CIO officer accused of threatening cop


A MEMBER of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and an accomplice allegedly threatened to kill a police officer who had arrested one of them for alleged possession of mbanje and pornographic material.


This was heard by Bulawayo magistrate Takundwa Witness Mtetwa when CIO agent Never Matiyani (40) of Nkulumane and Philip Nyamutamba (37) of Emganwini appeared in court charged with threats of violence against Livingstone Ndoka of Donnington Police Station on Monday. The pair pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Mtetwa remanded them out of custody to May 19 on $100 bail each.

Allegations are that on May 3 at around 3pm, Matiyani phoned Ndoka and told him that he wanted to see him at Donnington Police Station. Ndoka went to the parking bay where Matiyani’s vehicle was parked. Matiyani introduced himself as a CIO agent and asked Ndoka why he had arrested Nyamutamba on May 1 for possession of dagga and pornographic material. It was alleged that Matiyani then threatened to kill Ndoka before leaving the police station.

Matiyani is alleged to have later called Ndoka and told him that they would not rest until something happened to him. Ndoka reported the matter to the police, leading to Matiyani’s arrest.


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    • From your comment, there are insinuations that you know more about this than us, so you tell us maan

  1. A wise CIO agent doesn’t do that. I believe ringoriwo ZANU PF youth masquarading as a CIO.

  2. Gone are days when these CIO were acting as if they are immune to law. The law must take its course. I remember 2008 election people used to disappear in the hands of the notorious CIOs. This is a serious case. Obviously the police officer’s life was in danger.

  3. Majority like to threaten people using the name president office yet they are under state security,arrest him for mbanje and threating police officer

    • @Mbizo
      kikikikikkk, you left one other charge….., the porn charge… uhhhhmmm was it deliberate?

    • Beatrice Mtetwa spend time in remand for a lesser “crime” than this. Throw the son behind bars please. Ahh …. kutyisidzira mupurisa! Hazviitwe izvozvo

  4. Burning issues we must resolve as Zimbabweans. Are we going to continue like this forever. Voting hasn’t changed anything. Do we expect it to change anything in the future when those defeated refuse to go or more people than normal appear from nowhere to vote. Has anyone any new ideas what we can do? Some Zimbabweans have come with a suggestion. Visit and make your opinion known. Don’t forget to like the page if you do.

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  6. @Don its just an obsevation i made ,whenever they say ponographic charge usually they really dont have anything against a person that will stick in court but just a way of police punishing you for something else by throwing you in their cells you spend a night or two behind bars wobuda watonhorerwa.cio and police clashing like this just for mbanje and porn in zimbabwe it doesnt make least to me

  7. In the USA the CIA work for the betterment of their country. They go out to protect national interests, steal technological information from other countries, etc. The same cannot be said of our CIO. They’re a shame. They’re only useful to zpf chefs. They’re indeed a liability to us. CIOs, you’re just useless. We don’t need you. You’re a cursed lot because you masterminded so many splits in churches. You cannot even provide information to mugabe on his age and his need for rest. You’re just useless. A bunch of rotting muggots.

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  8. Unotoshaya kuti zvofamba sei???unoona unomukira kusvika paline posvika vamwe vakuru vachiti ndoda kupinda pamberi pako..wodobvunza kuti nhai vakuru ndini ndatanga kuuya pano wotonzwa zvotonzi Unoziva ndini ani?…..paline reupfu pane threat to the country here apa?wonzwa vamwe he he he ndikuda musikana wako woramba wonzwa he he he ndokunyangarisa…pawadanana nemusikana wako pane kuuraiwa kwapresident here?…People lets redefine state security….these people should be n should always remain anonymous..for their own security also in the future….thats why CIA agents have many IDs,the wife maybe CIA but the husband wouldnot know….anenge ane basa rake riri fixed…ahhhhhh ndikatoda kuramba ndichizvifunga nzere dzikatonzvenga…Imboitai henyu….asi Mwari arikudenga haana CIA,CIO,Interpol,Scotland Yard….mukazivikanzwa how would you protect the president????we love him thats why we need you to do work according to job description…MAZVINZWA???????????????????????

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