Apostolic sect batters police


THERE was mayhem in Harare’s Budiriro high-density suburb yesterday as marauding members of the Johane Masowe yeChishanu sect ran riot, beating up anti-riot police officers, a ZBC journalist and officials from the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ).


Nine police officers, two ZBC staffers and one ACCZ official Lameck Chitope were seriously injured and taken to hospital.

Here is a link to the picture collage of the confrontation:
Newsflash: Masowe members run riot, beat up anti-riot cops

National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the incident saying more police officers had been deployed to Budiriro and four arrests had been made.

“We do not expect this from church members. This is lawlessness which is unacceptable. More arrests will be made and we will charge them with assault and malicious damage to property. We also expect people to respect law enforcers and this is uncalled for,” Charamba said.

Members of the ACCZ and the police had gone to the shrine led by Madzibaba Ishmael to enforce the ban after reports of human rights abuses in the church involving denial of children’s educational rights and allegations of fathers allowed to inspect their daughters’ virginity using their fingers, among other issues.

Executive president of ACCZ Bishop Johanes Ndanga, who had made a pronouncement of the ban of the church, escaped unhurt. He told NewsDay that the association had effectively banned the church for engaging in human rights abuses and engaging in “satanic” acts.

Ndanga had finished his statement when the church members started to sing their church songs and advancing towards the officials.

Sensing danger, Ndanga and other officials fled the scene.

However, other officials and police officers were not so lucky as the church members vented their anger on them threatening to kill anyone they thought was against their church doctrines.

“They are so strict and told their members not to use cellphones even at work, not watch television and those who violate that were threatened with death,” Ndanga said.

“As it stands, they have been effectively banned. They would watch their female children bathing and fathers would use their fingers to test their daughters’ virginity. Imagine that happening these days,” Ndanga said in an interview with NewsDay later in the day.

He said married women who were not virgins at the time of marriage were being ordered to secure virgin girls for their husbands as compensation.
The police anti-riot squad tried to stop the sect members from their violent acts, but their batons could not match the sherpherds’ staffs used by the members of the apostolic sect.

Stones and the shepherds’ staffs flew all over the place and some victims could be seen soaked in blood.

The members of the sect could be heard shouting ordering others to kill claiming they were fighting a “holy war”.

There was pandemonium at the police station where police officers fled for safety and closed the main gate fearing the angry mob was coming for them to cause more havoc.

Journalists covering the incident sought refuge at Budiriro 2 Police Station while other injured people were rushed to hospital.

Ndanga said the decision to deal with the church came after numerous reports of church leaders abusing their children of school-going age and fathers using their fingers to test the daughters’ virginity.

“There was serious abuse of women and children and the practice started six years ago. They said that their children could not go to school because they would be taught the devil’s doctrines. We want to stop this before it spreads to other parts of the country,” Ndanga said.


  1. this apostolic sect has shown us zimbos the way to go,we cannot continue to live in fear in our own country,lets send these looters packing.

    • How do you justify violence? Riot police “gondo harishayi”, I don’t think so judging by the colour of the officers shoes. My prayer is that the sect do not learn the hard way, by “messing” up with the police.

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    • A scumbag molester child abusing religious extremist attacks a law enforcement officer. The crowd reacts in favor of the scumbag molester child abusing religious extremist. That says a lot about the law enforcement officer. Sadly, it reveals a lot about the crowd also.

      • @Scotv My friend this is a Jihad.There is more to it than just the pulverisation of these dogs of war!Madzibaba Ishmael has shown many an inspiring politician hoping to unseat the oppressors at Munhumutapa Building how its done.

    • Vakaenderei vaine riot gear, ndosaka vakarohwa, vakavhundusa vanhu. Paingoda kuti 1 wavo ainde nesamanisi angadai asina kurohwa. Pamwe vakasafarira shangu, mari newatch pamuzinda wavo. Zvakakodzera munhu wese azive zviri mubhaibhere asati atevera ani nani zvake anozviti anosvitsa vanhu kuna mwari.

  2. This clearly indicate the goodness of African traditional religion. ATRs are free and have no doctreens which affect people negatively. It is you who chose things which are ok for you. lets be aware of how we are handling these foreign religions. Otherwise this is a seed of BOKO HARAM imerging slowly in Zimbabwe.

  3. mapostori makufarisa manje,we wont let u off e hook easily,we enforce n will do tht without fear n favour

    • their uncivilised religious acts aside, the vapositori have shown that indeed zizi harinanyanga. they fought with vegeance and pursued their enemies into their charge office forcing them to even abandon it in fear of their couragous act. viva mapostori, viva. they have ignited the revolution, so lets join in. do what you can do in your own community to annihilate the subjugators

      • Subjugators indeed, kikikikiki! little knowledge cde revolution, learn to differentiate sadza from poridge. Chenjerai kutamba nemoto imi makapfeka nguwo dzeuswa.

    • the vapostora were fearless, and they fought with great courage and determination. they pursued the fleeing enemy into their charge office, and even forced them to abandon it and find cover in the bush. indeed its been quite sometime since we have witnessed such acts of compelling courage in the country. viva vapostora viva!!

  4. ln as much ad the citizens should respect law enforcers..the same goes for the police they should respect their citizens as well….saw a toyota lamdcruiser with riot police rushing to budiriro probably speeding in the centre of “our roads” putting all other drivers at risk…the police at the bek of tne truck ordering vehicles out the road…is tht how u conduct urselves no siren nothing…gud mabahwaaa…kikkkkkkkk..lols…wish for more of those incidences.

  5. We are leaving in the end times . How can Ndanga police other churches . Who said his is the right church .

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  7. “They are so strict and told their
    members not to use cellphones even
    at work, not watch television and
    those who violate that were
    threatened with death,” Ndanga
    zvine basa rei

  8. Hanzi ‘…their batons could not match the shepherd’s staff…’ ndanakidzwa nd zvandifungisa tsvimbo yaMoses. kkkkkk

    • What the church, if ever I should call it one, is doing real bad practice and should be stopped zvisati zvatekeshera nenyika yose. Bishop Ndanga pavati “It’s unheard of nowadays,” Where did the Bishop ever read that from? Vatoreswa ndava it was never done anywhere, anyway, even back then. A father touching own daughter’s private parts! Wooosh!! Devilish!!!!! There is need of thoroughly investigating the issue, kana zviri kuitika, pasi nazvo!!!!!!

  9. Ndanga is very suspect. Investigations should have been carried out to establish the truth, not to act on the grounds of hearsay. Some members of the police are churchgoers with this sect and they could have been employed to set the record straight. Ndanga keeps referring to fathers’ fingers and daughters’ virginity. Was this his prime motivation for driving police to the shrine? Has the worshippers been authorised to practise by his office? Was it an opportunity for him to become famous and well publicised? Everyone knows that the Masowe groups are not normally like the Marange worshippers. They go to school and take their children to clinics and hospitals. The real issue should be dug out here.

    • quite correct. His real motives should be unearthed. The statement stinks of hidden motives

  10. foward with the vapostora. what a heroic act. they have unmasked the false warriors and have shown that indeed they are toothless. plus mukuru wavo akadonha paparade.

  11. And vapositori have jst shown us kuti ‘anti-riot’ police inoroveka ka iyi. Serious information indeed! One day is one day!

  12. What ever was the cause of the altercation, thumbs up kumapositori for standing up against the so called anti-riot police kujeri kunobudiwa inga vanoti vakarwira nyika vakasungwa but today vari kuti oppresser wani!!! Viva MAPOSITORI Viva

  13. pamberi mapostori….. violence is the only way to show these mecenarys… I’m 27 I have no job.. kana kumbosevenza handina apo tongoramba tichisekerera zanu nembwa dzayo…. I’m prepared to die for the future of my kid…. misatanyoko mhani….. pasi nemaopressors… richauya zuva and we shall revenge. uka zviona wafa uzive kuti zvitadzo zvako zvinosarira vana vako. tichavauraya…….

  14. In as much as I do not condone violence, the fact that the newsflash concerning this in Newsday Zimbabwe yesterday received more than 250 comments, and 90% of the comments in support of the vapositori, leaves a lot to be desired! It means there is something wrong with our police officers, and they need self introspection! The story became the most commented about in the history of Zimbabwe, with the average commenting usually at 40 comments. It means the generality of Zimbabweans hate the officers, which can be a recipe for disaster if the guys do not look themselves in the mirror and correct their wrong doings!

    • interesting and balanced observation…something is indeed very wrong about the way the police are carrying out their duties to elicit such hatred from the citizenry…wen a police force becomes partisan, biased and violent, they lose all respect

  15. Mess murikupembedza mapositori its only that u don understand human rights and its not the police who was against the vapostori bt police is there enforce the law what z being done @ that church z illegal to the law of human rights

  16. i believe Ndanga want to cover up something, maybe the church was nw too powerful and closer to uncovering some hidden things. The police is full of dull pple from the bosses, hw can it visits others shrine armed without proper investigation. Leave the VaPostori alone

  17. pamberi nemadzibaba zimbos we shall have to learn from this lets make zimbo a free country taneta nekudzvanyirirwa na bob nembwa dzake this is the time to say no to bob and his dogs.

  18. Madriver emakombi ngava tyaire vakapfeka magamens vakadaro maroad block hamuaone (batai munhu)

  19. this is the time to say o hell bob &yo dogs more fire madzibaba.taneta neuhori takatarisa imbwa dza bob ngadziurawe this is time to stand for our freedom since 1980.aah bodo.imbwa idzi ngadziurawe ndodzinokonzeresa.to hell bob nembwa dzake.time to demonsrate.


  21. remember these should be anti riot police but I Zim they are riot police. honestly did these vapostori attack the cops upon arrival or it was vise versa?. remember they attack even women and defenseless and butter them am talking like boarding kombis from undesignated areas ,how does rioting and looking for transport relate .these vapostori became samsons of the day I think.

  22. no violence is justified. If they can do this to law enforcers then isu hedu vanhu tiripamahwani nevanhu ava. Obva watoshaya kuti kunamata kwacho kuripapi. Sowe ngarimbovharwe kusvika vakuziva kuti kunamata kuitasei…..mutemo ngaushande mhondi dzivharirwe idzo

  23. Aaah iwe Gumbi unoti vakanyadzisa ma riot aya. Panga pasina kumira mushe. Usadherere kurwa nemunhu agarwa nesimba ra mweya mtsvene. David na Goliath style. Tsvimbo iyoyo inenge yatova mugwara chaiwo.

  24. Vakatotanga vanzi vaende kunoramba vabereki vavo kuti vakwane kucanaan yalshmael saka havatyi kurwisa vemutemo nekuti ivo havasisiri vanamati.zvino canaana yake taiwona ndeye kuChikurubi.Mupostori akaparidza haasimudzi ruoko kutaka mukuru achena musoro sezvataona,ndine hurombo

  25. These are lies, 1 when is riot called, to attack worshipers?2.the police must follow protocol.3 the issue of virginity is exercised by mothers even in our custom its like that, this father checking virginity is hos scapgoat. Children are allowed to attend schools. This blog is one sided what are the mapostola saying. Mangamajaira kuvhundutsira vanhu, makamama mapurisa , nyange mukasunga but ipapo makambomama kkkkkkkk

  26. Chicco sando dzako. Tsvimbo inenge yatova mugwara chaiwo nekuda kwe mweya mutsvene. Ndanakidzwa.

  27. But I think police deserves the blame,why because they interfered between they never knew hw to solve of which they were suppose to sent a spy first before they could make it over them……maybe it could have been better for them

  28. Ndaseka zvangu. Vanhu vongofira kunzi vanonamata vachidyinyirirwa vakanyarara. Mubible David akarova nokuuraya Goliath nedombo rakaereswa. Rovai tsvimbo mumusoro havamire vanomhanya. Makorokoto vanhu veZimbabwe takaratidzwa gwara nemapostori. We can fight back and win our war nhamo yopera.

  29. it hz cme tomy attention tht it was the 1st leg of the UNOFA Final between the police FC and Apostles united the apostles United led by madzibaba ishmael took a first leg lead as ey won comfortably however police FC are promicing fireworks in the return leg which will be dubbed ‘revenge match’ to show their intention of winning this leg police FC have approached the governing board too open the transfer window early as ey want to sign new players from the army FC stay tuned for more action

    • if thats the casethen every right thinking zimbo has a moral duty to support and defend the Apostles FC with their blood. yavatanga yakaoma iyi

    • if thats the case then every right thinking zimbo has a moral duty to support and defend the Apostles FC with their blood. game racho ngaritotsvuka haro ropa. yavatanga yakaoma and they should know this

  30. arms of the state are never there to protect citizenz but to oppress. wake up. the law z used to protect the interests of th rich

  31. I am a member of the sect myself and nothing of that sort is happening.Its a pity that this Ndanga guy is so ignorant of the goings on in this church.We have got all sorts of people coming for help including CIDs who could have been employed to verify these allegations.Ndanga should open up his mind and even go there for a week incognito.I am an Engineer myself and would not go to a church that carries out such drivel.You are all invited to investigate.The Masowe sect does not encourage polygamy and all these shenanigans.Uyu anyepa its not the sect that i know. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. The difference is that iyi church inoita zvemweya. I used to despise as well but when time came this church helped me.I check every step that i take.

  32. Mapostori aya vakapusa zvinonyadzisa,kubvuma kufurirwa nalshmael kuti rwisai vese vachakuuya pano iye wogara atizapo,kupisiswa maphone nezvose iye anayo,kurmbidza vanhu kubvisa roora iye wake akaroodza.munhu ane mweya wamwari haatize kana nhau dzaakataura dzonetsa.ngavamutsvake aende kuprison vanhu vanamate zvakanaka,aiuraya vamwe nhasi zvamuwana.

  33. Pabhora remangwana ndokurudzira maplayers edu kuti abatane semapositori aya ende ndobheja kuti Tanzania toirova

  34. Iyi ndiyo inonzi nguva yaChimbetu kumapostori manje nekuti vacate vouya kurevenge ndipo pavahaona kuti kudenga kure

  35. guys proper investigations shld have been made before visiting the shrine and vanotyora mutemo vangadai vakasungwa, y du they go tu issue warnings kune vanhu vakatyora mutemo. there are churches vana havatomboendi ku xul zvachose n its known country wide why dont they go ikoko nhai ana ndanga imwi ma church enyu ndo ari straight here….let vamwe navamwe vaite zvavo

  36. Nephiel usarevera vanhu nhema nekuda kutsigira hudzi waishumairi iwe.zvakurwadza nekuti wakange wapiwawo mhandara 12yrs nhai,hapana asingazive kurwadziswa kwevanhu pamatangi.mwari vatopindiraso dzokeraipo muone takakuudzai mukaramba mukatiti majaranganda .ishmael akangwara.mirai muone

  37. Mapurisa anogoziva kuti kune mahuman rights nhasi here, makore mangani tiri kudzvanyirirwa munyika muno neZanu pf tichibirwa mavhoti tikada kuratidzira torohwa nemapurisa iwaya azodai kudzidziswa namapostori, heya zvakangonaka murimi muri kutsikirira nhai, there is no human rights in Zimbabwe.
    Varume kana police yanetsa vakwaturei hamunga kundwe nemapostori.Mupostori anorova mbiti ichimhanya kudzokera mumvura kkkkkk, these partisan cops dei vakafa vose imbwa dzevanhu. Youth yezanu pf yaitirova kutipisira misha nekuti manikidza kuita slogan asi mapurisa varipo vasina kana zvavaimboita, that’s human rights violation. Rohwai manzwa butter, zvaitoda kuti nyika yese tino batsira mapostori kurova these partisan cops.

  38. This sect yatonetsa. Abusing children and women is their norm. Vakambozviita futi vakanzi they have won kuCourt nyaya yekusaendesa vana kuzvikoro. It’s not fair esp to the dependents these so called man of cloth are taking advantage of. In this day and age varume vakuru vanoita dare rekuona kuti vasikana dzichiri mhandara here. It is my prayer today kuti mapostori aya aende kunaGumbura. Mupurisa wega wega wavakarova igore pamutongo wavo

    • Pamwe murikureva mamwe maPositori baba imi. Aya maPositori they only preach mitemo ine Gumi, and handisati ndambonzwa ma allegations ese aya. Ini ndiko kwandinopinda church bambo. Ndakadzidza ndikapedza Degree pa University of Zimbabwe. Go to the UZ izvozvi, unovaona every Friday or Sunday vakapfeka zvichena vachienda kuMasowe. I have a Nokia Lumia 925, Nokia N8 and a Plasma TV mumba mangu. izvozvi vana vangu vese varikuenda kuchikoro. Chimboendai kuMaowe munoona zvvanoeta, musati mavapa mhosva maPostori aya. Pamwe ndevamwewo maPostori anoita zvese zvakaipa zvapomerwa veku Johanne Masowe yeChishanu iyi. Ava veChishanu chaBaba Johanne havadaro!!!!!!!

  39. “Abandoning the famous regalia with his picture on it, Mugabe wore the apostolic garments with a staff in hand. The president even removed his shoes in order to jell with the Vapostori who welcomed him as one of their own.

    the post above is a comment in the standard of july 21, 2013. Kana Gusghungo vakabvisa butsu ko ava vakazvifambisawo sei?

  40. all churches in zimbabwe let us pray against the spirit of “fear” which is upon this nation. lets pray to undo this demonic spirit, and when we have done that indeed we shall annihilate our oppressors with ease.

  41. a new phenomenon of resistance has come upon zimbabwe. pick up a pot, a pick, a shovel, sando, a stick, or anything you can lay your hands on and do whatever you can in your community to annihilate the oppressors. form community-based resistance and vigilante groups and let these be the new vanguard for a people’s revolution against poverty and oppression

  42. Which law were the riot police enforcing?
    Which law empowers ndanga to police other churches and also empowers him kuti aende nemapurisa kunovhara dzimwe church?
    Iyo organisation yake who constituted it and gave it the mandate to oversee other churches.
    If this was law enforcement why were there no proper investigations instituted and a docket(s) openned against the offending parties.

    This to me was abuse of police and “power” by ndanga, hoping to make a name for himself and find relevance

  43. Vapositoris did just right. Our police are so violent and are usedto.beating up defenseless ppl. Remember towards election they would launch curfews and beat up anyone walking after 6,closing bars an pubs. HOw many ppl were killed by police during the mamboma mutown era? Zim polic arent law enforcing agents but are human rights abusers. Tomoro we watch our warriors play in a cursed National stadium in bcoz the same uneducated button stick wielding adults masquerading a s police killed 9 innocent football fans after firing teargas into the crowd. We will never feel sorry for the police.

  44. Ko macivil servants tiripi guys tingakundwa nemapositori. Hurumende inotijairira iyi anti riot police inoroveka taratidzwa wani nanamadzibaba. Handei kustrike varume nanaamai even vakatumira magunnerz anochaika futi. Vaityisa ndevekare vaikezvino ave masalad anojoiner police nedesperation yekushaya mabasa. Shinga mushandi shinga!!!!!!!!!!

  45. An eye for an eye , these police officers have always been used as machine for oppressing the masses,,its good the lord reminded the officers ngempi ye Gipite,,,,,,,and alutaaaa continua the revolution has started bangasiqala siyababhansa lathi e BF


  47. iwe Ninja asi uri mupurisa, majaira kubira vanhu imi mbavha.dzevanhu i wish kuti ma kombi drivers also do the same pama road blocks

  48. Yes _what happened has just happened -but i just want to warn pple when choosing church es since so manybad stories are being told about these church es .And the leaders of the church es must control their church es (branches ) properly .That is by setting procedures (setting church principles not that any branch has got its own principles different from others when it is one church )

  49. Mukuru wema chrch?????ndewe church ipi?arikucampener kuti vanhu vauyekuchurch kwakeka?nyatsoteverai mastetments ake,masowe akatanga gore ripi awodaku banner?makore ese aya tangatisinga zviwone?mapurisa musa shandiswa nemunhu arikuda zvaarikuda,why not take carry out investgation before barn?aka abusser wacho ngasungise akamu abusser wachoka

  50. you say these are anti-riot officers, but we see them taking the role of riot and being defeated in their own field. this the problem with the police department of zimbabwe, they are called ZRP lets underline the the (R) which stands for Republic, according to the Act that Governs this Department and the Constitution they are here to save the REPUBLIC, NOT to Assault the PUBLIC. they take officer which are not theirs, you see them assault the public then what must the RIOT (BLACK BOOT & GONDO) do? they torture people what is the job of CIO then. in this Commissioner i would advise you to rephrase your statement and revisit the ACT that Governs your DEPARTMENT and spell-it-out to your officers, to avoid more humiliation release those arrested, and withdraw your officers from that scene because you will cause war between the public and the police.

  51. Banning the sect does not make their acts Holly,police should have employed their ability to investigate case by case,Charge whoever has a case to answer not a Mr Ndanga’s order as if its a court order which they were going to execute.Someone up there did not bring his thinking shoes to work.I would expect an ban to be written and had delivered to whoever is the leader or his representative.By reading the speech to me was a way of provoking the crowd.and if u do that u face the music.Our anti riot police was used and got injured in the process which could be avoided.

  52. that was a terrible move by these guys .you do not beat up an officer of the law.i hope you are really prepared for whats coming guys because in any country u do not touch th e officer of the law and they simply forget about the whole incidemt.

  53. Masowe ose ma Satanists. Are you Moslems? Then come out in the open because your prayers are organised along the Islamic religion. Munotinydzisa nekutitsamwisa kwazvo isu maKristu.

  54. Ok kurova mapurisa was wrong bt that Ndanga guy deserves a beating how can he try and control vanhu vese,postori haina anoitonga like ana Roman Catholic his allegations are jus bullshit coz he doesn’t have proof

  55. alpha india ndokuchekerera paye vachiteerwa na siera golf tango ah yah ma1 chaiwo asi macuffs haasi enhamowo. hameno henyu mapostori naDunmore

  56. Imi mapostori namatai zvemachokwadi,,,endai kujere mumbononzwa kurwadza kwaro….!mutemo mutemo

  57. Did Ndanga’s team needed to accompany police or he has hidden interests and wanted to use the police as his shield for his hidden motives?

  58. kupenga kwemapostori kusaziva pekuperera . Imi mese muri kuva praiser mune ruvengo chete nemapurisa. fungai kuti upenyu hwevana vari kunyikwa fingers muonini huchazovei? dont support
    nosense. vachaiona yavatanga. imbwa haikamwi. Gondo harishayi. rovai basa madusvura aende kuna gumbura. kutishatisira zita ra Mwari

  59. Simba rako Ndanga wakariwanepi?…Unoti Mwari pavaiti “Regai zvikurirane mashavi,nezviyo….” vaipenga?WHO ARE YOU to fight for God?…..Iwe ndiwe mutsvene manje?……POLICE musashandiswe zvakapusa,we are yo brothers,sisters,mothers,cousins & even Dads….RESPECT US!!! AND WE WILL RETURN THE FAVOUR……J.NDANGA “MUTSVENE” watch you moves,you are NOT GOD….Let God fight his battles….PERIOD!!!

    • Vakomana vemakepesi vajaira kutumwa naChihuri kurova ma supporters eMDC saka apa vakasangana nazvo. Uyezve vana vemhuri imwe chete yeZanu Pf regedzai zvibayane.

  60. police you have showed us how unprofessional are you, how can you been used by this biased Ndanga is he even worth that post….batai munhu kana anetsa mapositori.., a law enforcement agent should have manners not just to invade some1’s worshipping place like dat and also proper investigation..

  61. Mangwanani ano ndaseka kuseka chaiko,museke Road,there was a road block saka mupurisa andibvunza license ,ndikabuditsa tsvimbo yemapostori,vese vakatiza vakasiya road block…….kkkkkkkkkk……The ATR churches they need to observe the laws that governs this country,and in my opinon they are the most peple who violate the law yet nothing is done to them….THIS IS AN ERROR….

  62. AH AH AH AH HAMA NDASHAMISIKA KUTI AH AH AH MAPOSITORI ANOROVA ZVAKADARO!!!!!!!!!!!! But serious in life some people just deserve a BEATING !!!!! but in the Bible now it is said Blessed are peace keepers.But surely Blessed are peace keepers becoz vakomana vakoma dai ndaingoti randidhinha icho chematsenganzungull haaa ndingadai ndine Criminal record zvekuti kuno kuSouth Africa ndingadai ndisina kumbokusvika becoz of a bad Criminal Record becoz University yaizoti ko hanty iwe uri MICHAEL TYSON FROM ZIMBABWE SORRY HAPANA NZVIMBOLL YAKO PANO PA UNIVERSITY OF CAPETOWN kkkkkkkkkkk Guys lets learn to controll our tempers ……..But LASTLY I SAY BIG UP TO VAPOSTORI THE MEMBERS OF MY CHURCH HATS OFF MAGENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  64. Whilst resorting to violence should be comdemned, in this case the police were in the wrong . There is no way that visit can be termed official business because they weren’t acting under legal authorisation, on whose authority were they acting ? Does Ndanga possess any constitutional authority to pass such decrees ? Whoever allowed these officers to partake in such a charade should be dealt with, immediately .

  65. Shame maningi Mapurisa anoshandiswa nemunhuwo zvake iwo vari vanhu vanoziva mutemo
    Ko iye Ndanga iyeyu anoti “Baba varikutarisa hu virginity hwemawana akazviona arikupi rega kunyepa tinoda zvinhu zvine huchapupu chechi ye Postori was formed 1913 and kubvira pese ipapo unorewa kuti kwakanga kusina mutemo here? Unonyepa stupid dat uriwe vakaroweka unoshandisa mapurisa pasina basa.

  66. Im not happy with this incident these people of masowe fail toi respect the state where they are leaving zvakafanana nekuti baba votadza mumba vana mobatirana kurova baba asowo iyi iyambiro kumapurisa ngavazive zvekufambira kwete kungoti kwavafunga kuti kunogona kubuda mari votozadzana mumota kuendako vachatiurayisira mota dzehurumende tikaita lose.coz ukatarisa ther are several cases emaassalts.house breakings e.t.c but havasi kukwanisa kuita fallup nyaya idzodzo asi kuyenda kunevanhu varikuzviitira zvinhu zvavo.

  67. Vana Ndanga ngavaziwe zve chechi yavo. Varikunyepera vanhu kuti vavane support. Vakaenda vane court order here. Ndanga ndiani chaizvo. Mu satanist.Ngaabatwe arohwe zvakasimba. Akapihwa simba rekumisa vamwe vanamati nani chaizvo.Maposiyori endai mberi nehondo yekunamata. Ndanga ave mutumwa vaSatani.

  68. It is rather alarming that human rights violation becomes an “unjustifiable violation” when perpetrated by certain members of the society. This begs the question whether some rights require more protection that other rights? Or more fittingly, for a violation to be a crime it needs to be perpetrated by a certain memebr of the community? I do not condone what the sect is alleged to do but I am of the view that if we are a nation that truly believes in protection and advancing human rights, even the most basic of all, should equally be protected and each violation should be met with harsh and actionable consequences regardless of the violator or perpetrator.

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