Macheso, Tafadzwa ‘miss’ each other

Happier times: Alick Macheso and wife Tafadzwa.

THE feud between sungura musician Alick Macheso and his estranged wife Fortunate Tafadzwa Mapako took a new twist yesterday with the two accusing each other of chickening out from DNA tests to determine paternity of their two children.


The two “missed” each other at the agreed venue and failed to have their blood samples collected.

The couple and their two children had, through their respective lawyers, agreed to have their blood samples collected at 2pm at the National Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) laboratory in Harare.

The DNA tests are meant to establish the true paternity of the couple’s children following concerns by the musician that the children might not be his.

Mapako’s lawyer, David Ngwerume, yesterday accused Macheso of “chickening out”.

“We went to the BTS at exactly 2pm together with our client and her two children because the other party’s lawyer had written to us informing us that the blood samples would be taken at that time, but to our surprise, they were not there. In fact, they chickened out,” Ngwerume said.

“We went inside and checked everywhere and found no one, but later I received a call from Macheso’s lawyer advising us that they had not made any booking at all. They are the ones who had informed us of the date and time, but surprisingly they no longer want the tests to be conducted.”

But Macheso’s lawyer, Norman Mugiya, hit back, accusing his counterpart of playing truancy.

“What they are saying is not true at all. We went to BTS before them and when we got there we were told that we should pay for the tests in South African rands. So we rushed to the bank to go and change the US dollars to rands and I called the lawyers and advised them of the situation and requested them to just wait for 15 minutes,” Mugiya said.

“When we went back after getting the money we did not find anyone. They had gone and had switched off their mobile phones. However, we paid the required R1 800 plus $400 and the receptionist indicated that they needed Mapako’s ID and her children’s birth certificate numbers in order for them to process the papers. As soon as that is done, the parties will then be advised of the new date for blood sample extraction. I later managed to call the lawyers after 3pm and they advised me that their client had already gone.”

The order for paternity tests was granted this week by Harare magistrate Tafadzwa Muvhami, after he ordered Macheso to pay $1 030 per month for Mapako and the two minor children’s maintenance.


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  1. Tafadzwa, should you even wait for the courts to order for the pateninty tests. surely surely, i tought you should have just done that without all the rucus, unless, if you are not sure as well

  2. This is a circus and these lawyers are proving liars. Who is telling the truth. Did Mapako lawyer try to phone in his collegue or they are trying to play games. If Tafadzwa is very confident Macheso is the father she can wait the whole day to prove herself if it was me.

    • well this is the sorry state of matters that is been insinuated in playing hide and seek.i for one think that the magistrate knowing the stature in which the case stands in relation to machesos name and public opinion should have ordered DNA tests in a live court room scenario to prove all mystry wrong .
      and also bring about unquestionable truth to the public focal

  3. Lawyers should be more professional than this nonsensical circus that is taking place. What happened to the ethics of this noble profession? Lawyers Society should probe and intervene to stop this circus before bringing disrepute to this noble profession.

  4. Thus shows how so called second wives are gold diggers. She acts like she is really in love with you but to suck all your cash. Men have one wife other than this Macheso’s misery. If you have extra cash or more money, do not spend it with ladies, have trips even overseas because truely, Macheso messed up and now he is paying through his nose. Gold diggers loure stupid men and then dump them like rubbish after getting what they want, check how Tswangirai was treated and same to Macheso.

    • That’s women for you! They can even spend years pretending to be enjoying sex so much, making all gestures of pleasure yet they are not enjoying it at all! They are on a mission all the time! They love your cash, they love your house, they love your car, they love your job but they don’t love you! They love themselves; they want to show off to their friends; they want their friends to envy them! They do that! When they go to the hair saloon it is not for the men; when they dress well; they wear miniskirts, see throughs etc, its not for the men but intended to make other women to envy them. Listen to them whenever they meet, they just talk about how they are dressed, the hair styles, the car that they are seen in, the man that is taking them out, but very few would talk about how they love their man! That’s women for us men!

  5. Va Macheso kwanai, mufunge” maimboti Tafadzwa nyarrara wani nhasi mapindwa nei??
    Newe Tafadzwa wacho manyadzo.

  6. saka malawyer mava kutotora hudofo hwamachesoka, how can u look for each other as if muri mombe. Mombe dzikaita nani coz dzinee dzine mabhero. Ibank ripi iroro ramakanochinja marands rine rate yakanaka. Newsday nhau yepaternity test haisisina kukosha iyi

  7. dont wrry baba va sharo ,if u are surly dat dos children havasi vako continue wth pertenity tests ,bt u lern a lot usangoda vese vese murume unonyura

  8. Aya ndomahumbwe. Macheso accompany lawyer kuti vachinje mari, hahahahaha. or vice vesa. What is more important. Haunawo nguva nevana ava here Macheso. Even ukazoona kuti ndevako uchanyarira pai. Vana vakakura vachamboudzwa kuti baba venyu vakatombotadza kuonekwa ropa kuti vabate shuwa kuti ndevenyu vamhanyira kuno chinja marands. hahahaha.

  9. “Missed” each other?hah Newsday be for real and straight to the point rather than developin two stories from one thing_we knoe u knoe Literature better but we as readers we look forward to c well explained news_anyway they failed to comply to wat ey agreed on but I biliv in “tomorow never dies”Tikati vatadza kusangana nhasi ko mangwana havakwanisi kulinker here_Tiudzei news kana date 3 June rakatarwa rasvika vasina kufulfiller wat the magistratr ruled_

  10. Macheso i have prayed for u God is in control fear not man mstks are common zivakuti makatanga nyaya yema human ryts ndo pakakanyika zimbabwe bcoz even mu bible it is written that mukadzi ari pasi pemurume so vakadzi vakutora ma advntges ema human ryts.but i blve God is wth u jst have faith man.

    • zvapinda papi kuti mukadzi ari pasi pemurume..mahuman rights ndizvo..
      manga majairaka kutsika vakadzi like doormats*…..vanhuwo just like you** wat’s so special about being a male?a bunch of weaklings!!!

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