Bulawayo Council seeks dialogue with police over tyre shredding spikes


BULAWAYO City Council has expressed concern over the use of tyre-shredding spike strips at roadblocks in the city and is now seeking dialogue with the Zimbabwe Republic Police.


Councillors said the use of spikes had caused several accidents and endangered the lives of the city’s commuters.

They said alternative means to deal with offending commuter omnibus drivers should be found.

According to the latest council report, councillors Tamani Ncube and Ernest Rafamoyo raised the issue and cited the case of a commuter omnibus which overturned at the Khami flyover bridge in Kelvin injuring 16 commuters after its tyres were deflated by spikes thrown onto its path by police manning a roadblock.

The kombi overturned three times before stopping at the edge of the bridge.

The police blamed the driver of the kombi Nqobile Moyo (23) for negligence.


  1. Who is fooling who at this situation. I thing the Police learnt of the use of the spikes from Municipal Police.

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    • @Jepha
      The primary objective of Police manning manning road blocks is not corruption. There are several types and reasons for setting out blocks. The first and most known is traffic enforcement. The second is security road block. Here Police will be looking for dangerous criminals. Some blocks are erected for Traffic awareness campaigns. Others for searching of motorists for stolen property and illicit drugs. The sole reason why he tried to flee is that he did not have the relevant papers to drive a public service vehicle. At 23 he is not even allowed to drive such a motor vehicle as the minimum age of a psv driver is 25. Of corruption, not all apples are bad or rotten. The Police force, like any other organisation has some members who go against its ethics and values. Having a love affair with students constitutes a serious breach of discipline kueducation. Asi vanongonyengwa wani. I m not justifying corruption but m trying to make u see what I mean by bad apples. Being an ex member of the police force that I am, I am proud to mention it on this platform that I served the community in which i worked in an exemplary manner. The Police force is ruthless when dealing with bad apples and I urge the authorities not to shift from this stance.

      • Gandanga, the fact that you are an ex member of the force says a lot about you. probably you were one of the good “apples” and couldn’t bear watch what was happening is was beyond your conscience. If you pour a drop a sample of mud in clean water, all of it becomes dirty and to a layman its impossible to separate.

        The point about this particular drive is that probably it wasn’t his first time through the same roadblock and many police officers tend to be friends with this guys and end up unable to separate their friendships and when police have to do their jobs.

        Every sector has its bad habits with all sort of different names to go with it but the perceived corruption in the police take the cake because they are supposed to the the custodians of the law

  2. Some people don’t use their brains, so are the police supposed to sit, fold their arms & watch a kombi drive right through a roadblock just because its dangerous to try & stop it? What a joke

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  4. Whatever people say, something has gone wrong with or in the police force. There is a reason why Chihuri transferred 2,000 traffic cops. IMHO he should have transeferred them to jail. Law and order has become a joke in Zim. And the court system sucks.

  5. Police should apprehend law-breakers without endangering the safety of the public.Simple.So other civilised methods instead of the spikes should be used.The use of spikes should in fact be outlawed as they can be used by robbers and criminals.MPs where are you?

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  7. i can see most of those surpoting the spike thing are cops or once have been,we understand yu guys want to catch thieves,drug peddlers ,drivers without papers but what do you put priority the safety of the immediate pple or the catching of the thief or drug peddler whatever,You see i am positvely sure that was not ephasied in yur studies ,cause of the evindence on the ground,its like yu are being given cash to catch whoever at whatever cost hence yu can afford to spike cars ,use batton sticks on window screens,i can understand that coming from council as the ones doing the spikes are the lowely ranked who have no o levels and who are lied to that there is no money in council because yu not catching more people,As of the ZRP I am afraid there is one thing tht is going to happen one day ,which i can give as a question to the officers posting or who shall post.What happens if on a highway to catch a drug peddler yu mount a road block and we all lining up one decides not to stop and cars are both sides moving up and done ,DO yu shot or let go,or yu in 1st street yu meet some notorious murder and yu have a 303 whatever long guns yu have do yu shoot cause as he sees yu run?My thinking given the way yu all have been showing on our roads and streets when enforcing the law yu would shoot am right,i think the soldiers have a better curriculum

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  9. I feel for the Kombis which are ambushed in Harare city centre but for a kombi to run away at a road block is a serious offence and the police had the duty to stop it because it could have been carrying dangerous criminals else what else would the kombi driver run away. This morning I was almost going to be another victim when a plain clothes policeman gtried to grab keys of a n ipsum in town, the driver just accelerated almost hitting me, I complained and had myself almost arrested for complaining.

  10. The world over criminals are caught by intelligence. In fact the police advise people not to approach criminals as they can be dangerous. Its only in Zimbabwe where the Police endanger the lives of the public by Pershing a criminal or worse a perceived criminal.

  11. the police needs a shake up, otherwise Zimbabwe will become a jungle where those who are surposed to protect you are the most dangerous. This soliciting of bribes has become too much. they might deny it in the papers but the truth is there for everyone to see. there is no 1 good aple left among them. I stand corrected not in the papers but by their actions on the roads.

  12. spiking a loaded combi actually means you punishing a notorious driver and 16 innocent lives. We really need to weigh the merits and the demerits. After all that same guy will be back in afew minutes. I suggest the cops get video cameras. Record the offending drivers and persue them later. Probably parked at the rank. To the police dont forget it could be your mum or close relatives in that combi.

  13. @Gandanga Admitted uri gandanga but I don’t thing you are a driver nor have you driven through divers roadblocks!

  14. @gandanga you are out of touch.
    the primary reason why police put road blocks is BRIBES. every police officer at a police station prefers to work at a roadblock than taking any other duty. if there are just 2 out of 10 good apples in in the police force then 2 out 10 combi should be impounded.
    Zimbabwean Police havana brain, why don’t they study and see even in neighbouring countries and see how they get to drivers and owners of these running drivers.

  15. Shemu, maningi, sitireki! Bulawayo City Council is not qualified to arbitrate since its municipal officers also throw spikes at moving vehicles! We need an arbitrator whose hands are not tainted with innocent blood.

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  17. Suppose a bank robber is getting away with cash and the police tries to stop him .the robber hijjacks an inocent civilian and says dont shoot i will kill the person.kkkkkk i guess police yemuno inobva yadambura munhu zvese ne robber.i dont thnk police yedu yakaenda kuchikoro.shuwa kusaziva kufa

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