Cheating husband caught red-handed


A CHITUNGWIZA man was on Thursday sentenced to seven months in prison after he was convicted of charges of for bashing his wife after she caught him in the arms of another woman.

Own Correspondent

Admire Chakanetsa will, however, serve 175 hours of community work after Chitungwiza Magistrate Lazarus Murendo commuted his sentence.

Two months were also suspended on condition of good behaviour while the remaining 5 months were suspended on condition of completing the community service.
Circumstances were that on May 19 this year, Lorraine Choga (29) went to look for her husband, Chakanetsa, at his friend’s house.

Upon arrival she found her husband in an embrace with another woman.

A heated argument arose between Choga and the girlfriend resulting in a slanging match.

Prosecutor Norman Koropi told the court that Chakanetsa intervened and started fighting with his wife. Choga then left the two and went home.

Further allegations were that Chakanetsa then followed Choga to their place of residence and assaulted her with fists and told her to pack her bags and leave.
She managed to escape and made a report to the police, leading to Chakanetsa’s arrest.


  1. May 19 this year you profess? how come such an error elludes all in the editorial team? which month did this occur. How authentic is this story?

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    • My friend this is a prophetic story. wait for the 19th of May and it will come to pass. Reporter uyu anoenda kuchurch kwa Ubert Madzanire ndiko kwaakazvinzwa

  2. 175days comunity service for bashing a woman.truly a very harsh sentence to show we are serius about GBV.WHAT A JOKE

  3. May 19 this year. So the incident is happening tomorrow but husband already charged lol. News day please be serious. Do you have editorial team

  4. Do people still take Zim journalists seriously with such shoddy reporting? Can’t investigate, can’t spell, can’t proof read, can’t tell the truth and can’t use common sense. No wonder this paper is going the way of the dinosaur.

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