Govt to lease Mutare’s Meikles Park

THE government, through the Local Government ministry, has taken over Meikles Park in Mutare and reportedly plans to lease it out to a private company after settling for a land swap involving more than 100 hectares of land with the local authority.


Documents shown to NewsDay have revealed that government has acquired the land and plans to lease it to Stallvic Enterprises (Private) Limited, for construction of a hotel.

On April 23 2014, the acting secretary for Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, only identified as Shawatu RA, wrote to Mutare town clerk Obert Muzawazi, confirming the deal. Part of the letter, referenced Transfer of Meikles Park confirmed that the local authority would receive 100 hectares of land for the city’s expansion as compensation.

“Could you please urgently transfer the land commonly known as Meikles Park to the Government of Zimbabwe as per our agreement?” read the letter.

“On the other hand, we would like to advise you that once the 100 hectares you chose from stand 1965 Mutare has been demarcated and title surveyed, the land will be transferred to council by the ministry,” added the letter.

Efforts to establish the directorship of Stallvic Enterprises were fruitless as council officials were not forthcoming with details.

Meikles Park, a prime piece of land located in the city’s central business district, has been the centre of controversy in Mutare and at one point a deal was nearly reached between a Chinese company and the city before residents and some city fathers raised objections saying the park should not be privatised.

The Meikles Park issue also led to a fallout between former Mutare former mayor Brian James and and council management after the former objected to the land swap deal.

James was subsequently dismissed by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo in 2012.

Currently, some portions of the park are being used as a square and a flea market.

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  1. building a hotel for who? Mutare does not even have a movie house and yet they want to embark on a a costly project. why don’t they renovate the old movie house first. the youth in Mutare are being forced to indulge in certain activities that are not appropriation for their ages.

    food for thought local government and mutare city council.

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  5. Asi chii nhai????? Ko Africa Unity Square pane Hotera here ??? paye pane maFountain podzimikwa hotera??? Mutikwanirevo plizz let him buy outside or even the area near Sakunda at the Roundabout or behing the Mutare Museum there is adequate space for a hotell!!!! Meikles Park is Mutares central green!!!

    BULAWAYO has Centenary Park, HARARE has AFRICA UNITY SQUARE, Even vana NEW YORK in USA have CENTRAL PARK ko muno yazoshatei kunge tiine a place like MEIKLES PARK??? Musakare mari in this manner. We are watching every move. Ndizvo makadzingira Brian James our beloved Mayor????

    1. Taura zvako this is bad for Mutare kukara chete hapana chimwe

    2. Wawayi saMAnyika Wawayi…ngekuti awaziba kuiteGo u a

  6. money changing hands. Zvimwe itai muchinyara varume kuitira mangwana!!! Asi hamuna maruva kudzimba dzenyu?? Ruvanze rwemusha harutengeswe nyangwe nhamo yaruma sei!!! Leave that place alone or just ameliorate it to fit mordern tastes of a CENTRAL GREEN kwete zvekuti munhu angowane maBragging rights ekuti ndepangu!!

  7. Sakubva Yetse

    Zvinoshamisa. Another hotel? Iwo acho ari muno are getting booked once in 3 months. Asi vari kuda kuwaka brothel since the park is very near 4 notorious nightclubs?

  8. Central business districts do not need to be built on every inch of land. Breathing spaces and entertainment green areas are necessary for ordinary citizens strolling through town. Why not have the hotel built in the very same land which is supposed to be swarped with the Meikles Park? Why not tell Mutare residents and the nation at large who Stallvic is owned by? And, why Stallvic is particularly interested in this specific portion of Mutare city centre?

  9. Mupfumi haabhadhari,washandi wake wari kutambura nenhamo
    mabhoyi haana basa nehupenyu hwewamwe wanhu

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    and the next person is not valued

  11. its a cover land is still going to Chinesse

  12. proudblackson

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  13. proudblackson

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