Businessman summoned over $56 000 debt


HARARE businessman Tino Utsiwegota has been summoned to appear in court over his alleged failure to pay a $56 000 debt owed to Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe Rural District Council in mining levies.


According to papers filed at the High Court on May 8 this year by the council’s lawyers Musona Law Chambers, Utsiwegota’s company, Rock Link (Pvt) Ltd, which operates Black Granite Mining, has not been paying statutory fees amounting to $56 050 since 2011.

The amounts allegedly owing were broken down into $38 000 (landowners fees), $5 000 (development levy) and $4 200 (mines and road levy) for 2013 and
$8 850 balance from 2012.

Utsiwegota’s mining operations cover an area of 380 hectares of land.

“As per operation for law, defendant is mandated to pay yearly landowners fees, development levy and mines and road levy towards the plaintiff,” the papers read.


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