Bindura man in court over kachasu


BINDURA — A 34-year-old man on Tuesday appeared in court on allegations of assaulting a police officer and snatching away a 5-litre container of an illicit brew (kachasu).


The officer had confiscated the illicit brew from a dealer and wanted to use it as an exhibit in court.  The accused — Tapson Zurukwa (34) — appeared before Bindura magistrate Eric Kadye facing charges of defeating or obstructing the course of justice.

The State represented by Jefta Chikura, alleged that on March 26 this year at Kiriedale Farm near Bindura, police officers arrested Chimbwido Kandena for unlawfully possessing and dealing in kachasu.

The court also heard that Kandena had five litres of kachasu which the police recovered and intended to use as an exhibit.

As the police were taking him to the station, Zurukwa allegedly confronted them and demanded the release of Kandena.

He allegedly snatched the container from the officer after which he issued several threats to the police officers who then arrested him. Zurukwa denied the charges. Judgment is set for Friday next week.


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