Harare carnival ends in style

CURTAINS came down yesterday on this year’s second edition of the 10-day Harare International Carnival which was running under the theme Celebrating Our Diversity.


It was the Street Party dubbed Southern Africa’s Biggest Street Party and the Carnival Zimdancehall night which ignited the excitement that had been anticipated when the feté roared into life.

Hundreds of dancehall enthusiasts who thronged the Harare Gardens were left clamouring for more as dancehall chanters like Dadza D, Soul Jah Love and Winky D, among others, put up sterling performances in a fully packed venue.

All the artistes showed that they are serious contenders to the dancehall throne.

Of late, dancehall is proving to be the genre of the moment as it is attracting sizable crowds as compared to other genres like sungura.

Event organiser Patson Chimbodza of Chipaz Promotions hailed the musicians for their performance and said they will continue promoting the dancehall genre.

“I am happy for the success of the show and pleased by the way all the musicians performed as they were in their top form keeping the show alive,” Chipaz said.

The Carnival Street Party which was a major highlight of the carnival was a resounding success.

The event started with a march led by the newly-crowned Miss Carnival 2014 Gamuchirai Kujeke and several local and visiting bands before culminating into a big bash at Africa Unity Square where merry-makers enjoyed non-stop music and dance.

Zimbabweans finally got a chance to see the famous Brazilian Samba dancers at the festival.
The renowned dancers last year failed to make it for the country’s inaugural edition of the carnival.
Countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Trinidad & Tobago, Namibia and South Africa graced the event. The Exodus Steel Band from Trindad & Tobago won the hearts of many with their well-choreographed dance routines.
Some of the activities that were lined up for this year included the Carnival Exotic Night, Comedy Night where Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba was the main attraction as he stole the limelight with his sense of humour.
Chinotimba, who had been ridiculed in many jokes on social network platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook unleashed hilarious jests that left revellers in stitches matching local comedians
like Doc Vikela and Simba the Comic, Carnival Fashion Show and Carnival sungura night among others.Zimbabwe is borrowing the concept of carnival from other countries where carnivals are real business events.

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  7. All this senseless revelry is what caused the world to get destroyed in the days of Noah.

    If, rather, we could have a week of joy and celebration worshipping and praising our Creator in song dance and creativity, I’m sure that the windows of Heaven will be opened for our nation. The solutions to our different situations (health, finance etc) which currently are hidden from our eyes, will be made clear.

    It is possible for God to open the eyes of our scientists and show them the cure for incurable ailments.

    Not all this jive.

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