Coalition against Mugabe takes shape


THE MDC-T renewal team yesterday said moves towards a “grand coalition” with other “progressive democratic forces” in the country to unseat the ruling Zanu PF in the 2018 elections were taking shape.


Interim chairman Samuel Sipepa Nkomo told journalists in Harare that the faction was engaging churches, political parties, civic society and other “democrats” to form a formidable force against President Robert Mugabe.

He said their idea had found takers in Zimbabwe, the region and international community.

Sipepa Nkomo said talks had been held with the MDC led by Welshman Ncube, Dumiso Dabengwa’s Zapu and Simba Makoni’s Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn.

Efforts were being made to engage the Lovemore Madhuku-led National Constitutional Assembly, he said.

“I do know that a preliminary meeting has been held and we have agreed in principle that it will be good to work together in a grand coalition and hopefully next week, we will hold a second meeting on the issues and hope to agree that it’s futile to work separately and hope to get results,” Sipepa Nkomo said.

On whether MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai would be part of the arrangement, Sipepa Nkomo said: “This coalition is a coalition for democrats and all democrats are welcome, the criteria are one must be a democrat and if the party you refer to are democrats and not violent, they are welcome.”

The ex-Water minister said the Mandel declaration, which “suspended” Tsvangirai and other standing committee members still stood as it was done within the confines of the party’s constitution.

Sipepa Nkomo also condemned the brief detention of Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya over alleged theft of MDC-T property as a legal nullity.

“How can someone steal property that belongs to him? That is a nullity and you see he was released because really, there was no issue,” Sipepa Nkomo said.

He said following the announcement by Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda last Thursday that the MDC-T factions must fight their case in court, more MPs and councillors had shown their intention to join his faction.

Sipepa Nkomo challenged Zanu PF to engage other stakeholders, including foreign investors, the Church, political parties, labour and business, at a national indaba on how the current economic downturn could be halted.

The faction also added its voice to the growing concerns over the abduction of more than 200 Nigerian girls by a terrorist group, Boko Haram.

Fired MDC-T deputy treasurer general Elton Mangoma, who also attended the Press conference, said the faction met African diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe last week to explain their position and their intended move going forward.


  1. the renewal team must come out clean and tell us is this coalition against mugabe or tsvangirai? if its against mugabe why are they leaving out chematama iye aine the highest number of opposition supporters. sidelining him it means its a coalition against tsvangirai becoz in july 2013 he got more than 1 million votes. and all these politicians who are fronting renewal crusade if we combine their votes they are less than 100 000. so who is man of the people then……

  2. Sipepe and Biti keep it up for bravery stants u have taken for a long time Khupe has taken people for granted in Matebeland imposition has killed the part to make matters worse Tsvangirai is aware of it but is doing nothing as a typing ths msge a spirit of participation in the struggle has birthed snubbing involvement of the youth in part.Viva Biti viva Biti Bulawayo youths are behind you 100%

    • @ Byo Youth. You might be right but this coaltion is not against Mugabe but Chematama. Have you ever asked yourself why these guys keep on blasting chematama insteady of Cde Mugabe.
      Lets wait and see

  3. Hameno imboitai tione,chatinoziva ndechekuti MDC ndiTsvangirai kwete zvimwe zvese izvo.Save musacheuka miridzo we are backing you kusvika matonga,,,,,,,

      • We are backing chematama if you think we are lying just look at the numbers,makagara muri mazanu tinokuzivai manje we are not going back in supporting save.

    • taura hako mudhara ana Biti nana Madhuku vanongohumana chete and let them form their own “businesses ” becoz what they are relly after is money and nothing else.

  4. Regai vaite after all its a free country. But before they take on Zanu Pf they have a mamoth task of convincing me and other good people of this nation who are behind Tsvangirai otherwise. Otherwise haaa mahumbwe avari kutiitira.

  5. Don’t waste pple’s time the so-called mdc-team. That coalition was done in July 2013 and it yielded no seats to those educated professors/ democrats. Ndonga for the first time yielded 2 seats in his home area. So if these idiot democrats failed to impress for the first time they now think they can do it without Morgiza. Biti naMangoma vanokara mari, they formed a small faction and lied to their western masters that they have support so that they can spend the whole $5 million alone and eliminate the majority suffering pple becoz they know that they fall under MDC-T & ZANU PF.

    • Why worry yourself. Dont be emotional, just support your Morgiza quietly and Zimbabwe will see the results. Leave Biti and company alone to practice their democratic right. Viva Biti

  6. It’s funny. A ‘coalition against mugabe’ giving mugabe advice on how to tackle economic problems. Kkkkkkkkkkkkk seka zvako mwana waReza.

  7. I don’t think that you are playing your cards correctly Mr Sipepa. Fighting Zanu pf without Tsvangirai is like fighting a hungry lion using your fist. The man who has the capability to dislodge Zanu pf is Tsvangirai. We have confidence and trust with save.

    • apa vakunyepa manje, how many times this tsvangison participated in those elections and failed to dislodge mugabe. that tsvangirai of yours lacks strategy. the election was not free and fair therefore i call it null and void; thats the song of your president

        • Biti and company have shown us that they cannot stand own there own this is the reason why they are trying to lean on others. Your party does not even have a name but you are busy trying to merge with established parties.

  8. Ko SIPEPA sei muchizviti MDC-T renewal team? Stop confusing people nemutupo waTsvangirai. Find your own name to identify your party.


  10. Its fun that instead of selling their ideology, they are busy thinking of pushing Mugabe. This is why all these so-called oppositions will not yield anything as long as they fight an individual. If they are against the ZANU PF ideology, they should sell their ideology then we are the ones who evaluate and see who has what appeals to us most and we vote them into power. But as long you are fighting one man, it shows how shallow you are and worth non of our votes. People are suffering but we look at who seems to be promising the feasible and who is daydreaming. It might be wise if the so-called Renewal Team engage Tsvangirai and his camp to alter their ideology to accommodate your Renewal thinking. this might sell better than splitting. Being a splinter group of another splinter leaves you just debris of no real substance.

    • Engage Tsvangirai yes, but who will be the President of this Team. Panyanga ka apa chimwe changu

  11. We heard crowds dont matter, we heard grand coalition taking shape, we heard bulawayo youth behind behind renewal team ,we heard more mps are going to defect to the renewal team , what we have nt heard is the renewal team going back to the voters and tell them why they have done it and what they are going to do and hope to archieve.

  12. This coalition against chematama will not work,we the grassroots will make sure you will not succed and you will not

  13. Sipepa se toilet forgets easily when Morgan beat Mugabe in 2008 elections was he in a coalition? These coalitions are being organized by cio s so that they can infiltrate , control and destroy them at will, Now people of zimbabwe are blessed they have one many who is not going to betray them and this is none other than strong M R Tswangirai in him we trust tulamulumba Morgan tamunootweni tuyanda Morgan alele munyi omunoo

  14. basopo, Be carefull basopo do not mislead zimbabweans. Mdc is not for individuals. It is not for one person. And for you to say mdc ndi Tsvangirai you are 100 % wrong. you mean to say if he diez today then we close shop. Rubbish. A party belongs to membership. and a leader just direct the people but more importantly guided by the principles, constitution, party values, code of conduct etc. When you begin to personalize you ard making political suicide. Guyz, we must look at objectivity and stop tjis nonsense of chanting Tsvangirsi Tsvangirai for nothing. no one is bigger than the party. I have always said Tsvangirai himself has let all the democracts down. He is only a favourate of those that are short sighted, those that lack vision, those that really need political cleansing.Its a shame. But i can guarantee you Tsvsngirai loyalists that he himself knows that there is a problem

  15. Your coalition against chematama will not succed and we the pple will make sure your actions and conspiracies against the movement will come to nothing we now know how you conspired to betray the pple in regard to july elections .

  16. @idiot aduk people of zim have huge problems which are endless which were not caused by Morgan . even you know very well who caused those problems it no secret it is your granny Mugabe. At present Morgan is MDC T but if he dies its another story we do not talk of the unforeseeable we are not sangomas anembo aMorgan

  17. tsvangirai ndizvo varume. the biti and team have contributed much to the unconvincing outcome of the july 31 elections. this faction of fools was in the making before 31 july and will be backed by fools alone. pamberi naMorgan. pasi nabiti, pasi nezanu.


  19. Haiwawo. Hapana zviripo. No coalition of civilian parties will unseat a ZanuPF military dictatorship in an election. These MDC morons have spent the last 15 years doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.
    An opportunity to rectify the situation was lost after the 2008 violent run-up to the presidential run off. When Thabo Mbeki came with his proposals for a unity government was the time when Tsvangirai should have told the world that we are under the grip of a violent military dictatorship instead of negotiating to go into a coalition with the same military dictatorship that had caused mayhem up and down the country. The world would have known Zimbabwe’s military regime was just the same as the military dictatorship in Madagascar and treated it as such. It’s too late in the day to try and change now. Coalition or no coalition these morons are going nowhere. Wasting political space. The election results in 2018 and 2023 will be the same – ZanuPF military will win.

    Ask these MDC morons one question – what is it that they are going to do to stop ZanuPF turning the next elections into a “military operation” as they have always done in elections? I asked one ardent MDC-T follower this same question and I got an unsatisfactory answer – that they were going to insist on reforms before future elections. And I said but before the July 2013 elections this did not happen. He said we will boycott the elections then! I then said are you going to boycott the 2023 elections as well if ZanuPF, at the time, refuses to implement reforms? He walked away saying “Mugabe anenge afa, ndiye arikuramba ma reforms”.

    • Well said, well put across, I really don’t know why these guys fail to understand that. Thanks for putting it across so clearly.

    • some of these guys are just after money,they are regarding people’s movements as looting opportunity.They send fancy e.mail to donors far and wide,their political parties and movements exist in newspapers and 5 star hotels only,they dnt have structures where people stay.Last July one law professor had to call off his intended rallies in rural areas because no one knows him and what he stands for.By the media coverage space that Welsh was accorded to last year one would think he was set to white wash the country’s southern region but alas his results are there for all to see and judge if we have to.What some of these donor guys have to be told is the art that governs western politics and this part of the world are worlds apart.In developed nations the guy supported by the rich and famous is the one who wins,kuno anodiwa ne povo from kamativi to Dande becames the leader.even if donors are on your side if you can’t pack a single stadium they will soon dump you in favour of the next guy who has people support,lets pray for Zimbabwe

  20. This coalition of sellouts is simply doomed! Dabengwa can never be forgiven for denying MT an outright win which could have
    brought change in 2008.This man can never be trusted.
    Welshman Ncube fought Mutambara who he had lured to lead his breakaway MDC.
    The so-call STRATEGIST Biti failed to use his blue eyed dog Mangoma to unseat MT.
    Sipepa Nkomo is a political novice who is just confused.
    Simba Makoni’s name is just being dragged into this madness.
    But please remember Tekere, Margaret Dongo,Dumbutshena all broke away from ZANU PF to no avail.
    This coalition of pathetic rebels will fall while Tsvangirai’s MDC-T will match on at full speed.
    The pple of Zimbabwe know what they want & who is fighting on their side.
    Confusionists won’t win anything at all…The pple of Zimbabwe are so determined in their struggle minus reactionaries.

  21. The dayz of the congress are so closer lets see wht pple who’s Leader are they gng to choose’ its not bad ‘ but to those wh are declaring leadership renewal why cant yu wait for the congress and see wht pple whz leader they gng to chose ? Yu yourselves yu are now undemocray ,do yu think pple dnt knw whs leader do they wnt and also who they hve in their hearts? Polictics dzasiyana nemanyengero atinoita kuma babie’

  22. i think all these divisions resembles no single element of democracy. they are only paving way for zanu to retain its old whelming support of 1980.

  23. But the renewal team says they wanna change their name…why are they holding on to the old name???

  24. why didnt these so called democrats of the renewal team show their true democratic character by waiting for congress to boot out the undemocratic????? Not some silly coup gathering, ipapo ndipo patakapokana!!!

  25. kamhan sipepa why cant you stand on your own two feet and fight like a man?
    you want to hide yourself behind other pirates and highjackers to conjure their followers into supporting a clear attempt at identity theft of tsvangson’s democratic credentials isnt it so?
    the salad cheese team of yours has already been defeated as they are all a reminder of how much chaos they left behind at the uz following their reign of terror there. now pull yourself together and quit fighting women.

  26. What coalition, Mugabe going nowhere. Tsvangson will always be number 2 kuna mudhara…..$5 million is not 5 million votes……

  27. The truth is elections in zimbabwe are not conducted fairly its not Tsvangirai failing its high people tell the truth here,grand coalition means nothing without level ground will mean nothing in other countries you can have 20 parties and 20 candidates contesting but still come out with a winner fair play is the only way from zec not all this biti rubbish.

  28. Grand coalition againist zanu what load of rubbish zanu has got no support ,they have the state machinery they control zec ,sipepa says more want to defect to the biti faction ,you can only arm twist mrs sipepa but otherwise she is her own individual she has a right to choose not you.

  29. This mayhem in MDC-T is being engineered by outside forces. Typical of Selous Scouts’ infiltration. Remember the liberation struggle was hijacked in this way. Some dubious character ended up presiding over this country calling himself a liberator when infact he had his university fees paid by his ‘enemy’ and later ‘escaped’ to Mozambique. I don’t know if it was coincidental after the ‘escape’ that Chitepo was killed and later Ndabaningi Sithole was deposed. True liberators (e.g. Chitepo, Tongogara, Machingura, Hamadziripi, etc) do not normally get to fulfil their dreams. The tendency to sellout was perfected and conviniently passed over to us by the likes of Kelly Flower.

  30. zanu-pf let enjoy these mdc’s r crazy lets put our house in order coz these mdc’s are getting its all wrong.its time we deliver to the pple

  31. Cdes, am I correct to say that the Biti faction stole MDC-T property under Tsvangirai’s watch and registered it under various companies they own? Am I also correct that the plan to dis-empower Tsvangirai was carried out long ago? Cdes help me apa. Ndiri dofo zvangu ini

  32. Itai zvamafunga zvekutengesa musangano thina abanye ASIJIKI PA MORGAN chimbopengai zvenyu muchadzoka . MDC T chikara cheZANU PF . Team Mberengwa we are 100% behind Chamatama nyangwe zviome sei hatifi tatengesa musangano nekuda kwemari zviranani tife tichitambura hatidi mweya waFainos Kufazvinei Zhou nemamwe macde akavurawa neZANU ugumbukwe . Tina ASIJIKI UNGAFUNIYO HAMBA UNGAPHENDUKI 2018 TOUYAKA NYANGWE ZVIGOZHE SEI . Regai vanaBiti nanaMangoma vamboita mutambamhuru nokugutisa ruraza gwemaDonor kana vokurumurai tichaona modzoka saJob Sikhala tozviziva

  33. madzakutsatsaku takanga tinawo munguwa yehondo they could fire bullets to either masoja a smith or wanamukoma wachiti wari kurwira ruzhinji nanhasi nekuti tiri muchimurenga futi madzakutsatsaku haashaikwi. wakazviona izvi hawavhunduki.

  34. Biti and your renewal team you are not fighting ZanuPf that is true.You are fighting Tsvangirai and his support.ZanuPf wants you to destroy Tsvangirai’s support before they call you to help Chinamasa.

  35. Biti went ahead and threw away all the potential he had as a politician, as the Secretary-General of a powerful opposition he was set to go far. He thought he was clever when he turned his back on us the masses- how stupid can one get? And now he seems to have lost so much weight, maybe it’s the same ailment that’s affecting your brain Biti.

  36. No coalition without Tsvangirai will succeed in removing Mugabe. Even the organizers know this. They are just enjoying CIO money. The damned idiots and morons .

  37. On the 7 April 2014 Tendai Biti, could not bring himself to saying Zimbabwe is under a ZanuPF military dictatorship he said “Zimbabwe was one of the few countries in Africa where there is no difference between the army, Zanu PF and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), in apparent reference to the three institutions’ alleged collaboration “rigging of elections” over the years”.
    He gave a mealy-mouthed definition of a military dictatorship. He is petrified of called a spade a spade.

    Kana rwizi rwemumusha menyu rune garwe (kana makarwe) riri kuuraya mhuru dzenyu ne zvimwe zvipfuyo, vanhu vave kutotadza kuyambuka rukova, munotora zvirauro here kurwisa garwe iri? If a stream or river near your village has a crocodile or crocodiles which are causing havoc, killing your domestic animals, and people cannot wash or cross this river for fear of these crocodiles, do you use a normal fishing tackle to kill this crocodile or you look for a gun? Well, the MDCs are using a fishing tackle to try and kill this crocodile (military dictatorship).

  38. this is a coalition against zanu pf .tsvangirai is part of zanu pf thats why he is being left out.people try to give naive excuses that an individual can marry from any party.imagine Nazi Hitler marrying the daughter of british Sir Dudely Pound during World War 2.thanks vana Biti for leaving this humpty dumpty ,bed hoping idiot out .we a with you to the end.

  39. This bunch of so called mdc renewal team is completely lost in its purpose and intention.They pretend to want to represent the pple yet they cant wait for the pple to perfom their right to chose their leader at the congress which is almost due.It doesnt need a rocket scientist to note tht these guyz are approaching matters of a serious nature with shut minds and open mouths.Its completely devoid of common sense especially if u start realising tht they still hold on to a party name tht they claim is not democratic yet they also want to form a coalition.

  40. biti overestimated his influence ..he tested authority as finance minister appointed by M he rebels.Judas have just hanged your self. .pamberi natsvanirai

  41. ini zvangu rega ndinyarare nekuti unotoshaya kuziva kuti zvinhu zvacho zvinombofamba sei kkk chero mukati ndine Gumbura revakadzi, vanhu vanongondi supporter kkk

  42. Sipepa,Biti,Mangoma guys you are wasting time.
    Sipepa your age group tells me you should wise up or wake up. Cant you see that you are the horse here?Biti and Mangoma are on your back.As for Biti I thought being a lawyer was being learned alas you just went through university
    Shame on you guys

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