facts. Zvinokonzererwa nevakadzi kudii when you do not even know what the facts are?

    • Blaz, how do you even know Sibanda’s wife was unfaithful? Allegations do not translate into facts. Zvinokonzereswa nevakadzi kudii when you do not even know what the facts are?

  2. why not just leave the woman, kurova ndokt zviite sei? So iye murume ndiye ange ahura. Nxaa Ngaaende kujeri ibenzi

  3. This is purely a case of the devils doing.we all knoe wat we supposed to do to protect ourselves from such unfortunate incidents.turn to the lord.let God take charge of your life n u will not find yourself in the hands of the devil.surely if u do not hind to the call by our lord jesus u will all perish.the devil is on a war path to kill , steal n destroy and I bet u dnt wanna be found wanting coz he is walking finding who to devour.

  4. Your fate is decided by your own actions.Sibanda is not goin to escape jail in watsoever way.if he killed unintentionally he will be accused of culpable homicide,if it was his plan to dispatch the daughter it will be something like life imprisonment.So if his defense lawyer fight brilliant Sibanda will be put behind bars for 10-15 years for culpable homicide therefore bein given a chance to revise his behavior.Maybe paachabuda mujeri anenge oziva kuti doro harinyanywi or kuti kana wafunga kurova mukadzi tora mwana uise kure wobva wadzatura hako madiro mwana achifara ari pasi_

  5. wwomen are the root of all evil even in the bible women have mainly appeared to be the centre of evil. Look now because of the infidelity of the women an innocent baby was killed.

    • @aerial baba nekudhakwa kwavo are equally evil as wel hondo dzese dzemubible were cozed by man

  6. i was just thinking can this guy not be charged with attempted murder?reason i ask is bottle killed baby was intended for mother.if mother had been caught she might have died an attempt on the mother.or maybe am ovethinking the whole thing

  7. Blaz if you are caught in this situation you will be to face jaile definitely broda no two ways abt it so for now Sibanda is to face and if we are to face it_it wil be anoda era not now.mukadzi anohura haarohwi nebhotoro kana uri munhu anobrainer uye anoziva kuti kunejeri.shamhu,mbama nedivorce nokusaka zviriko

  8. Interestingly, being drunk is considered in mitigation. akati akanga akadhakwa, but anobatwa ne drunken driving futi. Punishment + good move!!

  9. unoona vanhu vechechi vachiti hatibate midzi asi ukasvika kudzimba kwavo unovaona vachimwa tea nembambaira wotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei?

  10. I used to work in a bank. My husband would suspect kuti ndinohura nema work mates and clents. Kungomhoreswa ne client yechirume yaunenge wakagadzirira loan maiwee zvangu. Fortunately he is not a violent man. Ndingadai ndakaurairwa mwana. Varume zvinombofamba sei?

    • we are now in a new generation where disputes are not settled by action. he deserve a better punishment. lets treaty our wives with all the due respect they deserve. respect haibvi pakurova mukadzi. u are failing to pliz them better take them outwo even for a walk if u can not afford chicken inn

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