Churches call for MDC-T ceasefire

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai

CHURCHES have waded into the MDC-T crisis with leaders urging the warring parties in the faction-riddled MDC-T to reconsider dialogue as part of the resolution to the crisis in the country’s main opposition.


The MDC-T is presently embroiled in bitter turmoil after a faction led by secretary-general Tendai Biti held a meeting in Harare where they proceeded to “suspend” party leaders former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his top lieutenants which included vice-president Thokozani Khupe, Nelson Chamisa, Morgen Komichi, Douglas Mwonzora, Abednigo Bhebhe and Lovemore Moyo.

Tsvangirai and his faction responded by summarily expelling Biti and eight other members of Parliament for allegedly staging a “boardroom coup” exposing the once vibrant opposition party to another imminent split reminiscent of the infamous October 2005 fissure.

It is understood church leaders sympathetic to the MDC-T are privately pushing for dialogue in desperate attempts to avoid a fresh spilt.

Raymond Motsi, the chairperson of the Christian Alliance of Zimbabwe, whose main objective is to peacefully and permanently facilitate crisis resolution in the country, revealed the church grouping had since engaged the warring party officials in a bid to ease the tension that is straining the party.

Motsi said the disputes within the party were not necessary, adding that there was need for dialogue so that the party would achieve its major goal of bringing change in the country.

“MDC-T that lost to Zanu PF and failed to remain united has been fighting internally for a while now and it is time they reconsidered dialogue so that as a party they manage to achieve their major goal of bringing change in the country,” he said.
Bishop Ancelimo Magaya, of the Grace Ablaze Ministries International, shared the same sentiments with Motsi, saying it was most unfortunate that the fights within the MDC-T were prevailing at a time when Zimbabweans were in need of urgent change.
He said the division within the opposition party did not reflect its determination to facilitate change.
“The fights are not giving hope to the public, but instead they are inciting fear and depression in the public,” Magaya said.
But Reverend Levy Kadenge of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe said the fights within the opposition party were very normal and healthy for the nation.
“There is nothing amiss about the squabbles because every group in society is subject to encountering misunderstandings within themselves. The way they are behaving is very normal and if it is possible, the fights must intensify because misunderstandings lead to resolutions,” he said.


  1. Docile churches hibernating. Cowed into silence by ZanuPF. Only speak out on anodyne matters. Our lives are worse off under ZanuPF military dictatorship and these idiot churches are quiet. Bishop Pius Ncube was the only brave churchman who stood up to ZanuPF. These other ones are as useless as MDCs.

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    • @ Musona:::::::: !! Pius Ncube(Soko Murehwa) was disgraced after his satanic praying for our dear leader`s death! Such a “HOLY“ adulterer had no business to pontificate on matters he had no clue about , while his sinful hands were dirty from his lecherous lifestyle! Is his silence today against ZANUPF a sign of a road to Damascus moment?

      • @Mzvina – ZanuPF and you the blind followers cannot take the moral high ground after what you did in Guk*rahu*di where you mas*acred over 20 000 unarmed civilians. I would rather have an adulterer in society than cold-blooded mas* murderers in our midst. You must be a ZanuPF bootlicker – giving yourself titles as if Zimbabwe is your private property.

        • Who has clean hands, which among us is without sin? Mugabe is a sinner, Tsvangirai is a sinner, Pius Ncube is a sinner, everybody is a sinner. Whom shall we follow, us the blind sinners? Perhaps you should stand up and lead, seeing that Smith is dead!

        • As one who out-cusses everyone and their parents, on this forum, hands down, it is rich of you to question anybody’s manners, little boy!

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  2. church done that church done this ,tsvangirai done that tsvangirai done this bla bla bla bla , hey we tired of your monkey games, we dont care who is ruling all we care is the person dealing with bread and butter issues, right now chembere iyi inonzi baba chatunga /mugabe whatever you call yourself u busy launching hee indigenisation heee zim asset cant you see your people are suffering.can someone please just shoot this bastard he is the source of all this suffering

  3. I urge all Zanu-PF supporters to stop attending the churches of these pastors-cum-MDC activists! Wasting your offerings to fund the lifestyle of politicians disguised as pastors! sis!

    • How many times have pastors shown their allegiance to Zanu pf in many platforms Mthakathi , It suddenly becomes wrong when they articulate for what you perceive is the wrong party?

  4. There is no way biti will be re -admitted into the party as he is treasonous element which needs to be weeded out permanetly with all means possible.

  5. Dangerous and posonous advice!!!! I hope Tsvancry doesnt take heed!!! This Bit guy has always been a potential problem he must form his party as indicated!! Sikhal is another problem swept back into the house!!! Mark my words!!! Watch this space!!!

  6. @Fakmore u seem to be turning a blind eye to the churches that sympathize wt yo ZANU PF, learn to be objective….Ma worry is on the fact that our churches seem to deviate from their mission which is of spreading the gospel that Jesus is coming back, they are now reduced to political institutions and l think its high time these so called churches stick to their main objective!

  7. Much as some griviences that Biti might have against Morgan i strongly feel the way he staged the ‘coup’ was not the best way to handle the situation. I am taking a spiritual pespective to all this.You will notice that the spirit of rebellion was at work in the whole thing. It is the same spirit that is at work in such countries as Uganda, DRC, Burundi and even Nigeria. Before we know it as a nation we will be in deep trouble with this spirit taking charge. It will be one rebellion after the other as sadly it will be bloody next time. It appears to have happened smartly this tiome but it was only to facilitate its establishment ready to roll in full swing. Thats why i always aplauded Zimbos for staying calm even when elecxtions were stolen by Mugabe as a violent revolt would set in motion the spirit of rebellion that would be affected generation to come. Boko Haram is a product of this spirit. Why cant Biti use the same resources and determination to unsit Morgan at the congress that Im a told id on in october.He has proven to all that he can mobilise and lobby within the party for his position to be haerrd albeit with huge success. Go for it Wanachi who know your whole group can come out tops thatn kumutsa nweya wekumukirana urere zvawo

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  9. Musona, christians are not politicians and it won’t meeting to solve the needs and desires for politician,let the pray for the country but free of choice at which can be revealed in the ballot box.Now things are mixed up abd upside down thats why people are not able to distinct christians and politians.Christion their duty is to minister God and praying for all people not roaming around demostrating waving placards.Plz don’t mix bcz a church is built up of people from different parties and they shouldn’t practise it in pablic since it csn confusion among brethren.

  10. It is interesting to note that the largest and most relevant ‘churches’ in Zimbabwe did not add their voice to this call by ‘churches’ to the mdc project. Unobva watoshaya kuti zvirikufamba sei?

  11. the real problem in Zimbabwe is ZANU PF and for someone to go about misleading people that it is Tsvangirai who has failed is to me unthinkable. all Zimbabweans who oppose ZANU PF have collectively failed and its just sad that they are turning against each other in anger.

  12. Tsvangirai bhora bheri no matter what. Even Jesus was let down by the one who was within. Even Bob did let down those who were within and up to now he is still duping not only Zimbos but all those in Zanu PF because how can someone with five senses can be led by Bob? It is quite puzzling. Asjiki

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  14. THE ROLE OF CHURCHES IN POLITICS. I’m interested in learning. Can we separate christianity and politics. Jesus himself is king of kings. Is a king not a politician? The scriptures tell us that kings are positioned and removed by the LORD. I would like to agree with others that Moses was a politician at the same time being a spiritual leader. King David was a king and the priestly anointing was upon him too. So can we surely separate church business from politics? I would like to learn.

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