Bill to monitor degrees and diplomas on the cards


A BILL to monitor the quality of degrees and diplomas offered by the country’s various educational institutions is on the cards, a senior government official has said.


Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa told Senate last Thursday that the ZIMOQUA Bill would standardise the curriculum of all degree and diploma programmes to ensure they conformed with the country’s education policy.

Gandawa made the remarks after Senator Nyamayabo Mashavakure, representing people living with disabilities, said he had noted with concern that some graduates with certain qualifications were being rejected by both public and private employers.

“We are aware of the quality discrepancies in certain programmes, which always happens in every country because technology and other things change as time moves,” Gandawa said.

“I would like to tell senators that we are in the process of coming up with a Bill called ZIMOQUA Bill to deal with quality, curriculum development and standards within our universities.”

Gandawa said the draft Bill had already gone through Cabinet committee stages and was due to be presented before the whole Cabinet before it is presented to Parliament.


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  1. Zimbabweans, we are generally confused and hate each other so much that at times we lack objectivity, and that explains why we cant develop as a country. ZOU is like Unisa, Unam (University of Namibia also offers distance education), TAU (Tanzania Open University) and many others around the world but you see Zimbabweans appreciating these degrees but not appreciating their own yet its the same teaching methods. We spend so much time attacking each other forgetting about real issues, university education is university education, it doesn’t matter which university you go to. I am here in the diaspora many people opt for distance education for various reasons and they say its gonna be way to go in years to come, so Zimbos you need to move with time. One day some idiots were saying Mangundya’s Phd is not from a recognized university, says who, who do you want to recognize it for you, he is now our Reserve bank governor, rightly so and where are you with your “good” degrees, even Tafadzwa Macheso earns more than you!

  2. I got a degree with ZOU and am highly paid while other people are busy clamouring that ZOU degrees are dubious yet they don’t have even 5 O levels or diploma

  3. Isu tigere zvedu kujeri asi Deputy Minister ngavasabatire nyaya mudenga; corruption ndiyo iri mberi mberi apa mabasa mashoma. Pamwe pacho nyangwe ane the right qualifications uye achirigona basa racho kana asina link haalume! Makaondonga nyika! Rega nditodya zvangu sadza necabbage.

  4. Whoever thinks that ZOU is offering inferior courses is simply day dreaming coz as l’m browsing on the net l’m actually using some of the ZOU undergrad modules to prepare for my Masters exams @ one of your so called elite Universities in Zimbabwe. So honestly speaking l do not think any accomplished academic would raise such a baseless and weak suggestion. Some of the people who have passed through ZOU have more academic pedigree than your half backed conventional university graduates who have enrolled into these universities with poor ZIMSEC A’ Level results. Zimbabweans you need not waste time on trivial issues. Will the shutting down of ZOU or any university for that matter put food on your table? Will the deregistering of ZOU graduates solve the unemployment problem in Zim? By what % ?. Stop thinking like the Education Minister Dofora (Dokora).

  5. tangai nepa Midlands State University. Ma lecturers won’t make u pass unless u have sex with them

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