Fight alone — Parly tells MDC-T


SPEAKER of Parliament Jacob Mudenda yesterday refused to be dragged into the MDC-T internal fights, saying the House does not resolve intra-party conflicts.


Mudenda advised warring MDC-T factions – one led by party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and another by axed party secretary-general Tendai Biti — fighting over the recalling of MPs, to approach the courts for arbitration.

Mudenda said neither himself nor Senate president Edna Madzongwe had the authority to make a ruling over the threats to recall the MPs.

“In any case, neither the Honourable President of the Senate nor the Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly has authority and a role to play in internal disciplinary actions, disputes or differences within political parties, which matters may be appropriately dealt with by a competent court,” Mudenda said.

MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe on May 2 wrote Mudenda indicating intent to recall nine party MPs accused of siding with Biti’s faction.
The Biti faction is composed of party members seeking Tsvangirai’s ouster as party leader.

Khupe’s letter followed one written pre-emptively by Biti on April 28 seeking to protect the MPs from being recalled by Tsvangirai.
Khupe argued that she was the one vested with the sole authority to recall MDC-T MPs as their leader in the House.

The fallout between Tsvangirai and Biti started after party deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma was assaulted at the party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare for calling for leadership renewal.

Mangoma was suspended and eventually expelled over his stance, a move Biti described as unconstitutional.

After failing to find common ground, Biti’s faction privately met in Harare on April 26 where they “lifted” Mangoma’s suspension and went on to “suspend” Tsvangirai, Khupe, party national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa, his deputy Abedinico Bhebhe, national chairman Lovemore Moyo, his deputy Morgan Komichi and party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora.

Yesterday, Mudenda said he had studied the correspondence from both Khupe and Biti and concluded that the letters “contained no legal issues that require the Honourable President of the Senate or the Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly to pursue or rule on whether or not to act pursuant to the provisions of section 129 (1) (k) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe”.

Mudenda added: “I have accordingly responded to the two letters from Honourable Biti and Honourable Khupe informing them accordingly.”

Biti camp spokesperson Jacob Mafume yesterday said Parliament’s decision “vindicated the position by our secretary-general [Biti]” that Tsvangirai and “his lot” had no right to recall the MPs.

“If they [Tsvangirai and his team] think they are right, they should go to court,” Mafume said.

“We are now going to proceed with the tribunal to determine their cases. We have always said Tsvangirai has bush lawyers who do not understand the law.”

But MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said Mudenda’s ruling showed that he [Mudenda] had refused to endorse Biti’s interpretation of the law.

“The Speaker has not said in his ruling that the MDC has no right to recall its Members of Parliament. He has not endorsed Biti’s claim that he is the person who has the power to recall MDC MPs,” Mwonzora said.

“For that reason, the door has been kept open for the MDC-T to recall any MP who ceases to be its member. In the next few days the MDC is, therefore, going to formally communicate with the Speaker its decision to recall the concerned MPs.”


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  1. tsvangison ngwarira kunyura mupfana wani. ku court uko haubude. mese makaita zvisiri pamutemo kungo suspendana suspendana.

  2. the battle begins .Its like the battle at thermopyle were King Leonidas and a handfull (300) spartans ,defeated the God king Xerxes with an army of 200 000 Persian.Leonidas had once said “with skill and cunning the persian numbers count to zero”Tsvangirai is Xerxes with numbers .Biti is Leonidas with just a small tactiful and cunning team .tinosvika 2018 and no one will win this battle

    • What a nice folk tale. But my advice is Dream on. Zimbos belong to the 21st century not the stone age We know what we want

  3. vaMwomzora siyanai navo vanhu nine ivavo vakadaro,imi nesu ngatienderere mberi nekugadzira musangano wedu,tingapedza nguva tichitaura nezvevanhu vabuda mupolitics,cant they look back to or even in ZANU,were did Ndabaningi,Dhumiso,Makoni,Tekere go ?just to mention a few,N;ube the profe.Misihairambwi,etc go,prof.J.Moyo tried it and …………..back.This is aZANU project thats why they call themselves

  4. Mudenda’s decision is a clear indication that Biti has no case. I can bet all I have that if, in his opinion, the case favored Biti, Mudenda would have made a ruling. Now he is referring them to the courts where the case will remain pending until the next elections.

    And by the way is this Mudenda person in anyway related to the Mudenda of the Willowgate fame? He cannot possibly be the one the nation is now addressing as “Mr Speaker Sir”.

    My country is a disgrace.

  5. Youth in Mdc-t its high time thy choose a faction which thy see with Future and allow them to participate without redtapes. Tsvangirai or Biti coz last election exposed the cruelty of Mdc-t which lead to some to stand as indepent and some never returned to politics bUT the question is who was responsible blockeing youths to rise in the part?Tsvangira or Biti?Tsimwe nzenguva unombo shaya kuti zviri kufamba sei

  6. @kufakwejeyi yes its the same Mudenda of the Willowgate scandal . somebody just remembered him and recalled him to parly. Its a rotten way of ruling the country country. the corrupt now hold the highest offices of power. Nothing good can come out this scandalous speaker.

  7. This good news, we didn’t expect anything good to come from a zanupf speaker concerning mdc affairs anyway. Better to go to the courts where there is a ray of hope for a fair judgement

  8. Tsvangison haunzwi. You were caught sleeping again. You could have allowed Mangoma to ramble on without suspending him but thanks to the advice of the school boy Chamisa and bush lawyer Mwonzora. You know very well kuti the courts here are Mugabe’s courts. Now with this in mind there are 2 options to the out come. 1) They will shelve it and sustain fights between the 2 factions 2) If they decide to deal with it, they have favour in Biti and your guys will face recalling and they will start running away from you. The mathematics is to isolate you. This judgement is likely to be delivered in 2015/2016 because this way you will be very disorganised for the 2018 election. Takuyambira futi!!! This is politics waita mutete shamwari and all this because of the zanu pf women you got out with. A disgrace for sure

  9. Hapachina nezve party apa. Wasted time from 1999 to 2014 thinking that we have people who could actually lead the country only for them to prove us wrong by parading themselves as worse than the revolutionary looters. We would rather be stuck with ruthless Zanu PF than be exposed to this clueless circus.

  10. Tsika dzinoti kana murimumba hamutukane kana kurwa kana kufumurana paneruzhinji nekuti mangwana munozonyara. Ndinofunga anenge abhowekana nemumwe wake anongo suduruka atsvaka mumwe. Ko unodiirei kusiya wamusvotesa, pamaive mese waisaona kuipa kwake, kwazoipasei nhasi imi maive mose kubva 1999. Koiwe mukuru wacho zvawaona kuti vechidiki vashaya zano mauri wadii wasuduruka?

  11. Fighting for freedom is not easy .We can spend ages in this struggle but it is wrong for Biti and Mangoma to negotiate in bad faith during the GNU.They negotiated for money and promised to destroy MDC T.If Tsvangirai is not strong enough come 2018 there will be no strong party to challenge ZanuPf.

  12. hanz rambai muchirwaa wat a crazy stmt from e speaker….zpf wil make sure that vachashandisa varume vanoti biti na mangoma kuvhiringidza mdc t.kana mdct ika simbirira nekurwa na biti it wil b an adv to zpf to campaign wel so they wil achiev

  13. “50 members for Biti at Mutare” Discuss.

    -Mutare is a city with 34 000 pple.
    -Mutare has apprix 24 000 registered voters
    -Only aged were gathered at Biti’s camp
    -anticipating for cash
    -just imagine, 50
    -compare with Epworth


  14. how good was Thomas Mapfumo many years back when he sang ‘Jojo zvenyika, jojo chenjera…ndakuyambira jojo unozofa..Jojo siyana nazvo…..

  15. Viva Biti Viva it is an insult to compare T Boy with. Harvard Recognised Lawyer; best finance minister in Africa and best finance minister Zimbabwe ever had Taurai tindwe
    BITI for president

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