Who blows the wind beneath Mahachi’s wings?


THE outpour of anger prevailing in Harare in the last few days has left many questions, but the answers remain elusive.

Moses Matenga

Residents and ratepayers, and councillors are united in their anger, seeking answers on why the Harare City Council (HCC) management went behind the City Fathers’ backs to purchase top-of-the-range vehicles purportedly for the multi-million dollar project to refurbish the worn-out Morton Jaffray Waterworks using part of the $144,4 million loan sourced from a Chinese bank.



One of the burning issues is all hands were pointing at town clerk Tendai Mahachi yet no action was being taken against him. The question is: What makes the city boss omnipotent? Who blows the wind beneath his wings?
Mahachi has been embroiled in even worse scandals before at Town House, but his invincibility and untouchable character leaves a lot to be desired.

Even efforts to probe him by Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni have been thwarted and now it remains to be seen who will stop the powers-that-be from effectively banning the probe into the rot at Town House.
According to the reports, council recently acquired a Range Rover Vogue for Mahachi; and Land Rover Discovery luxury vehicles, Ford Rangers, Isuzu and Toyota vehicles for other top directors and senior managers.

A councillor who refused to be named said: “We demanded for documentation in the last full council meeting. It’s a loan and in the event that they want to make approval for anything, they approach the Finance committee but they didn’t, instead, we know they went to (Local Government minister Ignatius) Chombo. We have a number of instances where we only hear of some developments from the grapevine yet we are supposed to play an integral part in all decisions to be made.”

The reasons for Mahachi to sideline the councillors in this mega deal were still unknown and whatever the reasons at play it further fuelled speculation that the vehicle purchases were clandestine in nature.
Whoever may have approved the deal without following the Urban Councils Act, which makes Mahachi and his top managers answerable to the City Fathers could be equally culpable.

Harare residents have reacted angrily to the disclosures, demanding the arrest of Mahachi and the entire council management saying this was corruption of the highest order which could not be tolerated.

Regrettably up until this day, the use of the $144,4 million loan facility signed by Mahachi and ex-Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda has been kept a closely guarded secret to the new councillors amid reports of overpricing of services and goods bought for the project.

The loan was meant for the import of machinery and equipment to refurbish water and sewage treatment plans. Most of the suburbs have been running dry for close to a month while acute water shortages have hit the country’s two major referral hospitals, Parirenyatwa and Harare Hospitals, crippling operations.

This has resulted in unnecessary loss of lives as important hospital sections such as X-rays, maternity wards, theatres and renal wards have suspended operations citing unavailability of water.

Bring to book corrupt officials — Masunda

Masunda is, however, not amused with the manner the deal was being handled.

“I have been following, with grave concern, the scandalous allegations in connection with the disbursement of the $144,4 million loan which the City of Harare procured from the Chinese Export and Import Bank for the express purpose of rehabilitating the ageing water and sewerage infrastructure for Greater Harare,” Masunda told NewsDay yesterday.

“Dr Tendai John Mahachi, the Town Clerk, and I, as the Mayor of Harare at the material time, signed the requisite Agreement of Loan in our respective capacities as the duly authorised signatories. I hasten to add that, given my background as one of the most senior legal practitioners in Zimbabwe, I went through the agreement with a fine toothcomb and duly signed it as there was nothing amiss in it.”

The former Harare mayor added: “I am waiting with bated breath for the outcome of the investigation which, by the way, should be carried out by duly qualified forensic specialists who would, thereafter, present their findings to my successor, (Bernard Gabriel Manyenyeni), for consideration by him and his team of democratically elected councillors at either a Full Council Meeting or Special Council Meeting.”

Masunda also said that those found on the wrong side of the law should face the music.

“Once that has happened, those individuals who are found with their hands deep in the cookie jar will have to face the full wrath of the law.

Incidentally, I am not a fan of what appears to be the most popular game in the country at the moment i.e. hauling public officials over the coals before either parliamentary portfolio committees or ad hoc council committees which usually degenerate into kangaroo courts largely because they are invariably not properly manned and resourced,” he said.

Masunda’s frustrations were also shared by residents in the capital city.
Harare residents demand answers


  1. impunity and brazen disregard of residents interests is what informs the diabolic conduct of this pomona rodent masquarading as town clerk. him and his godfather in looting, chombo have literally turned harare into their own feifdom where there loot and plunder at will. really i wonder what will ever spring zimbos into action if they cannot be provoked by such barbaric acts in this day and age. God help zimbabwe

    • But don’t forget that the full amount for the water project was reportedly inflated by around $100 million. Nothing was done about that too! So they are just blowing the excess on the water project. They needed their cars so they asked for much higher funds for exactly what they are doing now. Problem is, we are still going to pay. Why don’t we, as residents, create an account to pay all our bills, and then receive budgets from our workers at town house and pay them as justified by their requests?

  2. The man ” who owns almost a town” and who reversed his suspension is the one ensuring that he remains there.

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  4. To drive a range rover bought from money meant for the alleviation of the peoples pain & suffering is wickedness of unbelievable proportions. Their souls must be completely sold out to the devil otherwise the conscience of a normal man would never allow him to sleep at night or live with himself

  5. God’s justice is the best & no wickedness, great or small, can ever escape his attention. Its just a matter of time

  6. Zimbabwe,zimbabwe,zimbabwe?are there stil real men left there?why are people taking all this shit?is it cowardice or what?if they pinch this little fo th livelyhood of th people,what about th billions for zimasset if any one decides to chip in?bt why is th executive and th peoples party quiet?yesterday u wanted to destroy peoples homes,today u make sure they dont get clean water.WHY?God helps those who help themselves.If ever u thnk He is going to come and free u from the devil whislt u baby cry,then forget it.Tsimbe haiwane sadza.Im very angry with my brothers who hope the law wil ever help them.mahachi is here to stay.

  7. Mr Moses Matenga pse stop asking questions which you have answers for!!!! Maybe you didn’t know who propells the so called wings, it is CHOMBO to all residents pse stop paying your bills

  8. Chombo is known for suspending or firing council officials. I wonder why he is mum when more than 2 million people in Harare are being abused by this Mahachi.

  9. the minister of local government have got too much powers to the detriment of good governance. discuss.

    intervention or interdference in the issues of local government…………………………….chombo.

  10. Do we have a gvt? i suppose if we had one then this picture which is in your paper would have sent heads rolling in countries where people are governed by caring gvts . Are these people in the picture in harare the capital city ? This tells us how our country has been run down by these bobo jans yes a bobojan is always a bobojan .But cowards will always eat human waste why do you just morn and do nothing . if we can all stand up yes all of us chase away these morons our problems will be solved forever.but because we are as docile like donkeys suffer continue.

  11. Harare residents let us organise ourselves and form development committees in our areas, instead of paying the CITy Cpuncil to buy cars we subscribe to the committee and organise developments in our areas. Let no cent go to this marauding looters.

  12. Its high time we as the pple of Zimbabwe stood together…if the government wont do anything let us not be quiet lets not pay our bills to this city council until they fire these corrupt officials…we are the ones who are goin to pay back the loans#UniteZimbabwe

  13. pple in zim r eager 2 fit these looters bt all revolutions starts in th capital cities.so u pple of harare just ignite it n i tell u all zimbos will join.hapana kusiri kufa.matambudziko acho achaper rinhi vamwe vachi loota zviri pachena kudaro

  14. People in Zimbabwe they’re too scared to protest against anything even though it’s part of their rights, (i) the election got rigged nothing happened (ii) the salary gate nothing happened (iii) Mugabe up and down to Singapore while the country is bankrupt (iv) Mahachi looting councils money to buy himself a top class range rover meanwhile there is no water in the city (etc).Do you think they will be someone coming from any foreign country to rescue Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans so it’s up to the people of that nation to free her. The Egyptians, Lybians etc they freed their nations they didn’t sit back and relax like Zimbabweans.

  15. evry 1 is complaining then 1 wonders who voted 4 e so clld gvrmnt?seriously they ar less than a year in office bt they hve done enaf ham to last a term in office..ar we jus going to sit an relax while compnies ar closing,children dropping out of xul due 2 lack of fiz etc…hameno come 2018 thats if 2008 doesnt consume us now…

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