Biti faction MP arrested for stealing MDC-T property


KWEKWE — Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya and two other officials were yesterday arrested and detained for four hours at the police law and order section over allegations of stealing from their MDC-T party offices.


Chikwinya, together with Searchmore Muringani and Luckmore Senge, were accompanied to the police station by their lawyer Caroline Mugabe, who confirmed that her clients were under investigation after acting Midlands North MDC-T chairman Sedwell Bhebhe filed a report.

“My clients were held at the law and order section from 11am to 3pm over allegations that they stole three computers, a public address system, generator, 29 chairs and a photocopier from the provincial office, but they have since been released without charge,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe said Chikwinya, who is aligned to the MDC-Team faction led by “fired” secretary-general Tendai Biti, admitted that he took some of the property from the party office following a directive from deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma.

“They confirmed that they removed some of the property which includes two computers, photocopier, 29 chairs and three wooden desks, on May 2 following an order by Mangoma, who is the chief custodian of all party assets,” she said.

Chikwinya’s lawyer also submitted that the assets did not belong to the MDC-T, but to a private company Laphonic Investments where Mangoma is a director.

On April 30, Mangoma wrote a letter to Chikwinya advising him to take control of all party assets for safekeeping in the wake of MDC-T infighting.

“Following threats to party properties in the MDC-T’s various provinces in particular in Manicaland, Midlands North and Mashonaland West provinces, the party has resolved to take security measures to safeguard its properties,” Mangoma wrote.

Bhebhe confirmed that he had filed a police report against Chikwinya accusing him of taking the property “without consulting the legitimate provincial leadership which was responsible for electing Biti, Mangoma and others into the positions they were now using to deny access to party property”.

“Unless there is another party, all provincial properties and offices are held in trust by the provincial leadership and therefore anyone who wants to move them should first tell that leadership,” said Bhebhe.

The Midlands North provincial leadership has distanced itself from the Biti-led MDC-T faction which “suspended” Tsvangirai and other members of the national standing committee last month.


  1. This is where MDC-T made a mess. laphonic Investment was an MDC project and Mangoma was director courtesy of him being the existing Finance General in the MDC. It is like an investment arm, just like ZanuPF has some of companies not under its name

    • Bulawayo youths we are behind Biti we are sick and tied of imposition and privatisation of the part Mdc-t

  2. One of these days Tsvangirai will be arrested for stealing property from Mangoma. The Mangoma group was clever enough to have the various party properties in their names while Tsvangirai was busy shouting empty slogans: “Hezvoko bwaaaa. Nekokoko bwaaaaa. Chinjaaaah!”

  3. @maita. Cant you sort out the mess in your movement without involving zpf. Zpf has nothing to do with your companies and equipment. It has been mentioned before that Tsv is daft/dununu. Morgan dununu chairo – mdc. Zip open mouth open mind shut

  4. @ Maita Zanu companies are known to have a shareholding which shows they are owned by ZANU…eg M&S Syndicate is owned by a trust whose beneficiary is listed as ZANU.

    Laphonic has as its directors and shareholders the likes of Mangoma,Biti&Bennet and there is nothing to show they were acting on behalf of MDC….In fact they can argue they loaned/donated THEIR company’s assets to MDC.

    • Good points Wezhara. Very soon Tsvangirai and his friends will be left with nothing except their sexual organs. Biti and Mangoma are clever chaps !

  5. brace yourselves guys this is going to get only show mdc turns a blind eye to coruption if 1 the person is from their party and 2 if he is not a threat to the party.once you no longer a trusted member they suddenly realise you are biased as zanu.

  6. I would like to believe that Mangoma and other directors were nominated to become directors by means of a constitutionally held meeting which also gave rise to the formation of the said company. Such deliberations were minuted and signed by the relevant authorities. If indeed the company noted here belonged to the Party then minutes will be availed to check if its formation was above board.

    These are legal issues which require sound judgement.

  7. Mwonzori and Tsvangirai would have wanted this headline “Zanu pf steals furniture from midlands mdc T offices”and Biti would like this headline “MDC T reposes furniture from Zanu pf.”Non the less uncle Bob would be comfortable with”Fire in the whiteman stooges camp”.

  8. Jones chinembiri you need need to have your head examined you say tsvangirai was busy sloganeering ,[them involved] did tsvangirai know that these people are traitors, is it wrong for tsvangirai to trust his treasurer and his sec general ,these people are idiots,he listened, he trusted, and he was stabbed in the back no wonder why people dont buy their idea ,Jacob mapfume says huge crowds mean nothing, oh boy oh boy they are the ones who vote he must be bush lawyer himself ,how can you denounce the voters,how can you say it means nothing.

  9. shut up all of you. thats their baby to nurse who are you to talk nonsense. zanu pf or mdc all is crap. dont let me explode i wll cause disaster.

  10. you something is wrong zimbabweans you dont suport a political party with focus.You you start suporting someone you cant even see his mistakes.You really think Tsvangirayi is a clever person i believe not.Check the Gibson Welshman errer its the the same thing that happened and people are closing thier eyes suporting a dictater whats wrong with you.are you not the same people who suported the bitis when they blasted welsh and Gibson when they fired Tsvangirayi constitutionally.He is again fired constitutionally and he creates another executive to fire back and you still clap hands for him.This is embarrassing gyz cant we see that the an has killed the party which used to be strong.

    • Brother I suggest you have your head undergo psychiatric evaluation or possibly you need to go back to school just to be taught the definition of constitutionally. Rather be quite to avoid embarrassing yourself and remove all doubt that you are an ignorant nincompoop.

  11. It brings no support fighting for party properties. Fighting Tsvangirai will not bring food to the pple. Biti,Mangoma,Mafume etc should
    tell the nation what they intend to do,NOT focusing more on Tsvangirai as if he is the Zimbabwe we all want. You are only confirming
    your selfish plots against an innocent man. Is plotting a stupid coup or rebelling against your leader being strategic? So you misled Tsvangirai in order to rebel against him? Now who will seriously trust you??? Mangoma,you allowed yourself to be used by Biti as his front runner! Well,you lied that you were your own man,yet you are clearly Biti’s man. Shame on you Sir.
    Guys, please be more serious..

  12. Mangoma says his faction is the right custodian of all properties at the same he wants to remove them from the offices he claims he has full control of courtesy of a “full and legitimate national council executive”s” resolution. maybe he knows the buildings are not really his. Biti disappointed me for remaining solely for purposes of destroying Tsvangirayi. this is not a one-day project but it took them all these years to plug all the legal loopholes while we thot he was working with us. What a traitor! Stupid traitor!

  13. Mafarira Tendai Biti, pakanaka asi musazo chema Biti iyeyu akutorai mese nehuwandu hwenyu nema membership cards enyu okuisai ku ZANU-PF. Muchandibvunza.Handei tione

  14. Tsvangirai kakata. Ihondo iyi. Usacheuka muridzo. You are a true fighter. All ticks will fall by the way side. Fambai Save.

    Ihondo Muchengete vana

  15. I pity Tshwangilayi. I know for certain he won the presidentilal elections in 2002; 2008 and 2013 but had his win snatched from him. It is now clear who was selling MDC secrets to you know who. There were some people within the MDC who never wanted Tshwangilayi to govern. Biti might be an intelligent lawyer but certainly he is far from a good leader. He is free to have his own opinion and party but he is just too elitist. Lets wait for 2018 and see how many Bitians are there in Zimbabwe

  16. educated fool – no sign of education at all. Morgan has shown to all and sundry that he has no capacity at all – a hopeless cry baby. Wants all things done for hi. If you are going to remove Zanu you gotta brace yourself for a fight – not pussy hunting all your life. nxaaaa man

  17. We differ on our ideologies,I believe people were fighting for a change and democracy.chakunetsa apa vamwe havachada kupavamwe mukana what more mauto nemapurisa ave mumaoko ake tinokuvara varume .

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