Heath Streak Academy opens


THE Heath Streak Academy, run by the former senior national cricket team captain, will be officially opened in Bulawayo tomorrow.


A member of the board of the academy, former Education, Sport, Arts and Culture minister David Coltart, says he is impressed with the effort that has been put to bring the facility, housed at the old Mac Club, to world standards.

He said in a Twitter and Facebook post yesterday:  “To celebrate the occasion, a Family Fun Day has been planned around the opening.  There is going to be a T20 cricket match which starts at 2pm and plenty of other things to do.

“In my capacity as a board member of the academy, I was shown around the academy on Tuesday and am amazed at how much work has been done by Heath and Nadine Streak and Joseph Rego and their team. There has been a substantial investment in rejuvenating the old Mac Club which it is almost unrecognisable.

“Aside from the wonderful new, enlarged cricket nets and the magnificent field, there is a new gym, completely renovated changing rooms, showers etc and a superb new restaurant. The academy is going to be a centre of sporting excellence for many sports, not just cricket.

While obviously the main focus is on cricket, the gym is going to be one of the best in Bulawayo, a 5 aside hockey pitch is being planned, there is a tiny tots rugby programme and swimming coaching.

“I urge the Bulawayo public to turn out in support of this great initiative by one of our sporting heroes who is putting so much back into our community. So many people either leave or just give up on Zimbabwe — Heath, supported by Nadine, Joseph and many in the Bulawayo business community, has demonstrated that with a positive spirit miracles can be achieved, even in the most depressed economies. So if you want your spirits lifted and to be encouraged, come along on Sunday (tomorrow).”


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