Kombi crash victims named

The destination plate that was presumably displaced on the windscreen of the commuter omnibus.

RELATIVES of the 10 people killed in the commuter omnibus accident along the Harare-Chitungwiza Road on Monday have accused the vehicle owner of avoiding them and failing to provide funeral assistance.


Speaking to NewsDay in separate interviews yesterday, some of the deceased’s relatives claimed that the kombi owner — only identified as F Ganha — had not shown up even at his late driver Musiiwa Chanengeta’s home in Zengeza to pay condolences.

Police last night released the names of the crash victims and these are Violet Taruvinga (40); Tsikira Nelson Matambo (age unknown); Howard Chipuna (26); Tendai Mukoti Ncube (32); Grace Gomani (26); Judith Chari (7), the driver Chanengeta (28); Forward Chikondowa (30); Menas Chinyora (age unknown); and Reuben Chikafu (39).

Faro Mupandaguta, a brother of the late Chanengeta, said they were yet to meet with the owner of the killer kombi, adding that the deceased’s body would be taken for burial at Chiyangwa village in Zvimba today.

Other disgruntled families accused Ganha of deliberately avoiding them so as not to pay funeral costs.

“We have been phoning the owner of the commuter omnibus F Ganha, but each time his phone is being answered by his wife saying her husband is not around before hanging up,” said a Chitungwiza resident Musinake Chikafu who lost a close relative Reuben Chikafu in the horrific crash that took place near Chinhamo Service Station.

“At the moment, we are still in darkness as to whether we are going to receive any form of assistance from the owner of the commuter omnibus.”

Reuben Chikafu will be buried today at his rural home in Nyashanu, Buhera.
Efforts by NewsDay to contact Ganha were fruitless as his wife refused to co-operate.

Last night, Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo said each of the bereaved families would receive $200 to cover funeral expenses.


  1. It is the behaviour of people like F.Ganha who make people come to conclusions the he is a satanist and that the accident was done for rituals. Sei asina moyo wemunhu achibehaver kunge mhuka kudaro. F.Ganha anemakombi hobho but haasikugona kana kubatsira munhu mumwe chete pamavictims. The wife is also heartless, ava ndovanhu vanoda kurohwa nekudzingwa musociety. Nxa Kukwira kombi yakanzi Ganha its a mistake that should never be reapeated. Akachekeresa vanhu Ganha uyu haaite, instead yekufamba achiteedza nhamo dzacho dzese achibata maoko nekutaridzawo sympathy opa rubatsiro he is playing hide and seek. Ganha you will sink into oblivio ndokutobroker kwawaita uku. Uri nonsense yemunhu, heartless, evil, and the devil’s assistant.

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    • Its the duty of the insurance company to pay for costs associated with kombi accidents,it is not an obligation of the kombi owner but a priviledge

      • in as much as its the duty of the insurance co, we are humans and humans are expected to behave in a crtain way
        its called hunu.
        acting or behaving like someone who came from people

    • This is an accident and do happen unexpectedly. I know this Ganha as a man of people but he sent his condolences to all the bereaving families and also apologising in the in the press for what had happened. I do commute from Chitungwiza and Harare on a daily basis. But to be frank enough they were his representatives attending the funeral and he even contributed $300.00 to each bereaved family. Yes I do agree that all the vehicles must be roadworthy and must have the required docs to be on the road and the driver must also posses what is required for him to be able to drive the vechicle. This Ganha man is a down to earth man and is not selfish as we might think. I understand he is also battling to come to terms with the tragic loss to all those families who lost their beloved ones. He doesn’t value material things more than human lives.

      • Also our police must man the roads diligently and must flush out all unroadworthy vehicles and all the unlicensed drivers on the road. They musn’t value the spot fines more than human lives.

  2. Haana mari yacho saka you may try kumusvina but haana so let us do what we can do to our relatives just bury them and see what happens next. This is the problem with our transport system, many kombis are unlicensed, uninsured and are on road driven by unlicensed drivers, Until our transport system is overhauled and a proper system put in place we will then be safe. The H-Metro is proving well so if we can have many like that so that those who value their safety will use the H-Metro buses and those who want it fast can use these killer kombis.

  3. The only solution is to remove all small kombis from the road. Introduce big or maybe relatively big kombis like the minibuses and these should be registered and people should pull resources together and built a fleet together with an business address where they can be accessed. The problem with these small kombis is if anything happens it is very difficult to trace them or trace the owner. In the past you would go to the garage of the bus owner if anything happens or you loose your goods on the bus. Please bring back the old system only this time with an improvement. All kombi owners can come together and pull resources to own buses with one name.

  4. Pliz ,it comes back to the police,something is clear.A lot of combis do not have the papers and Drivers do not have all the papers too.When are we to have faith back in our police,,,,,,God help

  5. We need to wake up and be realistic as Zimbabweans, there is something called third party insurance that we stick on our wind screens.These are the terms “Full Third Party (FTP): This covers liability for death or bodily injury to others plus damage to property of others up to a certain amount limit.” and “third party injury standard $10,000 with option to increase to level desired by client”. So Comrade Chombo is being a good comrade by giving these families some money from the government’s pocket. Our government is pathetic.

    • You are partly correct on the issue of third party insurance, however if the combi is not registered as public transport operator the situation could be very different. If the combi is not registered as public transport anyone travelling in it is treated as a guest passenger. I last did insurance law in 2001, so my understanding of the law could be hazy. However, I remember that guest passengers are not covered by third party insurance. In summary if the combi is not licensed to carry passengers the victims may not be covered by the insurance.

    • Yes the owner may have erred, he is only human and he is afraid of going to these funerals coz he does not know the kind of reception he will get.

      I for one know that he sent people to each of the deceased’s families and gave them $300 to assist with burial costs. It is not enough but at least he has shown remorse and sympathy. We can never compensate enough for a dead person.

      May the Souls of the deceased RIEP.

  6. I agree with you concerned citizen.I think kombis should be removed from our public transport system and have proper buses reintroduced with strict regulations to moniter their operations.

  7. chokwadi ndechekuti hakuna driver anema papers akakwana anoda kushanda nekombi because of the nature yebasa racho ndosaka kuchivanikwa vakawanda vasina chavainacho.

  8. There are 2 or more roadblocks frm harare to chitungwiza..arikuitei mapurisa acho…game 5 dollrs yatipedza

    • And for six months this guy was driving. Those who were manning these road blocks are equally calpable.

  9. kunyepa chaiko. Zimbabwe zimbabwe living n lies,lies owez. Yesterday a convoy of operators,went 2 most of these families wth 300 bucs raised at a meeting n Zengeza 2 shops. They represented F .Gana & kombi operators,vanhu musataure kwamusina kuswera

  10. Its a shame that our police manning roadblocks to protect commuters have turned these roadbolcks into tollgates.How on earth can a comb driver do 14 to 18 trips on the same route,passing through these roadbolcks without proper documents as required by the law.This morning as we pass through Mabvuku turn off from Ruwa one Police officer had to shout on our comb as the driver was leaving the roadblock,he wanted to know if the driver had paid.So its now a case of police collecting money and the driver is certified fit to drive…..

    Police must also be accountable,they are contributing to these losses of innocent souls.Please my beloved Zimbabweans who is going to look after these innocent children left behind,who is going to pay for their fees,life is precious guys…..its painful.May the souls of all those who passed away in this horror crush rest in peace.

  11. traffic police ngaibude muroad hapana chavarikutibatsira nacho basa rekungo titonyoresa makombi chete.

  12. makombi anyanya,vanoita zvavanoda hapachina mutemo.kana izvozvi mukati mumastreets
    vadzoka kuvhara maroads ose kunyange mapurisa aripo. Mapurisa acho anotambidzwa
    mari namahwindi nerweseri.Tirikupona namwari nguva zhinji dzatinobva kumba,nokudzoka
    kubasa motikari dzinenge dzakawanda muroad dai zvisirizvo taipera tose navanhu ivava.
    Gvnt ngaibvise makombi iwaya kune mabhazi akawanda anogona kufamba navanhu zvakanaka
    plus CMED inemabhazi akangogara asina basa.Police commisioner ngavambofamba mumastreets
    vaone zvinoita maofficer avo.

  13. While we sympathise with the families of the deceased, the truth of the matter is that the kombi owner does not have the capacity to cover and compensate all the families. Some changes need to be taken regarding insurance cover for transport operators because such accidents often occur when the owner himself is struggling to cover other expenses and daily living.

  14. All vehicles that are licensed to carry passengers must have, passenger liability cover. This used to be a requirement when one wanted to licence a passenger carrying vehicle. It was a “no fault cover” designed to offer some financial benefit to injured or deceased pasengers on board these vehicles. A passenger carrying vehicle needed to display a disc showing the validity of the this passenger cover and the number of passengers that the vehicle was licensed to carry. If this is no longer the case then once again we have the regulatory authorities to blame. My all deceased rest in eternal peace, may the injured recover quickly and the breaved find comfort.

  15. On monday in the town I’m from, I was stopped at a roadblock. A kombi that had three passengers in the front with the fourth one being the driver was pulled over. The driver got out with a folded paper concealing the money inside and handed it over to one of the cops while the other cop pretended to be inspecting the vehicle. Within two minutes the kombi was on its way with all the four in the front seat. This same kombi that killed people in Chitungwiza had passed through two roadblocks. Now someone please tell of what use these roadblocks apart from collecting bribes?

  16. On monday in the town I’m from, this is what I personally witnessed. A kombi with three passengers in the front seat plus the driver was stopped at a roadblock, the conductor got out with a folded laminated paper concealing the bribe money inside while another cop walked around the kombi ‘inspecting’. Within moments they were on their way as if everything was normal. This kombi that killed people in Chitungwiza had passed through two roadblocks. It is obvious the purpose of roadblocks nowadays is for the collection of bribes and nothing else.

  17. While family members of the deceased pple are busy mourning their relatives, F Ganha is busy mourning his damaged kombi & is counting his loses. Thus he believes that compensating injured & dead pple will be a loss on top of a loss. Chisi chako masimba mashoma.

  18. All passenger carrying vehicles must have passenger liability insurance cover. This was so in the past when it was a licensing requirement to have passenger liability cover. This was a no fault basis cover (the passengers got compensated nomatter what,all one had to do was prove his/her presence in the insured vehicle). Although the cover was limited, it gave the bereaved a starting point and the injured a source of money to pay hospital bills and permanent disability. If this is no longer rge case then the Ministry of Transport is asleep as usual. May the deceased rest in eternal peace, may the injured recuperate and the bereaved find comfort.

  19. This kombi reportedly had passed through two police roadblocks. I myself witnessed a kombi that had four people on the front seat including the driver at a roadblock. The conductor got out holding a laminated folded paper concealing the bribe money inside and approached the officers while one of them pretended to be inspecting the kombi. Moments later they were on their way as if everything ws normal. Other than the purposes of soliciting for bribe money, the police have no business being on the roads.

  20. chaifanirwa kuitwa na this ganha guy at kuratidzawo chiwanhu chedu kubatawo maoko, then about funeral assistance from him apa panonetsa mari yacho anayo here zvimwe yaingowewo from hand to mouth or fifty fifty nemushakabvu am not supporting him but just viewing from another angle.

  21. kuchekeresa chaiko ndiko kwakaitwa apa..ngaabatsire vanhu Ganha uyu…..chiiko kuita moyo wakaoma kudaro munhu one makombi akawanda kudaro

  22. Let us b realist guys 10 victims are not easy to compansate bt to man enough F Ganha aifanira kunobatawo maokowo zvawo

  23. This article makes for interesting reading. The reporter concentrated a lot of effort on reporting what the bereaved families are saying instead if doing an analysis of what insurance cover the passengers are supposed to have. After reading the article and also a comment from one reader about third but insurance, k couldn’t stop wondering at the shallowness if the report.
    I even wonder at the level of journalism that is in this country now. This opportunity is supposed to educate people on what they have in insurance cover or what should be in place which is not available.
    In fact, I also observe that government has a tendency if making handouts after road accidents but they are mum on what should bd ideal. For example,here in Africa, there is fund called road accident fund where victims of road accidents get compensation. Chimbo us in government and as such should lead iniatives of this nature by proposing legislation and establishment of such a fund.
    Lastly I would like to correct a family reader who said third party insurance is for a purpose like this. It is not to cover personal injuries but to cover insurance of the third party vihecle. Maybe it’s different in Zimbabwe.

    I also would like to mention that there is no obligation on the owner to pay individual visits to families of victims. Neither I’d he obliged to pay any form of compensation if the law did not require him to have cover for the passengers. If there is legal provision for having such insurance in place this person can be sued in a suite if law. To the owner I say you are right by not visiting anyone.ig is standard practice works wide to issue your condolences through a newspaper if radio.

  24. Let us b realist guys 10 victims are not easy to compansate bt to b man enough F Ganha aifanira kunobatawo maokowo zvawo

  25. mapurisa ngaamborega chioko muhomwe and do their best to help take off all unroadworthy combies and jail all unlicenced drivers and taxi owners coz how can a combi owner give someone a combi to drive without a licence ngavasungwe vanhu ivava tingapera

  26. Vanhu vazhinji vedu makazungaira too much,kombi dzinomhanyiswa zvinotyisa but hapana ano tsiura. Pakazove netsaona mochema futi. Ini ndinogara ndichitsiura imbwa zhinji dzinodriver makombi aya but zvimapassenger ndizvo zvinotenga nyaya kuti siyana nadriver. Kana pafiya mochitanga kuhumana,fokofu yenyu mhani imi!

    • Dambudziko nderedu isu vafambi ngatibatanei kana tiri mumapublic transport aya kana driver achifambisa motokari yake zvisina mwero ngatimutsiurei kana aramba kutsiurika ngatiburukei mumota yacho iyoyo. But munozoona mamwe mapassengers mukati imimo vachitove mberi kutsigira driver uyu ari kufamba zvisakarurama votokuudzwa kuti timu yakabayiwa bhora mberi driver asingade ngaaburuke zvake.

  27. the owner of the kombi haana mari so plz lets jst bury our fellow man and pray 2 GOD dat accidents lyk thiz will not happen again

  28. Musakwire ma kombi ekwa Ganato hama dzangu the man is heartless surely atadza kubata maoko chaiwo.nxaa.

  29. Ngaasadro munhu wemkadzi anoshinga kudaro k kana baba vasipo iye ngaachiendaka ko hantie Ganha imbabvu yake hre

  30. honestly how do we expect the owner of the kombi to pay funeral expenses for 10 persons ? even the family of the dead killer driver is expecting Ganato to assist them and yet it is their relative who was negligent in discharging his duties !!!!.
    It is not fair to demand or expect some form of compensation from the Kombi owner. The only compensation should be expected from the passenger insurance company kana iripo.

  31. This is murder and all forensic tests must be done. Ganha must go to jail. Lets set the tone so that Kombis become a safe means of transport for all Zimbabweans. Ganha should be charged with murder if his car fails tests. He must be made to compensate each deceased from $500.00 and above depending also on the family dependancy or imprisonment of not less than 2 years.

    Ganha to the Court heading to Chikurubi!

  32. Nhai tax owner watadza here kubatsira wafirwa . Iyi i tsaona yakaitika in business there is loss saka zvitambire zvakaitika . Hapana anga kurwise kana ukaenda kunobata maoko sei uri heartless

  33. Kombi business rakaoma vehama,profit ishoma ,ma repairs,service,council,police,vid,passenger insurance,third party insurance,zinara,presumptive tax,rank disk,fitness,route permit,operator’s licence.
    Musavenge ma kombi operators or drivers we are just ordinary people trying to feed our families and mitemo yacho inodiwa just for a driver who will be getting a wage of 40 a week is too much, licence ,5 years class 2 experience,medical endorsement ,retest,defensive driving are just too many.

    You instead should be helping operators to complain about the countless requirements for a kombi

  34. I believe there is Passenger insurance which is a requirement for each and every public Kombi operating, isn’t it in such times as this when the insurance company should cover for funeral and other expenses or its only a requirement which is benefiting the wrong people. Someone who knows better please help here.

  35. Just to ask, in which circumstances that the Passenger insurance assist? In such times as these is it the owner of the Kombi or the Insurance company which is supposed to assist with funeral expenses? I think the kombi owner will not be able to meet the expenses for 10 funeral but the insurance which issued Passenger insurance.

  36. These kombi drivers are to blame. He was speeding. I think the police must apply an iron fist on these drivers. Vatipedzera vanhu.

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