Bango to relocate to SA


VETERAN ragga/dancehall deejay and Silverstone manager Masauko  Chafukidze is set to relocate to Port Elizabeth, South Africa in search of a new market.

Own Correspondent

Popularly known as Bango or Jackie B, the deejay said he was prompted to relocate after receiving many invitations from various promoters in South Africa.

Before the relocation, Bango is billed to perform in Cape Town where he was invited by South African promoter Themba Khona.

The entertainer said the call came at a time he has been hit hard by piracy and he was also failing to get gigs in the central business district where he used to be one of the hottest DJs back in the days.

“Times have changed and everyone is now going onto the Internet to download the latest music and this has resulted in us losing relevance. Every DJ used to be identified by a certain tune, but that is a thing of the past,” said Bango.

“The invitation is indeed a big blessing as we are failing to get gigs in the central business district as the proprietors of clubs shun us citing vandalism of property by our audiences.”

In recent years Silverstone has won many accolades after championing various cup clashes namely Zim Cup Clash, Sumfest Cup Clash, Clash of the Titans and the Harare Show Cup clash.


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  2. Bango maimhanyisa dhanzi kusati kwane Judgement Yard we would listen to Jackie B na Jah B ukuwo Small axe Shambare vachimira mira. Dem could never be anada sound bigger dan Silverstone and Sterio one biggup pon yo self

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