Govt to splash $12m on MPs’ vehicles

THE government is set to spend over $12,4 million on vehicles for legislators following disclosures that the Parliamentary Vehicle Scheme had received the green light from Treasury.


This came out during a joint caucus meeting held yesterday by MPs from across the political divide and Parliament administration staff.

Confirming the development that is set to raise a lot of dust, Gokwe-Kana MP Owen Ncube (Zanu PF) said MPs had been given a model of the scheme which allowed the 355 MPs to purchase vehicles up to a maximum of $35 000 from Croco Motors.

“We are elated that finally we are getting our vehicles because we will now be able to service our constituencies” Ncube said.

Chikomba MP Felix Mhona (Zanu PF) said they had been directed to get quotations of the luxury vehicles from their preferred supplier, Croco Motors.

“We are now getting our quotations and we will hand them to the Parliament accounts department,” he said. ads Ads

The MP said the $35 000 would be deducted from their sitting allowances and channelled towards payment for the vehicles.

“This is a good move given the liquidity crisis and it was the best possible option for legislators,” Mhona said.

However, some MDC-T MPs were unhappy that the vehicles were coming a year after they had been sworn into office.

They were not happy that they had to pay for the vehicles when Cabinet ministers got them for free.

Chitungwiza North MP Godfrey Sithole said he was worried about paying for such expensive vehicles.

“We are not happy because ministers got their four vehicles for free as soon as they got into office, but we had to wait for a year,” he said.

Sithole said MPs were the people on the ground and were supposed to be given first priority. St Mary’s legislator Taruvenga Unganai said they had been denied the opportunity to choose the vehicles.

“We were all forced to get the Ford Ranger from Croco Motors. We should have been accorded an opportunity to choose the vehicle of our choice and a garage of preference,” he said.

Some MPs were sceptical that they would get the vehicles saying the government had no such money adding that it was just a way of quelling flaring tempers.

“We were told a month ago to go and get quotations for vehicles of our choice and last week Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said he was running around to mobilise about $10 million for the vehicles,” one of the legislators who refused to be named said.

“We are still not sure if this is scheme has finally been given the green light. I think they are just trying to calm down tempers.”

The issue of vehicles has remained an area of concern with most legislators indicating that they were unable to properly carry out their mandate in their respective constituencies as they did not have cars.

Efforts to get a comment from Chinamasa were fruitless yesterday.

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  1. I hope this move was done after consideration of the public who have to endure hours looking for water!!! Icho!!!!!!

    1. Ko Zanu pf were is look east policy government is broke more over Tsvangirai and Biti pushed to increase 80 seats for women.With $100 000 thy can nicer and strong cars from Japan


    1. Shame @KABILA you posted this late. MPs have already acquired cars from Croco.

  3. good observation doesnt end with the purchase of the cars.then they will get fuel allowances,service.and after four years the can buy them from the state for 2dollars.

    1. they will not buy them after 4 years they are paying for them slowly

  4. now yu are saying yu want vehicles so that yu properly carry out r mandate in r respective constituencies, ko pamaicampena maiti muchazoita sei vakomana ngatisapedze mari yenyika tichidaro, why going to croco when we have our own wilovale mazda saka ichangovharaka, Zimbabwe ndaitadza ini

  5. Are our elected members of parliament aware that expecting mothers in their constituencies are now required to fork out around $45 at hospitals and clinics to get medical attention regardless of how poor they may be? Are they aware that hundreds of people have no proper shelter and meals at Chingwizi camp? Are they aware that roads on which they want to drive their top of the range vehicles are pot-holed and most of them need serious repair? Are they aware that there are more pressing issues in life affecting the people they represent? Shame on the whole bunch of them parasites.

  6. Harare izere nemota dzekuJapan dzakasimba kudarika ford ranger. Nyika irikutambura @35000k panobuda mota 20 dzakasimba. Chinamasa itsotsi. Chinamasa migwagwa ichafamba mota diki nehombe yaparara. Heee Biti arikuramba nemari heee bla bla bla. Ko ndezvipi izvi?

  7. aerial production

    it nw showing tht all u MPs are greedy, hw cn u talk of cars nw instead of helping to mend the economy first. Right nw you postponed civil servants salary dates yet u want to waste 12m of cars. A Harrier is not a bad car from Japan for nw, the more you work the more you earn

  8. I really wonder where the hearts of these men is. it goes to show they care less about the goings on in this country. With a lot of things that require urgent attention surely other things are worth sacrificing for the good of the nation.

  9. haaa this guys they don’t look what surround then but they pursue to feed their stomach, but forget what the mess the economy is, i dont think treasury can issue something hameno hayo crocco motor that willing to extend a faccility to this guy inesure mmmm hameno pamwe

  10. taura hako ginger brown vanoda motor kuti vakadzidza kupi

  11. buying a single car for 35 thousand!!!!? common logic inoti this is madness!!! Import from japan you can by more than 50 good cars!!! now MP vanopiwa 35 thousand vozopiwa mari yokudeveloper area yavo 50 thousand….hezvo!? nxaa!!!

  12. quite from Sithole….” Our M.P`s are people on the ground, so we were supposed to get first preference…”.

    Its just food for thought, given the state of roads, sewer, water, rail….etc.

  13. muchararangarira vachiti Isu povo “we are importing rubbish”… ndozvavaireva zvacho izvi.. they can use our hard earned tax money kutenga zvisiri rubbish..

  14. Splashing MPs with hefty loans can hardly be said to raise dust. We heard quite a few murmurings from MPs of previous parliaments crying foul that they have still not been paid their allowances from a long time back. The newspaper headline may be misleading readers just for the sake of persuading them to cash up and buy it.

  15. the government is not playing cash therefore wilovale will not be able to provide the required amount of vehicles.2) just as you need money to better your family MPs need the right surport systems to be in place to better serve the people

  16. people the government cant buy ex-japs those cars are rubbish a waste of government resources you need to stop thinking like you are in a bar

    1. my brother what can one do when he can afford an exjap ndofamba netsoka here?when there is a car going for $2000

  17. This is painful. Is there a chance that the “land of milk and honey” will ever return? To Nyangani Muwani, its not about who is being rewarded but delivering for Zimbabwe. It does not matter which political party is running the country, but what they deliver for Zimbabwe. Period!

    Zimbabwe . . . a land of well read people but no education

  18. Mati madii muZimbabwe ma politicians arikutonga no accountability povo inongodiwa pama elections chete.Maguta ma sewage arikuyerera munzizi,magetsi hakuna,zvipatara hazvina mishonga,mari kuvanhu hakuna,mabasa hakuna,corruption the order of the day.You come to a country like UAE desert chete but with drip irrigation they are growing all types of vegetables,the infrastructure is improving very fast, citizens’ lives are improving.They are creating forests where there was a desert.Zero tolerance to corruption you can not bribe police or government officials.Ndoo nyika ka idzi!

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